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High 5 Games Slot Machines

High 5 Games slot machines are everywhere, or at least that’s the way it seems. This New York-based company has been around since 1995, and during that time they’ve released more than 300 slots enjoyed by players in 150 countries and six continents.

No matter where you decide to play a slot machine, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some of the creations from the fine folks at H5G. While they initially broke into the business by offering slots for land-based and online casinos, they’ve since branched out to the areas of mobile and social media markets. In fact, their Asian-themed social casino is the largest one of its type in the world, and their Facebook casino draws in nearly two-million players per month.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most popular slot machines currently available from High 5 Games. In addition to this information, we’ll provide a look at the company’s timeline, their business partners, and some of the more notable industry awards they’ve received over the years. By the time you’ve finished reading, you should have a much better idea of whether H5G and their products are right for you.

Land-Based Slots from High 5 Games

The last decade has been especially good to High 5 Games, as they’ve released some of the most popular slots throughout the world’s land-based casinos. Here are a few that you should be aware of:

Golden Goddess Image

Golden Goddess

This 40-payline slot debuted in 2011 and has become one of the company’s most popular titles. This game introduced the Super Stacks feature, in which long combinations of symbols show up on the reels to award big wins.

Black Widow Slot Image

Black Widow

This 2011 releases centers on a beautiful-yet-lethal woman. In addition to the progressive jackpot, the popular game offers Super Stacks and a unique bonus feature that shows male suitors getting caught in the Black Widow’s erotic web.

Hot Hot Hot Image

Hot Hot Hot

This wacky slot allows you to dive beneath the waves in search of hidden treasure. Available in 45 and 90-coin versions, it features an intuitive bonus round, as well as Diver and Treasure Chest features. This classic has been on casino floors since 2000.

Miss Universe Crowning Moment Image

MU Crowning Moment

Experience the excitement of the world-famous beauty pageant in this 2013 slot release with super stacks and a pick bonus.

Valkyrie Queen Image

Valkyrie Queen

Released in 2013, this game features a theme taken straight from Norse mythology. Includes tumbling reels and 243 ways to win.

High 5 Games Free Web-Based Slots

These games play just like the real thing, but the player doesn’t have to spend any actual cash in order to participate. High 5 Casino is the most popular Facebook destination for virtual slots, and Asian gamblers often flock to Shake the Sky in order to get their free slot machine fix.

Big Dragon Lounge Image

Big Dragon Lounge

Take a trip back to Shanghai in the 1920s and enjoy a tale of murder and romance that centers on a beautiful lounge singer. There are 576 ways to win on this 2012 release, and it also has wild multipliers, bonus rounds, and a unique 3-4-4-4-3 reel configuration.

Chicago the Musical Image

Chicago the Musical

This 40-payline slot is based on Chicago, the record-setting musical sensation that took Broadway by storm. Released in 2015, it includes Super Stacks and a Pick Bonus, although my favorite has to be the appropriately-named Broadway Bonus.

Guitar Kings Image

Guitar Kings

Featuring six reels and 50 paylines, this head-banging slot is all about guitars and the rock gods who play them. Released in 2015, the game includes guitarists from various time periods, including a guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jimi Hendrix. There are also plenty of sweet axes on display, including timeless models from Fender and Les Paul.

Bombshell Beauties Image

Bombshell Beauties

During World War II, American pilots used to paint beautiful women on the sides of bombers, and that’s where the theme of this 50-payline slot comes from. Players can win free spins, and the innovative Super Stacks feature is punched up with the addition of the Super Select option.

Dragons of Avalon Image

Dragons of Avalon

This fantastical game is set in Avalon, where dragons are thought to be nothing more than a myth. But when the land comes under attack, dragon eggs hatch and produce massive winged creatures intent on protecting their new home. Comes in 20 and 40-payline versions, both with locking wilds and a bonus mega multiplier.

Mobile Slots from High 5 Games

Whether you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or killing some time on your lunch break, these portable slots from H5G should keep you entertained:

The Big Chase Image

The Big Chase

Slip into the role of a two-fisted private eye in this 2014 release with five reels and 99 paylines. Try to track down a missing case filled with priceless jewels, while at the same time enjoying tumbling reels, 3 for 1 payouts, and the Mystery Bucks feature.

Bollywood Bride Image

Bollywood Bride

Set in India, this slot invites players to an epic wedding that’s sure to be remembered for years to come. Available in a nine and 40-payline version, the game has lots of music, bright colors, and an overall festive atmosphere.

Daughters Regiment Image

Daughters Regiment

According to this game, there were lots of beautiful women engaged in combat and espionage during the Revolutionary War. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s sure fun to imagine. Free games with locking wilds are a major selling point of this slot, and it comes in both 25 and 50-payline versions.

Foxy Dynamite Image

Foxy Dynamite

The title characters is straight out of a 1970’s Blaxploitation movie, and she’s even got the massive afro to prove it. She’s out for revenge, while the player is out for mystery bucks and tumbling reels on this funky 99-payline game.

La Torera Roja Image

La Torera Roja

The title translates to “The Red Bullfighter,” and the game art features a beautiful woman who places herself in constant danger in exchange for fame, fortune, and the cheers of the crowd. There are 30 paylines and independent reels, but the best thing is the presence of 1,024 ways to win.

High 5 Games Real Money Slots

If you want to play slots for actual cash (and real winnings), then give these following H5G titles a try:

Cherry Mischief Image

Cherry Mischief

This game combines an Asian theme with lots of mischievous fairies. First released in 2012, it includes five reels and a choice of either 15 or 40 paylines. Also available for mobile and web-based customers.

Double Da Vinci Diamonds Image

2x Da Vinci Diamonds

The sequel to the popular Da Vinci Diamonds game, this 2011 slot has more visual features and additional ways to win. The five-reel game includes tumbling reels and split symbols, as well as nine and 40-payline versions.

Jazz Image


Released in 2013, this slot is inspired by the music and lifestyle of the jazz movement. Get mellow with five reels and 178 paylines while searching for connected lines, wild connections, and a 5 for 1 payout opportunity.

Ravishing Beauties Image

Ravishing Beauties

A male monster hunter sets out to rid the land of terrors, but he’ll have to destroy a variety of female creatures in order to do so. In addition to stacked wilds and a special wild bonus, this 2014 game treats players to artwork featuring female versions of a mummy, werewolf, vampire, and Frankenstein’s monster.

Rocket Man Image

Rocket Man

An old-school superhero game featuring a protagonist who flies around the city and fights crime courtesy of a rocket pack. Released in 2011, this slot has five reels, 99 paylines, connected lines, and tumbling reels. If you happen to be a fan of the 1991 movie The Rocketeer, then I’d definitely recommend this one.

Strength through Diversity

As you might expect, the core leadership of High 5 Games is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in casino and video gaming. However, their overall team is filled with mathematicians, artists, accountants, and almost everything else under the sun. This team diversity is a major strength for H5G, and it allows their company to tackle challenges in a variety of ways that might be unavailable to their competitors.

Company Timeline for High 5 Games

During the last 20 years, High 5 Games has transformed from a complete unknown in the gaming industry to one of the most respected names in the business. Their corporate website refers to this growth as an “incredible journey,” and this section is devoted to a basic timeline that shows their blueprint for success.

  • 1995 – Howard Marks and Anthony Singer found High 5 Games. Prior to this venture, Mr. Singer was the head of a New York-based consulting firm that developed custom business solutions for clients ranging from the Bank of New York to the United Nations.
  • 1996 – The company enjoys their first success with the release of a poker game known as Pick 5.
  • 1998 – H5G becomes a force in the video poker world with the release of Big E Poker.
  • 1999 – The company releases Hot Hot Hot, a land-based slot known for providing players with three spin buttons instead of the usual single option.
  • 2002 – The company produces their first video slot, which is known as 777.
  • 2005 – Titles from High 5 Games are now available in more than 50 countries around the globe.
  • 2008 – The slot machine known as Da Vinci Diamonds is released. This game would become the strongest performing slot in the history of High 5 Games.
  • 2009 – High 5 releases their 200th slot machine for the gaming industry.
  • 2010 – Noah’s Ark, a recent release from H5G, is named “Online Game of the Year” by IGT.
  • 2011 – Two of the all-time most successful slots, Golden Goddess and Black Widow, make their debut.
  • 2012 – Due to their success in the world of social media, H5G is recognized as the fastest growing online casino on Facebook.
  • 2013 – H5G launches their first online casino for the Asian market, which is known as Shake the Sky. They also become an executive member of the newly-formed International Social Games Association.
  • 2014 – In the state of New Jersey, H5G launches Vault, an online server that gives clients access to the company’s library of over 300 games.
  • 2015 – This year marks the 20th year that High 5 Games has been in business.

High 5 Games Business Partners

You can learn a lot about a company by looking at who they choose to do business with. If they surround themselves with shady characters, then you’d be smart to give them a wide berth. Conversely, companies that seek out reputable firms with a proven track record are usually stable entities than can be counted on to deliver. The latter is certainly the case with High 5 Games, as their business partners include some of the most respected named in the industry. Take a look:

  • Bally Technologies– Based in Enterprise, Nevada, this company is owned by Scientific Games and has been manufacturing slot machines and other games since 1968. In 2013, their estimated annual revenue was listed at $997 million. Bally licenses a number of H5G slots, with the most notable being Valkyrie Queen.
  • Golden Nugget Casino– First located in Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget later opened a sister casino in Atlantic City in 1985. In addition to offering legal online gambling to those within the state of New Jersey, the casino features 74,252 square feet of gaming space and thousands of slot machines.
  • IGT– Also known as International Game Technology, this slot machine and gaming manufacturer has major offices in London, Rome, Las Vegas, and Providence, Rhode Island. In 2015, their annual revenue was listed at $4.69 billion. The Golden Goddess slot is available on the IGT network.
  • Virgin Casino– One of the most recognized brands on the planet, Virgin has entered the virtual gaming business by partnering with the Tropicana in Atlantic City to offer legal online gaming to residents of New Jersey. As you might have guessed, products from High 5 Games are among the slots being offered.
  • Tropicana Casino– Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this luxury hotel and casino has been in operation since 1981. They offer more than 1,000 slot machines to customers, and they completed a $50 million expansion and renovation in 2013.
  • Caesars Casino– With locations in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Caesars in one of the most recognized names among gamblers. Their New Jersey casino features more than 3,400 slots, as well as 145,000 square feet of gaming space.
  • Scientific Games– Worth over $1.7 billion, this Nevada-based company is known for introducing the first instant lottery ticket back in 1974. In addition to lottery games and systems, they also deal with gaming control systems and server-based interactive gaming terminals.

Industry Award for High 5 Games

Being recognized by your peers isn’t a requirement for success, but it usually doesn’t hurt. Since their debut in 1995, High 5 Games has been honored with a number of awards within the gaming industry, and this section details some of the more prestigious examples.

  • Awarded “Best Communications Plan 2012” by the American Gaming Association
  • In 2013, listed among the “Hot 50 Gaming Innovators” by Gaming Intelligence.
  • Named “Best Manufacturer of the Year 2013” by ICE Totally Gaming.
  • In 2013, named “Social Casino Product of the Year” by Electronic Gaming Review.
  • Presented with the “Best Communication Award for Website 2014” by the American Gaming Association.
  • Voted “North America Best New Game 2015” by Electronic Gaming Review.
  • Voted “North America Best New Game 2016” by Electronic Gaming Review.


High 5 Games slot machines have come a long way in the last 20 years, and I’m betting that they’ll do even better in the next couple of decades. The company and its employees have a desire to be the best, and this is backed up with a unique approach to the gaming experience and a willingness to embrace developing opportunities such as social media.

Another major selling point is the fact that High 5 Games approaches each design from scratch. While competitors may be content to design their titles from a template, H5G heads back to the proverbial drawing board with each product to ensure a unique experience for their customers. That’s exactly the kind of attention to detail that pays off in the long run, and it’s a large part of why High 5 Games is still chugging along after more than 20 years in the industry.

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