Best Sites for Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports betting has been around for a quite a while now but it seems to have become particularly popular in recent years. This is probably due to the fact that so many people have smartphones and tablets these days. It’s also because it’s now much easier to place wagers online using a mobile device.

The vast majority of sports betting sites are now mobile compatible. At many of them you can simply sign in directly through your web browser and access everything you need, while a number of them have developed apps that you can download and use to place your wagers. Either way, betting from a phone or tablet is really not difficult to do.

What can be difficult, though, is choosing which site to use. There are so many of them now that it’s a bit of a challenge to work out which ones are best. This is not something you need to worry about though, as we have compiled the following selection of the best mobile sports betting sites currently available. These all come highly recommended, so if you want to join somewhere right now you need to look no further.

Key Attributes of Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites 

  • Advanced Mobile Capability
  • Easy To Use
  • Secure Financial Transactions
  • Range of Sports Covered
  • Good Selection of Bets
  • Live Betting Available

About Mobile Sports Betting

The concept of mobile sports betting is incredibly simple. It’s basically the same as placing your wagers using your desktop computer or laptop, the only difference being that you’re just using a mobile device instead. At most sites you have access to all the same features and functionality, with the added benefit of being able to bet on the move.

As we mentioned earlier, at some places you only need to use your web browser while at others there will be an app you can download. There is no real practical difference between these two options, although you may find that some of the apps have a few extra features. For the most part, using your browser and using an app are both incredibly easy.

If you like the idea of betting using your mobile device and have not yet given it a try, or if you’re looking for a new site to join, please make sure that you sign up at one of our recommended sites. Even though most sites are mobile friendly now, you really should be selective about which ones you join. Our recommendations are the best around in our opinion and they all provide a very good service.

About Our Recommendations

In order to determine which places we should recommend in this category we have researched and tested a large number of betting sites. We have then ranked them by comparing a number of important factors and seeing which ones perform the best. You can be sure that each and every one of our recommendations is reliable and safe to use and also offers everything you’re likely to need from a sports betting site.

Obviously a key point is that they must be compatible with a range of mobile devices, but there’s a lot more that we take into consideration too. For example, we look at the bonuses and rewards on offer. Some sites offer extra bonuses for mobile users and this of course is a major plus point. We also look at how easy it is to get your wagers on, and how easy it is to deposit and withdraw.

The range of sports covered, the different types of bets available and the odds on offer are all important factors as well. To summarize, you can be sure that we have carried out comprehensive assessments of all of these sites and we are truly confident that our rankings accurately reflect what the best options currently are.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Sites

Is it safe to bet from a mobile device?
Yes. The top sites all use security features and encryption technology to ensure that all your transactions are secure. Your funds and your personal details should be perfectly safe.
Does it matter what device I have?
Not really these days, unless you have a very old phone. Although not all the apps are compatible with all devices, providing you have internet access and a web browser you should be able to place your wagers directly through your browser.
Can I deposit using my mobile device?
This is an option at most sites, yes.
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