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Cool Jewels Slot Machine

If you’re a fan of tile-matching puzzle games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, then you’re sure to love one of the latest releases from WMS. It’s known as the Cool Jewels slot machine, and it combines the glittery presentation of the aforementioned games with the payout potential of an online slot. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, read on for an exhaustive list of rules and features.

Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels Return to Player

The return to player (or “RTP”) on the Cool Jewels slot machine is 96.1%. This number is about average for a virtual slot, and I’ve found that most WMS games fall into this range. It should be noted, however, that the Vegas average for land-based games is 95%, so anyone who chooses to stay home and gamble is likely to come out ahead by at least a percentage point.

Basic Game Rules

All slots have a basic series of rules that govern their on-screen action. Cool Jewels is no different, and this section has been set aside to discuss these guidelines. If you’ve perused many slot machine rules, however, you’ll notice that this list is far smaller than most.

  • All pays and plays are voided in the case of a game malfunction.
  • Only the highest winner is paid for each winning combination.
  • The total bet is defined as the base wager multiplied by the bet multiplier.

There are other rules, but discussing them requires a basic understanding of how this unique game functions. We’ll get into specifics as the article progresses, but doing so at this stage would only lead to confusion on behalf of the reader.

Matching Symbols

The objective of the game is to get matching symbols, which are defined as four or more identical icons connected horizontally or vertically. When a matching group of symbols is identified and paid, they are then destroyed and removed from the screen. Once this occurs, new symbols fall from the top of the screen and fill in the gaps.

If this new configuration results in additional winning combinations, then the process of evaluation and destruction is repeated. This continues until the screen holds no more winning combinations (or the maximum of 30 cascades is reached), at which point the “spin” is considered finished.

At the end of a spin, the pay-per-symbol meter resets. As you might have guessed, this makes it difficult to reach the upper payout levels (which are discussed in the next section).

Pay Per Symbol Meter

The pay-per-symbol meter helps determine the size of your winnings. The meter is divided into 12 sections, and each of these has a number of slices. Each time a winning combination is found during a spin, the meter (and your overall payout for that spin) increases.

Here’s a look at the number of slices for each section, as well as their payouts (based on the minimum and maximum wagers):

  • Section One

    6 slices. The payout for this level ranges from 0.01 to 4.00.

  • Section Two

    8 slices. The payout for this level ranges from 0.02 to 8.00.

  • Section Three

    10 slices. The payout for this level ranges from 0.04 to 16.00.

  • Section Four

    12 slices. The payout for this level ranges from 0.06 to 24.00.

  • Section Five to Eleven

    15 slices for each level. The payouts for these levels include: 0.08, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, 0.30, and 0.40 for the lowest wager of 0.50. For the highest wager of 200.00, the amounts include the following: 32.00, 40.00, 48.00, 60.00, 80.00, and 120.00.

  • Section Twelve

    This is the highest value obtainable, so there are no slices. The payout for this level ranges from 0.50 to 200.00.

Please note that all values on the meter have already been multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Wild Symbols

As the name would imply, the bulk of the icons found on Cool Jewels tend to be colorful gemstones. That’s not always the case, however, as the game also features a number of wild symbols that don’t resemble any sort of precious stone found in nature.

The wild symbols are all about destruction, and each one has a unique way of wiping out the lesser jewels. It should also be noted that activated wilds are not wiped out by the destructive patterns of other wild icons.

  • Unstable Wilds

    This icon destroys all symbols in the spaces connected to the icon.

  • Shattering Wilds

    This symbol wipes out all icons in the spaces vertical and horizontal from its center.

  • Shocking Wilds

    This icon sends out of shockwave of electricity, destroying all symbols in the spaces diagonal from its center.

  • Persisting Wilds

    This wild is created by the presence of two identical wild symbols next to one another. These icons act independent of one another, and they have the same pattern explosion of the unstable wild. However, they do not destroy themselves when they explode, and they continue their function until they reach the bottom row or fail to produce a winning combination. This icon acts as a wild for all other symbols, with the exceptions being the other icons listed in this section.

In addition to wiping out large swaths of symbols and increasing the player’s overall payout, the wild icons can also trigger enhancement features known as “watermarks.” This occurs when two of the unstable, shattering, or shocking wilds land horizontally adjacent on the reels and are activated in a matching group. The resulting enhancements are covered in the next section.

Watermark Enhancements

These special enhancements can be somewhat difficult to understand at first, but the main thing to keep in mind is that they immediately increase a player’s winnings. They come in three varieties, and each is detailed in this section.

  • Pink Watermark

    During any combination of shattering and unstable wilds, all spaces that are impacted by the unstable wild are highlighted by the pink watermark. After all matching groups have been destroyed, all remaining symbols on the pink watermark spaces – with the exception of activated wilds – are eliminated from the screen.

  • Green Watermark

    During any combination of shocking and unstable wilds, all spaces that are impacted by the shocking wild are highlighted by the green watermark. During the next evaluation phase, all symbols on the green watermark spaces are considered wild (with the exception of the icons that are naturally wild).

  • Blue Watermark

    When shattering and shocking wilds create a combination, the spaces affected by the shattering wild are highlighted with the blue watermark. When the next evaluation phase rolls around, all spaces that are destroyed on the blue watermark are paid at 10x their current value. If a Premium10x symbol is destroyed as part of the blue watermark, then it pays at 100x.

Free Games Bonus

If four or more Bonus symbols are destroyed during a spin, then the Free Games Bonus round is triggered. In order to determine the amount of free spins you’ll receive, please refer to the following list:

  • 4 Destroyed Bonus Symbols – 8 free games
  • 5 Destroyed Bonus Symbols – 10 free games
  • 6 Destroyed Bonus Symbols – 15 free games
  • 7 Destroyed Bonus Symbols – 20 free games
  • + 5 additional free games for each Bonus symbol destroyed over 7

An alternate set of reels are used for the bonus round, and you’ll also find that the music is different. However, the winning combinations are identical to the base game, and the meter value remains the same as the triggered amount. Additional bonus spins can be re-triggered in the same manner listed above.

Advanced Cool Jewels Game Rules

Now that we’ve been over how the game works, let’s once again address some of the rules for Cool Jewels. These guidelines wouldn’t have made much sense in the early sections of this article, but your enhanced understanding of the slot should allow you to follow along with ease.

  • Matchings groups are comprised of four or more identical symbols that are connected horizontally or vertically.
  • When symbols match in a group, they are destroyed. The only symbols that are exceptions are the shocking wild, unstable wild, and shattering wild.
  • When one of the following icons shows up, it acts as a wild symbol for all symbols except the ones on this list: shocking wild, shattering wild, unstable wild, and persisting wild.
  • The shattering, shocking, and unstable wilds are only found on reels two through five.
  • The pay-per-symbol meter contains a number of sections, and each section is comprised of multiple slices.
  • Starting at the bottom of the meter, each destroyed symbol increase the highlighted section by one.
  • When a symbol is destroyed, it pays the cash value of the section that’s currently highlighted by the meter.
  • During the course of the game, you’ll notice that reel symbols fall from the top of the screen to fill the playing area.
  • If the Premium10X icon appears on the screen as part of a winning combination, the awarded cash value is multiplied by 10.
  • When symbols are destroyed, they are first evaluated for value from top to bottom. Next, they are evaluated from left to right.
  • Regular symbols are evaluated first. Once this has been accomplished, the slot evaluates any multiplied symbols.
  • If a symbol substitutes for the Premium10x icon, then the symbol no longer increases the win by x10.
  • When a Premium10x symbol appears on a region with a watermark, it’s evaluated after all other icons have been dealt with.
  • If you’re trying to determine the payouts on the pay-per-symbol meter, keep in mind that all values have already been multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Game Controls

On the game’s virtual screen, you’ll notice a number of options that allow you to control the basic operation of Cool Jewels. In order to prevent a lengthy trial-and-error process, each of these is discussed below.

  • Total Bet

    This field displays the total amount of the player’s wager. This can range from as little as 0.50 to as much as 200.00.

  • Bet Multiplier

    This control option allows the player to adjust the size of their bet multiplier, which in turn determines the overall cost of a spin. The lowest option is one (resulting in a total wager of 0.50), while the largest possibility is 400 (for a total cost of 200.00).

  • Spin

    As you might have guessed, this icon sets the reels into motion. As with all online games from WMS, the word “spin” isn’t present. Instead, you see a button with an arrow that appears to be moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

  • Paytable

    Clicking on this option brings up another screen with details on all the game symbols and their potential payouts. This is pretty straightforward information on most slots, although the unique layout of Cool Jewels can make it confusing for first-time players.

  • Autoplay

    Clicking this symbol initiates the autoplay function, which causes the game to resolve spins without the player having to do anything. Just click the button and go fix yourself a sandwich. When you return, you’ll be able to catch up with your wins (or losses). The number of autoplay spin options include the following: 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200.

  • Win

    If the player wins on their current spin, the total amount of the payout is displayed in this field.

  • Balance

    Located at the top of the screen, this display indicates the amount of money remaining in the player’s casino account.

  • Options

    Another button at the top of the screen, the “options” icon allows the player to adjust the autoplay feature. Some choices include stopping the feature after a certain number of minutes have passes, or after the player can wagered a certain sum of money.

  • Sound

    If you want to turn off the music and sound effects, just give this button a click. When you’re ready to resume the ambient noise, click it again to reverse the process.

  • Question Mark

    This mysterious icon brings up some of the game’s essential rules. For your convenience, I’ve included these in both the basic and advanced rules entries.


If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to online gambling, then you’ll probably want to avoid the Cool Jewels slot machines from WMS. For those who like to try new experiences, however, this game is highly recommended as one of the more unique slots on the virtual market.

Another selling point of the game is the range of betting options. Players on a budget can gamble for hours without eating up their savings, while high rollers have the freedom to make dramatic wagers. No matter what your comfort level, Cool Jewels can accommodate you.

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