How Much Top Sit N Go Players Make

It’s always interesting to see how much poker pros really make. Luckily with the help of technology and sites like Sharkscope we can track how much the top earners are making, and unfortunately the biggest losers. I’ve known Steve for about 4 years now through an online business; he owns the site Sharkscope. I can remember when he just started the site and thinking, man this idea/tool is going to blow up, and it surely did as it’s now the most widely used player analyzer by Sit n Go grinders.

We can look into player databases and see not only how much money they’ve won per year, but how many tables they play, their average return ratio per sit and go, and how they rank among other players.  As you can see the stakes can be pretty high with a norm of $1,000 or more per game. A large bankroll is required for the swings in order to get started into the high stakes world.

In general, the number of high earners have increased throughout the years with the help of higher stake Sit and Go’s, easier entry into games, and the ability to play 8 or more tables at once. While the more tables you play, the less you’ll earn, it’s best to find a medium you’re comfortable with. For me anything more than 1 table at a time causes my head to spin. That’s why I write about the industry instead of actually play their games. So with no further ado, here is what the best Sit n Go players earn each year.

Top 5 Sit and Go Earners – 2009

1. Adonis112
Profit: $320K
Overall Avg ROI: 2%

2.  skilled_sox
Profit: $317K
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

3.  FAFA39
Profit: $305K
Overall Avg ROI: 7%

4.  Mientjeuh
Profit: $302K
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

5.  PureCash25
Profit: $302K
Overall Avg ROI: 15%

Top 5 Sit and Go Earners – 2008

1. skilled_sox
Profit: $455k
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

2. Adonis112
Profit: $428k
Overall Avg ROI: 3%

3. livb112
Profit: $421k
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

4. Sifosis
Profit: $410k
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

5. BCM11
Profit: $293K
Overall Avg ROI: 5%

Top 5 Sit and Go Earners – 2007

1. livb112
Profit: $540K
All Years Avg Roi: 5%

2. Pokts
Profit: $383K
All Years Avg Roi: 8%

3. Dariominieri
Profit: $373K
All Years Avg Roi: 3%

4. whaassuuppp
Profit: $218K

5. doulas12
Profit: $215K

More Games or Higher Stakes

As you can see from the top 3 players in 2007 and 2008, the win rate, games played, and average stakes can vary enormously but in the end they come very close to making the same amount of profit. Like I was saying above it seems to depend on the person as to maximizing their overall profit. In general, the top players only make about 5% of the total entry fee of the sit n go played.

If we took a player who is used to playing 8 tables at once and dropped them down to 2 tables at a time and their ROI increases, it doesn’t necessarily mean their overall profits would increase. Sure their return on investment might increase, but the dramatic decrease in tables played per week could cause a large decrease in net profits.

Other Options to Consider

Not only does the game amount, and amount played matter, but so does the size of the tournament. The winners above combine their Sit n Go play with a multitude of different games from heads up Sit n Go’s to 6 man, 9 man, or 10 man tables. Even tiered games with multiple tables can be played. All types of games from No Limit Holdem to Omaha can be played as well as in Sit n Go’s.

What Makes a Good Player

Most grinders will tell you that playing Sit n Go’s are the easiest way to make a living. With ease comes boredom as tens of thousands of hours have to be used in order to make the kind of money the top earners are making. It literally involves keeping your mental state in working order. With that many hands played you can see that poker is skill, but for Sit and Go players it becomes very mundane quickly whereas cash game players can see swings that the highest Sit n Go player never would.

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