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A Dragon’s Story Slot Game

A Dragon’s Story

Developed by NextGen Gaming, A Dragon’s Story is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine that’s available in online casinos.

This is a medieval tale involving Ruff the Dragon and Brave Sir William.

Most stories like these paint the dragon as the bad guy. But as the title implies, A Dragon’s Story treats Ruff as the hero and Brave Sir William as the antagonist.

This game already sounds interesting due to its unique storyline. But does A Dragon’s Story have the elements to make it a quality slot?

Find out as we cover this game’s atmosphere, sound effects, animations, pay table, graphics, and bonus features. We’ll also compare A Dragon’s Story to other dragon themed slot machines.

A Dragon’s Story Slot Machine Overview


The big reason why Brave Sir William is after Ruff is because his den is built on a treasure hoard. The area underneath the reels is piled with gold coins, and the spin button is marked by a goldfilled treasure chest.

You won’t miss Ruff standing next to the reels because he’s a big red dragon with a teal underbelly. You’ll also see one or more little green dragons underneath the reels, which shoot fire atsymbols to give you random wilds.

Another noticeable thing about the background is the giant rocks, which represent Ruff’s den.

All of these elements combine to give A Dragon’s Tale a unique atmosphere that’s reminiscent of cartoon dragon knight tales.

Music and Sound Effects

The main game features a slow tune with nature sounds in the background. This tune reminds you that even though Ruff is a fire breathing dragon, the game is a lighthearted affair.

You’ll also hear different jingles when you spin the reels. If you form a winning pay out, another sound effect rings out as a white line shoots through the winning symbols.

Several other sounds can be heard for specific pay line combinations. None of these are easily distinguishable, but the variety of sound effects is nice.


A Dragon’s Story isn’t loaded with animations, but it does offer a few after winning pay outs.

Animations include: the jewel shining while a decorated metal frame spins around it, Ruff throwing gold coins up in the air, Sir William running around with flames on his butt, and the littledragon shooting fireballs at the reels.

A Dragon’s Story Pay Table and Graphics

Pay outs and symbols for A Dragon’s Story include:

Ruff The Dragon Wild

Ruff substitutes for every symbol except the jewel scatter. He also awards 2,000 credits for 5 symbols, 500 for 4 symbols, 200 for 3, and 10 for 2.

Jewel Scatter

3 or more jewels anywhere on the reels trigger free spins. This scatter symbol also offers a multiple pay out on your triggering bet, including 2,500x for 5 symbols, 375x for 4 symbols, 125x for3, and 25x for 2.

Treasure Hoard

Filled with gold crowns, cups, and coins, this pile of treasure pays 1,000 credits for 5 symbols, 300 for 4 symbols, 100 for 3, and 3 for 2.

Brave Sir William

Running with his butt on fire, Sir William delivers 500 credits for 5 symbols, 250 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3, and 2 for 2.

Boots, Shield

Sir William is having a rough time in this battle since his boots are on fire and his shield has bite marks on it. These symbols both pay 250 credits for 5 symbols, 100 for 4, and 20 for 3.

A, K

The A and K deliver 200 credits for 5 symbols, 50 for 4, and 15 for 3.

Q, J

These letters offer 150 credits for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.

10, 9

These numbers pay 100 credits for 5 symbols, 20 for 4, and 5 for 3.

Symbol Graphics

The symbol graphics are impressive, especially Ruff, the jewel, shield, and treasure. Sir William and the boot don’t look as good, but they’re still better than what you’ll see in most slotmachines.

The letters and numbers even look good, with a weathered design to make them fit the theme.

Our only complaint is that, given how the knight dragon theme offers so many symbol possibilities, we don’t know why NextGen used generic letters and numbers. They could have used a princess, thedragon’s lair, or individual treasure pieces to fill out the low paying symbols.

Bonus Features

Brave Sir William Bonus

This bonus is triggered randomly, and it sees Sir William running onto the screen to face Ruff the Dragon.

You’re shown a small black screen with 3 different colored fireballs, and you select one to shoot at Sir William.

Once you hit him, the knight starts running around on fire while dropping treasure everywhere. The more treasure that he drops, the more credits you earn.

After the flame goes out, Sir William turns to face the dragon again. You shoot him with one of the two remaining fireballs, and the same sequence happens.

Once you’ve chosen two fireballs to shoot at the knight, the bonus ends and your score is added up.

Random Wilds

You start the game with one little green dragon, who randomly shoots the third reel to turn symbols wild.

If you click the Super Bet button discussed in Betting Options, you’ll have a total of 3 to 5 dragons shooting fire at the reels. Obviously more is better since additional wild symbols help youform big wins.

Free Spins

If you land 3 or more jewels anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger 10 free spins. All wins are doubled during free games, and more wilds are added to the reels by the green dragons.

You can continue retriggering free spins by landing another 3 jewels on the reels.

In our experience, more jewels land on the reels during free spins because we retriggered the free games at least once every time that we played. This isn’t the case during the main game sinceit’s harder to trigger the bonus in the first place

Gamble Feature

You can gamble your pay outs following any win by clicking the button with a heart and spade on it.

This takes you to a second screen, where you’ll see a playing card with Ruff on the back. You’ll also see two sets of options: one allows you to pick whether the card will be red or black inhopes of doubling your winnings, and the other lets you pick the card suit to quadruple your pay out.

If you win, you can either collect your winnings and leave, or continue gambling for bigger pay outs. If you lose at any time, your triggering bet is lost along with any winnings accrued duringthe Gamble feature.

Betting Options

Pay lines are fixed at 25, but you can change your coin denomination from €0.01 to €2.00. This makes the minimum bet worth €0.25 per spin, and the max worth €50.00.

Super Bet

By clicking the Super Bet button in the lower right hand corner once, you’ll bring up two additional dragons, giving you dragons below reels 2, 3, and 4.

This leads to more random wild symbols since you’ll have extra dragons shooting fireballs. But you must also bet 35 coins, instead of the default 25.

If you click the Super Bet button again, you’ll bring up two more dragons, giving you one underneath all five reels. This maximizes your chances of getting random wilds, but it also forces you tobet 50 coins per spin.

Other Options

You can make the reels spin automatically with your selected betting options by clicking the Auto play button. This allows you to auto spin the reels for anywhere from 5 to 100 spins.

The Auto play option also has a Last Settings feature, where the game remembers your Auto play preferences.

Win Frequency

The win frequency in A Dragon’s Story is above average for a 25 pay line game.

You’ll form plenty of small wins, and the green dragons help you earn additional wins when they shoot fireballs at the reels.

Return to Player RTP

The RTP for A Dragon’s Story depends upon if you use the Super Bet or not. Here’s a look at how this works:

  • With no Super Bet, RTP is 95.22%
  • With Super Bet 1, RTP is 95.33%
  • With Super Bet 2, RTP is 95.62%.

In any of these three scenarios, A Dragon’s Story offers average RTP in comparison to other online slots. The above average win frequency makes you feel like you’re winning more often.

Game Rules

The rules are pretty standard in A Dragon’s Story, and you can see the main ones below:

  • Wins are formed from left to right on consecutive reels, except for jewel scatter wins, which can occur anywhere on the reels.
  • In the event of multiple wins in a single pay line, only the highest win is counted.
  • Scatter wins are added to pay line wins.
  • Game malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Comparison to other Dragon Themed Slot Machines

Whether it’s movies or slot machines, dragons are a popular theme. We’ve picked a couple of popular dragon slots to compare with A Dragon’s Story, which you can see below.

Amaya’s Dragon Sword

Although Dragon Sword’s graphics aren’t as detailed as A Dragon’s Story’s visuals, the atmosphere is really good.

You’ll see a shadowy warrior standing off to the left, and a windy road on the right that leads to a castle. The castle features a dragon’s head on it along with strange green lights emittingfrom the windows.

The scene looks like something out of the movie Conan the Barbarian or the animated series He Man.

The symbols do a good job of matching the theme too since you’ll see a knight, decorated sword, dragon, castle door, treasure, and torch.

If you land 3 or more swords anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the bonus round. This sees you enter the dragon’s lair and attempt to find the dragon’s sword in one of five treasure chests.

Overall, Dragon’s Sword isn’t as detailed as A Dragon’s Story. But if you like the latter, then Dragon’s Sword is also worth trying.

NetEnt’s Dragon Island

Most dragon slots either fall into the Asian or hero categories. This makes NetEnt’s Dragon Island unique because it focuses on a mystical island filled with these fire breathing beasts.

Atmosphere is key to this game because it features an ocean, rocky mountain lairs, and tropical flowers outlining the reels. These elements combine to create a long forgotten place where dragonsare found.

One interesting option in Dragon Island is the ability to activate Win Both Ways. This game is a 5 reel, 15 pay line slot machine by default, but Win Both Ways lets you form pay outs from rightto left and left to right.

This option also activates the Golden Dragon, which serves as a wild symbol and multiplies wins from 2x to 8x.

If you trigger free spins by landing 3 or more volcanoes on the reels, you’ll get 20 free games along with an expanding wild dragon in the center reel.

Free spins are the only bonus that you can trigger, which is the biggest downside to this game. But other than only having one bonus, Dragon Island is a fun slot that’s nearly as good as ADragon’s Story.


A Dragon’s Story immediately creates interest with its storyline, which sees things through Ruff the Dragon’s vantage point. In this tale, it’s Brave Sir William who’s the bad guy, rather thanthe dragon.

The graphics and music are also good in this slot, and they set the light-hearted mood that A Dragon’s Story strives to achieve.

Where this game really stands out is its features, including the Brave Sir William Bonus, free spins, and random wilds.

Our favorite is the Sir William Bonus because he runs onto the screen to challenge Ruff, only to be pelted with fireballs in an entertaining display.

The free spins are nice because they give you a combination of free games and more random wilds. Regarding the latter, we love how random wilds are created by the little green dragons underneaththe reels.

Our only complaint is that you’re forced to make the Super Bet to be in line for maximum payback. You must bet 50 coins per spin – instead of the default 25 coins – to be eligible for the max95.62% payback.

If you can handle betting a minimum of €0.50 per spin, then A Dragon’s Story is definitely a game worth playing. This slot has multiple special features, good graphics, and a fun storylinethat’ll keep you entertained for hours.