Entertainment Betting Sites: Bet on More Than Just Sports

Entertainment Betting

Let me ask you a question – when I say ‘sports betting,’ what comes to mind?

For most people, I’d guess it’d be an actual sports bet. Like, who will win between the Cowboys or Cardinals, whether or not Russell Wilson will throw the first TD, or if the Houston Rockets will be up at halftime.

You know, relatively ‘normal’ bets. Which is pretty sad, because this probably stops some people from betting online because they’re not interested in sports.

But there’s so much more to bet on. Things us normal, non-sports people are into.

We enjoy betting on reality shows, award shows, and celebrity gossip. You can bet on that stuff and more when you join the best entertainment and novelty betting sites.

And which sites are those?

The following list of sites are our favorites. Click the review links to learn more, or hit the ‘sign up now’ button to create your account.

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However, if you’ve never bet on entertainment before, we suggest you wait on choosing a site until you finish reading this page. That way, you can get a good idea of all the novelty betting options you truly have.

We bet you’ll find something that floats your boat.

Entertainment and Novelty Betting Options

What are novelty or entertainment bets?

These are bets that don’t fit into a ‘normal’ category (like basketball or football). Think of these as ‘fun’ bets for the general public – like TV shows, celebrity news or gossip, movies, the weather, and more.

I know, that doesn’t sound very impressive. So, check this out:

  • Big Brother Betting
  • Entertainment Betting
  • Financial Betting
  • Golden Globe Betting
  • I’m A Celebrity Betting
  • Miss World Betting
  • Miss Universe Betting
  • Nobel Prize Betting
  • Oscars Betting
  • Political Betting
  • Sports Personality of the Year Betting
  • X Factor Betting
  • Eurovision Betting
  • American Idol Betting
  • BAFTA Betting
  • BRIT Awards Betting
  • Britain’s Got Talent Betting
  • Christmas Number 1 Betting
  • Dancing on Ice Betting
  • Mercury Music Prize Betting
  • Strictly Come Dancing Betting
  • The Voice Betting

This is a list of betting markets you could bet on at one time or another. Most of these are reality shows, award shows, and contests.

And the following are more (current) examples from a few different online sportsbooks, the most common genres, and a summary of what you’ll find under each one.

TV Shows

A lot fits under this heading.

For example, you can (or once could) bet on shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, and American Idol. You’ll also find the Academy Awards and Golden Globes at most sportsbooks.

Here’s an example from MyBookie.ag. They have two different bets going on for the TV show Game of Thrones:

Who will die first in the first episode in Season 7?

  • Cercei Lannister (+2000)
  • Little Finger (+750)
  • Theon Greyjoy (+350)
  • Grey Worm (+800)
  • Melisandre (+250)
  • Brienne Of Tarth (+850)
  • Varys (+950)
  • Bronn (+300)
  • Jamie Lannister (+1800)
  • Drogon (+3500)
  • Gilly (+375)
  • Samwell Tarly (+650)
  • Bran Stark (+1200)
  • Sansa Stark (+1500)
  • Aria Stark (+900)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (+2500)
  • John Snow (+3500)
  • Davos Seaworth (+800)
  • Missandei (+1500)
  • Tyrion Lannister (+1800)

The second bet is this:Total number of deaths for Season 7 (with 12/31/2016 cutoff):

  • 24 Or Less (+600)
  • 25 – 30 Deaths (+150)
  • 31 – 35 Deaths (-120)
  • 36 – 40 Deaths (+200)
  • 41 Or More Deaths (+300)

This would be a fun option if you’re into Game of Thrones.

Another example comes from Pinnacle. They have several betting options for the . Here are their odds for the ‘best actor’ category:

89th Academy Awards – Best Actor – Winner
Denzel Washington (Fences) 2.610
Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea) 1.666
Ryan Gosling (La La Land) 11.200
Andrew Garfield (Silence) 14.620
Joel Edgerton (Loving) 14.620
The Field 6.650

In addition, they have odds for best actress, best support actor (and actress), best director, and best picture.

But this barely skims the surface of the TV-related stuff you’ll find to bet on. If a show is popular, chances are a sportsbook will let you bet on it.


This include politics from all over the world, though the betting options will likely depend on the sportsbook.

Here are some of the politic betting options currently available at 888 Sports:

May 1st, 2017 – France Presidential Election

  • Francois Fillon – 1.65
  • Marine Le Pen – 3.50
  • Emmanuel Macron – 7.00
  • Manuel Valls – 13.00

January 1st, 2019

  • EU Referendum – +1

November 1st, 2020 – US Presidential Election Winner

  • Donald Trump – 2.50
  • Mike Pence – 5.00
  • Michelle Obama – 8.00
  • Elizabeth Warren – 11.00

Some bets are a few months out, while some – like the US Presidential Election – you can also bet live. Other (futures) bets are years out, such as who’ll be the 2020 US President, which is crazy to think about, considering Donald Trump just won the 2016 election.

Maybe Trump will experience a huge upset, thanks to Michelle Obama. What do you think?


This is similar to TV shows, but for movies instead. Right now, the bets I’m seeing most often are for who will be selected to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.

Here’s an example from TopBet:

Who will replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond?

  • Jack Huston (+150)
  • James Norton (+200)
  • Tom Hiddleston (+500)
  • Damian Lewis (+1,600)
  • Rupert Friend (+3,300)
  • Orlando Bloom (+3,300)
  • Aidan Turner (+175)
  • Idris Elba (+500)
  • Tom Hardy (+1,000)
  • Henry Cavill (+3,300)
  • Michael Fassbender (+3,300)
  • Kristen Stewart (+4,000)

Another good one comes from MyBookie.ag:

In Star Wars Episode 8, who will die first?

  • Rey (+5000)
  • Kylo Ren (+2000)
  • Leia
  • General Hux (+400)
  • Poe Dameron (+6000)
  • Luke Skywalker (+150)
  • Captain Phasma (+1000)
  • Finn (+6000)
  • Chewbacca (+5000)
  • C-3PO (+5000)
  • R2-D2 (+5000)
  • Admiral Ackbar (+4000)
  • Maz Kanata (+200)
  • Supreme Leader Snoke (+3000)

There are a few fun bets for movie buffs. The Star Wars bet would make watching the movie a tad more exciting – just make sure you don’t stand up and scream in the theater if/when you win or lose.


This is an interesting option you don’t see a lot of. It’s here you’ll be able to bet on highly speculated and popular celebrity “news,” aka gossip.

One good example comes from TopBet, who’s no doubt riding on the coattails of his recent divorce.

Who will Brad Pitt marry next?

  • Actress (-140)
  • Other (+110)

Who will remarry first?

  • Johnny Depp (-200)
  • Brad Pitt (+160)

Those are sort of interesting if you read a lot of Yahoo! Celebrity or People Magazine.

This next one will take an open mind, I guess. It’s sort of a crude bet. This, too, comes from MyBookie.ag:

Celebrity Dead Pool – Who from the list will die first (cutoff on 12/31/2016):

  • Hugh Hefner (+300)
  • Betty White (+320)
  • Clint Eastwood (+500)
  • Keith Richards (+550)
  • Willie Nelson (+700)
  • Jack Nicholson (+800)
  • Mick Jagger (+575)
  • John Voight (+1000)
  • Martin Sheen (+1200)
  • Al Pacino (+1100)
  • Bob Dylan (+1200)
  • Paul McCartney (+1500)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (+2000)
  • Bill Clinton (+2000)
  • OJ Simpson (+2200)
  • Terry Bradshaw (+2500)
  • Caitlyn Jenner (+2800)
  • Larry Bird (+2500)
  • Lawrence Taylor (+2800)
  • Dennis Rodman (+2500)
  • Charlie Sheen (+1500)
  • Johnny Knoxville (+2500)
  • Joe Namath (+1500)
  • Robert De Niro (+1400)
  • Steve Martin (+1800)

You can also bet on outcomes such as the name of a celebrity’s baby, the sex of their baby, when a celebrity may get married, and so on. If it’s about celebrities and their personal lives, chances are you can find action for it.

Weird Stuff

This sort of covers everything else.

Some of the weirdest stuff I’ve seen come from Paddy Power. A couple of their weird bets include:

  • When will alien life be proven?
  • End of the world (the world to end in 2016).

There you have it – current examples of novelty bets you could make. What’s great about this market is how it’s always changing. There’s always a new popular TV show or movie, and celebrities are always doing dumb stuff.

The bottom line – if you like variety, pop culture, or odd/unique things, then entertainment betting might be for you.

Where to Find These Bets

Most sportsbooks will offer novelty betting, though after researching more than a dozen books, it’s become obvious that some books will have more options than others.

But where do you find these bets?

Most sportsbooks will place these bets under headings such as entertainment, novelty, politics, TV shows, movies, or even other. It also wouldn’t hurt to look under the Futures heading (which most books have).

Intertops has a ‘non-sporting’ heading, too. Here I found odds for the Next Pope, US Powerball Betting, and Specials, which included random stuff that may happen in 2018. Religion is another good heading to check out, which MyBookie.ag has.

One thing to keep in mind, though – since TV shows, award ceremonies, movies, etc. are always changing, I wouldn’t judge a book entirely on what you first see. Many sportsbooks remove headings or listings for markets they no longer have bets for. So, a sportsbook that looks like it doesn’t offer entertainment betting very well may.

The point – don’t judge a (sports)book by its cover. Read a few of our reviews first to get a better picture of what they offer. It wouldn’t hurt to send your top picks an email, either, asking about their novelty betting options.

It’s also a good idea to have accounts at 2-3 different sportsbooks because of how different each one’s entertainment section can be.

One last thing to note – there’s a lot of overlap between sections. Some markets will be under entertainment or movies when you think they should be under gossip or TV. So, you’ll want to keep an open mind when searching for things to bet.

When in doubt, search it all. Odds are, you won’t be disappointed.


There you have it – that’s entertainment betting in a nutshell.

At this point, a common question we’d get is if we have any advice for how to profitably bet on TV shows or contests.

Eh, not really.

Unless you’ve been around a long time and have experience betting these sorts of things, I wouldn’t bother spending a ton of time trying to find an edge. There’s not a lot of data to analyze like there is in sports betting. And besides, chances are you can find better opportunities elsewhere.

I’m no pro, but that’s how I see it.

There might be some exceptions. For example, if you pay attention to the news, you’d know that the Oscars has gotten a lot of heat for how few African Americans received awards, .

So, it’s probably safe to bet on any white actor or actress unless you know of a movie starring an African American (or any ethnicity other than white) that’s popular and has received nominations in several other categories.

That might be a small edge.

Other than that, though, I’d only bet entertainment and novelty stuff for the fun of it. Because it spices up an activity you were already participating in, like watching The Bachelor or thinking about Donald Trump’s privates.

Which only goes to show there’s something for everyone to gamble on.

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