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BetOnline Review

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. -Warren Buffet

If more companies – namely online sportsbooks and casinos – followed this advice, gambling online would be far more fun …and much less stressful.

I’d wager that BetOnline wishes they did. They’ve made choices a few years ago that’s probably cost them thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars, due to lost business from bad PR.

We’ll be sharing some examples of those with you in our review. Because while we wholeheartedly recommend BetOnline to our visitors – and feel that now they’re a safe and legit gambling company – we think you have a right to know the whole story before deciding to play here.

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  • Launched in 2004
  • Licensed & Regulated in Panama
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Telephone – 1-888-426-3661
  • Fast payouts
  • Diverse payment options
  • Trusted & reputable company
  • US customers welcomed
  • Mobile casino
  • High rollover requirements

What exactly did BetOnline do to make so many people mad?

We think a better question is this: what didn’t they do?

BetOnline’s poor choices crosses the spectrum of shady behavior, ranging from telling likes to withholding money to having shoddy security.

There are plenty of examples we can show you. But has already done the work for us. They uncovered several examples, which you can .

Here’s our TL;DR version:

BetOnline Told a Fib

When BetOnline first introduced their poker product, they lied about what network it was on. They first claimed to be on the Hero Poker Network, even though they were actually on the Action Poker Network. There were also stories about how they were on the Chico Poker Network, but then were kicked off.

Later reports (from BetOnline) suggested that things were fine and fixed, and that BetOnline was (and still is) on the Chico Poker Network.

Odd thing to like about, eh? (Though we might lie too if we were on a shoddy network like Action.)

Everyone agrees that BetOnline lying was a stupid move and a bad way to market a new product. It doesn’t instill confidence. And it makes you wonder: why would they lie about something so trivial in the first place?

$60,000 Confiscated for No Reason

There have been many, MANY reports about BetOnline confiscating money from customers. The reasoning was almost always because the customer allegedly cheated, even though no proof was ever provided from BetOnline (in the examples we’ve read).

One example that caught our eye was of a pro who had $60,000+ confiscated because BetOnline said he cheated. They refused to send him all his hands, but did offer to send him the hand histories that showed him cheating (for proof).

He never got them though. What he did get was empty promises about how they were on the way, and the runaround when they never showed up. They eventually told him they because the files were too big.

(Anyone who knows anything about online poker and hand histories – let alone about downloading files to your computer – knows what a crock this is. And, why wouldn’t you send proof someone cheated if you have nothing to hide?)

Eventually Sportsbook Review (SBR) got involved and helped the player get his money back. His last update mentions being relieved about how it worked out for him, but also said the same thing happened to his friend.

Chip Dumping $50 Means You Owe BetOnline $30,000+

In this example the player did do something wrong – he chip-dumped to his friend. But here’s the kicker:

He chip-dumped to his friend at a HEADS UP table where no one else would be hurt. He did it so his friend could have an extra $50 to play with at BetOnline.

The funny part is they were playing from the same house at the time. Most sites wouldn’t even let two people from the same IP address sit down at the same table – .

The person had his account suspended (way after the fact, whereas most sites would’ve caught it much sooner), which no disputes or thinks was a wrong move on BetOnline’s part. What IS though, is how they wanted to also take his $37,000 he earned since that incident.

Forum members suggested that most legit sites would never have allowed two people from the same IP to sit at the same table. And, if they did, as soon as they suspected chip dumping had occurred, the player’s account would come under review. He’d never have the chance to earn the $37,000.

But now that he did, BetOnline wanted it. But, technically, the money should go to whomever was hurt by this player’s actions (which was no one). So it’s ridiculous BetOnline thinks they should be able to keep it.

BetOnline Knows Your Passwords

The last example we want to share is a case where a BetOnline rep outed how the staff knew their customer’s passwords and login numbers. .

The original poster has a good point. If everyone in the company has access to your login information, what’s stopping them from running a VPN, logging into accounts and taking your money?

The BetOnline rep didn’t have a good answer, just a “ha ha ok sir.”

Scary stuff. Scroll down the forum thread and you’ll see even more examples. It’s ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous is how these examples are a drop in the bucket compared to the sheer number of (similar) complaints against them. A quick Google search for “BetOnline scams” will also keep you busy.

Then BetOnline Does Something Funny: They Acquire

During the same time BetOnline was struggling, was struggling to. They were struggling to pay their customers.

Thent a few months later a story broke – BetOnline acquired

The crazy part wasn’t so much the acquisition, it was the fact that BetOnline also agreed to be on the hook for all the current and past payouts. Even after all their stingy-like shenanigans.

An excerpt from SBR:

Most importantly, the new investment team is committed to get winners paid in a more expedited manner.

“The new shareholders unconditionally guarantee past and future payouts from,” the rep stated. “However, since there is a sizeable backlog of pending payouts, they need to be run through various fraud checks, prioritized and fulfilled. Once the backlog is complete, clients will experience drastically improved payouts thanks in part to upgraded payment options, including same day options.”

No one knows exactly how much BetOnline had to make in past payments. In fact, BetOnline was reportedly “shocked” to find more than $1.5 million in liabilities that wasn’t reported by the previous management. So I think it’d be safe to assume that the past debts exceeded $1.5 million – and apparently BetOnline has paid it all off.

What Does That Mean for BetOnline in 2019? What Does That Mean for You?

Honestly, we’ve had a hard time finding anything negative to report about BetOnline from over the last year or so.

There are some complaints; normal stuff all companies face that we’ll address later on in our review when it makes sense. But it looks to us like the majority of BetOnline’s problems are over.

, if you can believe it.

Now, what does that mean for you? Should you forgive and forget? Are they safe enough for you to join, make a deposit and play?

We’ll be honest – there’s no way we would’ve played at BetOnline back in 2011-2012 if we had known or heard about any of the reports above. No one in their right mind would. You’d be safer lighting your money on fire.

And we also don’t want to downplay the mistakes they’ve made. Lying, making baseless accusations, withholding funds and insecure software is not to be taken lightly.

However, since buying and adding new management to oversee operations, things have improved drastically. So much so that we’re comfortable now recommending them to our readers.

And it’s not just us. If you look at other BetOnline reviews, you’ll see similar thought processes. In most cases the reviewers first condemned them for their actions (in 2011-2012) and recommended NOT playing there, only to have a change of heart once they saw how much BetOnline changed.

So, here’s where we stand on the matter –

BetOnline has made mistakes and is far from a perfect sportsbook, poker room or casino. They had and continue to have their shortcomings, the most recent of which we highlight in our review below.

But, as best as we can tell, they have righted their wrongs and continue to improve on what they currently offer to players. So we feel safe having accounts here.

It’s up to you to decide if you feel the same way.

With their past out of the way, let’s jump into what’s important today – and that’s what BetOnline offers in terms of banking, betting options and promotions.

Deposit and Cash Out Options, Fees and Time Frames

BetOnline offers a solid selection of banking options. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that what’s available to you will be determined by where you live.

Let’s start with their deposit options.

Deposit Options

Here are the payment methods BetOnline accepts and the min/max limits for each:

Visa Visa (Person to Person)$50/$700
Visa Visa$50/$5,000
MasterCard Master Card$50/$5,000
Person2Person Person to Person$50/$900 – BetOnline covers any fees over $300.
Money Orders Money Orders$300/$9,000
Bitcoin Bitcoin$20/$3,500
Skrill Skrill$10/no max
Neteller Neteller$10/no max
Book to Book Book to Book$500/no max
Bank Wire Bank Wire$1,000/no max
Check Check$1,500/$24,900
Diner's Club Diners Club$50/$1,000
JCB JCB$50/$1,000

The biggest complaint about deposits are their 6% fees for credit and debit cards. They’re one of the only sites that charge for (credit/debit card) deposits. Bovada’s one of the other ones, charging 4.9%.

Cash Outs

When you’re ready to cash out your winnings, you can use:

Person2Person Person to Person$50/$500 – Can take 12-36 hours. Fees will run $26-$101.
Bank Wire Bank Wire$500/$24,900 – Can take up to 10 days. Fees will run $45-$75.
ATM ATM Only Card$100/$2,500.
Check By MailCheck by Mail, Courier or Express$500/$2,500 – Depending on which option you choose, this will take 7-30 days and will cost you $25-$50 NOT INCLUDING the fees your bank may charge.
Bitcoin Bitcoin$20/$5,000 – Will cost you 2% (of the total).
Skrill Skrill$25/$9,900 – Takes up to 36 hours. Only 3 requests allowed per week.
Book to Book Book to Book$500/$15,000 – Transfers are completed within 24 hours.
NetellerNeteller$25/$9,900 – Takes up to 36 hours and will cost you $20. Only 3 payouts allowed per week.

What I don’t like is how you’ll pay a fee for every banking option. Even bitcoin, which is usually free at most sportsbooks and casinos. But here you’ll pay a 2% fee.

That said, I’ve seen firsthand reports from customers who say they’ve received payments within 10 days, bank transfers within 3 days and bank wires in 2-3 days. This is fast considering they’re in the US market.

BetOnline says nothing about it on their website, but I’ve seen reports that suggest BetOnline gives you a $50 credit every month if you put in your request on a Friday. In many cases this won’t cover the entire fee, but it is better than nothing.

BetOnline is an “all in one” company. That means you can bet on sports, play poker and casino games.

Their longest standing, and likely most popular product, is their sportsbook. So let’s start there.

Bet on Sports, Horses and Financials

BetOnline offers action on sports, horses and finances.

In their sportsbook they more or less cover the most popular sports in the US. Those include:

  • Auto racing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Olympics
  • eSports

You can also bet on futures and prop bets on these markets:

  • Canadian Football
  • Cycling
  • Formula One
  • Darts
  • Hockey
  • Horses
  • Pro Football
  • College Football
  • Pro Baseball
  • Pro Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • Women’s Pro Basketball (WNBA)
  • Rugby
  • Soccer

One option they’ve added recently is eSports. It’s no surprise really, given how fast that industry is growing. Every bookmaker is jumping on the bandwagon and offering odds on all the biggest leagues and tournaments.

BetOnline is, too, though it looks like they’re only dipping their toe in the water to check the temperature.

I say that because – as of right now – they only have moneyline odds for one match-up / league. Compare that to Bovada who’s covering 5+ games across about 10+ leagues/tournaments.

It’s a big difference. I mean, who would you rather go to for eSports betting?

That being said, I think it’s a good idea to give BetOnline the benefit of the doubt …for now. It’s possible they’re still trying to find their bearings in this growing market. Maybe they have plans to expand their eSports options in the near future.

What they do have going for them is their odds on the match-up I’m comparing to Bovada. They’re offering slightly better pricing for the same exact match.

There’s no way to tell if that’s always going to be the case, nor will it matter if they never expand this section of their sportsbook.

But, it’s reason enough to keep your eye on them.

They offer live betting too. These options change constantly, obviously, to coincide with what games or events are going on. When I last looked they had lines for soccer, baseball and tennis. You can also keep track of a couple games simultaneously using their multi-event tab and plan for future games using their live betting calendar.

One thing they’re known for are their higher-than-average betting limits. These vary from $1 to $25,000. Most markets will max out at between $1,000 to $3,000. But it just depends. You can also increase your wagering amounts by contacting their Player Services.

Their sportsbook also runs a fair number of promotions, and far more than you’ll find in their racebook and financials section combined. A few of the better options include:

  • 50% Welcome Bonus – Get a 50% match on your first deposit up to $2,500.
  • 50% Kickoff Reload – Get a 50% reload bonus up to $1,000.
  • Live Bet Free Play – Get a $25 free play. This is more or less insurance – make a bet and if you lose, they’ll reimburse you up to $25.

Beyond that you’ll see a list of races on their main page. Each listing tells you how many open races there are, which when you click on it will expand to show you the races, horses, jockeys and odds.

If you’re unfamiliar with their site or horse betting, a good section to look through is their racebook info tab in their navigation. Here you’ll find information on:

  • Their track limits. This tells you the max you can bet per race.
  • Payoff odds. Find out how much you’ll make if your bet(s) win.
  • Their rules and the types of bets you can make.
  • Horse betting tips, FAQs and terms (in case you don’t know what a word or phrase means).

It’s a good section if you’re new to horse betting.

And that’s about it. This section is far smaller than their sportsbook.

That said, their racebook does have a few offers too, though nowhere near the quality or quantity their sportsbook offers.

Here are some of their offers:

  • Track Rebate – Get a 7% rebate on your bets daily with no min volume or caps on how much you can earn.
  • $25 Risk Free Bet – Make a bet for the first time in the racebook. If you lose BetOnline will reimburse you up to $25.

Last up is their financials section. Here you can bet on currencies, indices and commodities. Your betting options include touch, range, turbo and one touch. The assets/markets you can bet on will depend on your bet type.

This section looks like an afterthought. It certainly doesn’t get the attention or marketing BetOnline’s other sections do.

Their poker room is one of the most popular options for Americans. They’re part of the Chico Poker Network, who’s 13th in overall traffic rankings, but is 3rd for US poker sites. When I last checked they had around 2,100 players on their site.

In 2016 BetOnline performed a much-needed software upgrade. In the past they had many complaints about the quality of their software. This included complaints about blurry graphics, poor sound and animation quality.

But following their upgrade we’ve seen suggestions that they may have some of the best software in the US market.

From worst to best in one upgrade? That might be pushing it. But based on the images I’ve seen, their software DOES look better.

However, there are still a few areas BetOnline can improve.

Right now they have a download for PC and Macs. But they don’t have any options for mobile players, which we think is a no-brainer in this day and age. They also only offer holdem, omaha and 7-card stud. It’d be nice to see more game options.

Overall, though, it’s nice to see they’re making improvements and are becoming more competitive with what other top tier US poker sites offer.

Speaking of which, some of their poker offers or promotions include:

  • Welcome Bonus – They will match your deposit 100% up to a max of $2,500. They pay this out to you $5 at a time. You’ll have 60 days to clear the offer.
  • $50,000 GTD – They’re running a $50,000 guarantee for $99.
  • $90,000 Guaranteed – BetOnline guarantees more than $90,000 in tournament prize pools every single weekend.

They have a few leaderboard and cash race challenges, too.

And it’s not exactly a “bonus,” but the games here should be softer due to the US traffic and the crossover traffic from their sportsbook or casino. Making money from their poker tables should be easier here compared to other poker (only) sites.

Here you’ll find lots of game options ranging from table games to slots to video poker and skill games. Their games come from both Rival Gaming and BetSoft software, both of which are known for creating topnotch games. Here’s how their games breakdown:

  • 9 blackjack variations.
  • 13 table games.
  • 19 regular slots plus 37 3D slots.
  • 17 video poker games.
  • Live dealers for blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Let’s get more specific though. Here’s a small sample of the casino and skill games you can play at BetOnline. See our casino review for a complete list.

  • American Roulette
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • American Blackjack
  • 21 Burn
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Poker3 Heads Up
  • Monkey Money (slots)
  • Reel Outlaws (slots)
  • Wizards Castle (slots)
  • The Bees (slots)
  • Ghouls Gold (slots, a 3×3 hold slot machine)
  • It Came From Venus (3d slots)
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (3d slots)
  • Mr. Vegas (3d slots)
  • RockStar (3d slots)
  • Lost (3d slots)
  • Five Draw Poker (video poker)
  • All American (video poker)
  • Double Bonus (video poker)
  • Joker Poker (video poker)
  • Deuces Wild (video poker)

Then there’s their skill games. These include favorites like:

  • Dominoes
  • Yahtzee
  • Gin Rummy
  • Tonk
  • Spades

And while you play their games you can also clear bonuses, earn points and get cash back. Here are some of their top offers:

  • Slots Bonus – This is a 100% match bonus up to $1,000 to use for your favorite slot games.
  • Live Dealer Bet – Play your first bet in the live dealer casino. If you lose, BetOnline will reimburse you up to $25.
  • Reload Bonus – Get an extra 25% bonus every time you make a deposit of $25 or more.
  • Rebate Program – Get a 10% rebate every week you lose $100 or more.

You’ll want to read our casino review to learn about all their offers, as well as their terms and conditions since they’ll be different for each offer and game you play.

If you run into a problem or have a question, you can reach out to BetOnline using one of the following options:

PHONE: 1-888-426-3661
FAX: 1-800-453-0804
LIVE CHAT (for real money accounts only)

One thing to point out here are the reports I’ve seen about how BetOnline’s support is unfriendly.

One example came from a poker player turned site reviewer. He shared his experience, which was one of the worst I’ve heard ever, let alone heard about BetOnline.

Here’s an excerpt from Gaming the Odds:

Since BetOnline’s poker software is not high-quality, I expected them to shine at customer service. How else could you explain the popularity of their poker room?

Turns out I was wrong, big-time. In fact, through their live chat support (and I just have to mention it in this BetOnline review), I had the worst customer service experience in my life so far.

After the live chat session started, I had to wait a few minutes until the customer service person bothered to reply, not just completely ignoring my question but asking for my username and password as well. Would you feel comfortable entering your username and password into some live chat box? I sure didn’t.

I explained that I don’t want to enter that information into a chat room and, more importantly, the question requires no such information since it was about in general. I had to wait ten more minutes for “assistance” (I use that word loosely here), while receiving “Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment… ” every now and then.

That said, I’ve also heard the opposite. A reviewer that actively plays on BetOnline says they offer excellent customer service. He also says that your best bet is to take advantage of their live chat (only available to account holders).

Their experiences are polar opposites. This suggests to us that BetOnline may have inconsistencies with how they handle customer support …and that your mileage (experiences) may vary.

This is sort of tricky because the first 25-33% of our review was all about BetOnline’s sordid past. And if that’s all you read, or all you remember about them, then the answer’s obvious – heck no!

But do us a favor – forget about their past for a minute. What are their biggest problems?

The biggest problems for us are their banking fees. Not only do you pay fees for every option – including bitcoin – their fees are pretty high, too.

The flip side is they offer $50 credits once per month if you turn in your request on a Friday. And, there are many reports from players saying that BetOnline’s paying players out fast.

That sort of balances out the high fees, doesn’t it?

Another thing we wish BetOnline offered are mobile options in their poker room and casino. However, since they did just upgrade their poker software, this leads me to believe that mobile apps or games could be next on their list. And, they DO have mobile (sports) betting.

Our last complaint – their customer service. It sounds like it’s hit or miss, that they could be more consistent.

And that’s it. Which isn’t all too bad or abnormal. Almost par for the course, really, if not slightly better.

When you factor that along with the fact that they offer 3 products (sports, casino, poker), accept customers from all 50 states …and have picked themselves up from the dirt to turn things around and become a seemingly safe and legit company…

…it becomes a bit easier to see why we encourage most everyone to create an account here.

People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings. – David Millar

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Check out BetOnline today.

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Play Safe | 25 May 2019
Been on the site about a week. Not had a problem with the sportsbook. Works very well. Also easy deposit for credit/debit card. So I had a bad night sports betting, so I thought I would try their computerized casino. Played basic strategy blackjack and never stood a chance. Then, I nearly lost all of my money on my 2nd series of Martingale. At that point I was only $8 down, and I stopped. I felt very fortunate to have only lost that much. STAY AWAY FROM THEIR COMPUTERIZED CASINO!!!!!! STICK TO SPORTS!!!!!!!!!
Sam | 11 Apr 2019
Most rigged casino I've seen have employees playing for them your not eligible for a payout for a whole week seems like everytime you have decent run in blackjack someone comes in messes it up smh shady customer service unreal casino that is straight robbery not legit at all
ralph | 12 Apr 2019 Reply:
wow today my account says i have to reset password, and they sent email link to do it. No email, not in spam, not answering chat or phones, getting worried had a good ncaa, think i"m cashing out if I get the chance, will be first cash out on this site, thought they were A rated on SBR. will update any developments
Your NameRon | 25 Feb 2019
The site ripped me off sevearal times Are first it was just a few sports bets that I won but they didn't pay off Then all the money I had in the Sportsbook account funds disappeared overnight and I was told I had spent it in the casino (I didn't) They told me to wait 24-48 hours for an answer During the wait time somebody made 3 more deposits into my BetOnline account usong my debit card and not surprisingly that money is also gone (stolen) All contact with them has lead to no resolution,foot dragging and more wait time Tomorrow I go to my bank and file wire fraud charges Avoid playing on this asshole site at all costs ubless you want somebody to illegaly drain your bank account and shrug
Nick | 3 Feb 2019
Worst betting website available they do not honor bets, had 2 bets yesterday one they didnt pay me on the other they didnt accept when it was an open bet. Im disguisted by their service. Wouldnt recommend that site to anyone.
Your NameRon | 25 Feb 2019 Reply:
Stole money off my debit card three times in one day None of the money was in the site when I logged in Just a bunch of deposits and no balance I didny make any of those deposits
Dan Ullmann | 27 Jan 2019
I attempted to give BetOnline a second chance, and they have proven that they don't deserve it. They closed my account and either confiscated my funds or were negligent in investigating who used my account without my permission (probably an employee of BetOnline. I am 100% certain that no one on my end accessed my account to do whatever it is they claim was done (they never provided any information regarding their allegations). In short, they apparently allow dishonest employees and/or hackers to access and misuse player accounts, then accuse the innocent players of unethical behavior and use those bogus charges to confiscate player accounts and funds. Below is the email exchange I had with their Player Services following phone calls and online chats which were equally frustrating. As of this writing, they STILL have not addressed any of my concerns. ---------------------------- On Jan 8, 2019, at 1:05 PM, wrote: Dear Dan, This is Lucy from Player Services. Hope you are doing well. Apologies for the inconveniences caused. This email is to kindly inform you that, your account is closed and will remain closed due to some unethical behavior found. Thank you for your understanding. Should you require further assistance or information, please contact us by replying to this email or initiating a Live Chat. Sincerely, Lucy Connor Player Services Department BetOnline ————————————- On Jan 8, 2019, at 2:49 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: Dear Lucy from Payer Services, Please explain what you mean by “some unethical behavior”, and how you justify taking my money without so much as asking me a single question which might clarify whatever evidence you think you have found. I did not behave unethically at any time. If you think I have, you owe me an explanation and the evidence that led to it. As of now, the only unethical behavior I have seen is yours. You have no right to close my account and steal my money in this way. Please provide an explanation of your unethical behavior. If you think I am just going to allow you to steal money from me and other falsely accused players and potential players, I would advise you to rethink your position. Either reinstate my account or return my deposits. Any other resolution is unacceptable. Sincerely, Dan Ullmann ————————————- On Jan 8, 2019, at 3:10 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: After responding to your email, I went online and found the following issue from last year: Is it possible that someone else gained control of my poker account after my last login and did something unethical with it? I recall having something like $550 in the account the last time I logged in. Can you tell me how much is in it now? This is the kind of issue that would be much easier to unravel if you would just tell me what sort of unethical behavior you are talking about, when it allegedly occurred, and how much of my funds was involved. You should be able to check my logins and determine whether it was me or someone else who did whatever you are suggesting they did. Please involve me in your investigation. Together we may be able to figure out what happened, which would lead to a much more fair outcome for both of us. Thanks. ————————————- On Jan 8, 2019, at 3:53 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: Is it true that others at BetOnline have access to my password? That could explain why someone ELSE may be responsible for “some unethical behavior” you claim to have found. Again, I had somewhere between $500 - 550 in my account the last time I logged in. How much is in it now? If the account contains less than $500 now, it is likely that someone at BetOnline (or perhaps a hacker from outside) accessed my account without my knowledge. Please research this possibility and let me know what you find. Thanks. —————————————- On Jan 10, 2019, at 5:44 AM, CS_BOL wrote: Dear Mr. Ullman: This is Marty Donovan from Player Services, hoping this email finds you well. Regarding your question , all multiple accounts found as multiple, eleven of them, will remained closed by management decision. Please keep in mind our main policy : Only one account allowed per person, family, household and IP address. Should you require further assistance or information, please contact us by replying to this email or initiating a Live Chat. We appreciate your business.

 Sincerely, Marty Player Services —————————————- On Jan 10, 2019, at 3:23 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: Dear Marty Donovan from Player Services, I have no idea why you think my account is a “multiple account”. I opened exactly one account. ONE. To my knowledge, I do not know anyone else who uses your system. I have no association with other accounts on your system. NONE. You have failed to answer my questions or address my concerns. I would like to know how much money is currently in my closed account. This could be valuable information which could shed light on why you think this is a multiple account, because I think my account may have been used by someone else without my knowledge of approval. I believe I had somewhere between $500 and $550 in the account when I last logged in. Please tell me how much is in it now. If significantly less, then it means someone else accessed my account without my knowledge. I want to discover what happened as much as you do (perhaps more, since you seem not to care at all that I am missing my funds through no fault of my own). I did not violate your policy of “only one account allowed per person, family, household and IP address”. I don’t know if there might be an issue with a shared IP used by Comcast, but if there is, that is not my fault either. Yes, I require further assistance and information. I am contacting you by replying to your email. Did you even read my previous emails? This has been an EXTREMELY frustrating experience for me, and I insist on your assistance to come to a reasonable outcome. My patience is wearing thin, and I would really prefer not to get third parties and external customer complaints and remedies involved. Please answer my questions and address my concerns as soon as possible. Thanks - Dan Ullmann ——————————————- On Jan 11, 2019, at 8:49 AM, CS_BOL wrote: Hello Dan, This is Marcia from Player Services, hoping this email finds you well. We do apologize for the inconvenience we could cause. I just escalate your issue to the department in charge. Once they have a resolution they will contact you back via email. If you have any other questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Marcia Player Services —————————————————- On Jan 14, 2019, at 6:31 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: I am still waiting for someone to address my concerns. I believe it is likely that someone other than myself, perhaps even someone within your organization, accessed my account without my permission. Your response thus far has been to “politely” close my account, accuse it of being a “multiple account”, refuse to answer my questions regarding how much money is left in the account, and refuse to address my concerns about someone else accessing my account without my knowledge. Again, this is a completely UNACCEPTABLE response to my concerns. My patience is wearing thin. Your allegation that I am responsible for operating a “multiple account” is completely false, and your “solution” to close my account permanently and abscond with my funds without showing me so much as a smidgeon of evidence is tantamount to theft on your part. I require either the reinstatement of my account (hopefully with an apology for your mistake), or a full refund of the funds I added to my account. Anything less is unacceptable. I’ll give you 48 hours from receipt of this email to offer a satisfactory solution before I will be forced to involve third parties and potentially cost you a lot more than the value of my deposits. Please address my concerns (all of them) within that time. Sincerely, Dan Ullmann ———————————————— On Jan 26, 2019, at 5:39 AM, Dan Ullmann wrote: I cannot believe that it’s been two weeks since you allegedly "escalated my issue”, and I STILL have not heard back from you. You have failed to show any evidence of wrongdoing on my part, because I did nothing wrong, yet you still have not made any effort to help resolve the issues I raised in numerous emails and telephone calls. You are acting like thieves who take money from their customers without showing them the slightest hint of evidence to justify it. This is unacceptable. Please respond NOW. My patience is at an end. ———————————————— On Jan 26, 2019, at 3:14 AM, CS_BOL wrote: Dear Dan, This is Maggie from Player Services hoping this email finds you well, Please be advise your account will remain closed as per terms and conditions. At, we pride ourselves on providing our players with a trusted and reliable online poker experience that delivers exceptional customer service. In return, we expect fair and ethical play from our players. We take the security and safety of our players seriously, and we will not stand for cheating or fraud of any kind on our network. Let us be clear that players found colluding, chip dumping, deal-making, multiple accounting, using prohibited software and bots, or doing anything that we believe compromises the fairness of play or game security at will not be tolerated. Any player that our security and fraud team find guilty of acting in an unethical manner and in a way that generally violates our Fair Play policy will have their account closed, account funds confiscated, and subsequently will be banned from playing at along with all other sites on our network. Recent forum discussions around “bots’ and a circumstance where we closed a player account and banned them from the network called into question our reputation. However, we feel our swift actions in dealing with such actions serve to fully demonstrate our strict adherence to the Fair Play policy, which we make public and available at Click through to read it in full here. Sincerely, Maggie Player Services ——————————————————- On Jan 26, 2019, at 9:41 PM, Dan Ullmann wrote: Dear Player Services Please be advised that I did not violate your terms and conditions. You closed my account without evidence that I violated any of them. I know this for a fact because I DID NOT VIOLATE ANY OF THEM. You say you pride yourselves on providing your players with a trusted and reliable online poker experience that delivers exceptional customer service? You apparently don’t even understand the meaning of the words. I exhibited nothing but fair and ethical play during my short tenure on your hypocritical web site. You, on the other hand, are apparently not above cheating and fraud. You closed my account and either stole the funds I had deposited, or did nothing to help find out who stole money from my account without my permission. Based upon what I have learned from others’ experiences on your site, I suspect your own employees were responsible for unethical behavior using my account, but you won’t even acknowledge if the roughly $500 that was in my account is still there, or if someone broke into my account and used it to “dump” to another player (or perhaps themselves). You pride yourself on your security, yet apparently you don’t have the capability to discover when someone’s account has been accessed without their permission. If you investigated logins by IP, you should be able to determine that I did not access my account when whatever illicit activity you allege actually happened. Let me be clear. I did not collude, chip dump, make a deal, have multiple accounts, use prohibited software or bots, or anything else that would have compromised the fairness of play or game security at Let me repeat that for emphasis, because through multiple phone calls and emails, you still have failed to address this: I did not collude, chip dump, make a deal, have multiple accounts, use prohibited software or bots, or anything else that would have compromised the fairness of play or game security at Your security and fraud team apparently found me guilty without even the courtesy of showing me one scrap of evidence. Why? Probably because there IS no such evidence. I suspect one of your own employees accessed my account without my permission and acted in an unethical manner and in a way that generally violates your Fair Play policy. That does not give you the right to close my account and confiscate my funds. I am innocent of these charges. At this point, I don’t care if you ban me from your thieving site, but I will not just sit by and allow you to steal my funds when I did NOTHING WRONG. You are right about one thing; recent forum discussions have called into question your reputation. I now understand why. Your actions may be swift, but they only serve to fully demonstrate your lack of reasonable security. You punish honest players and let the cheaters do what they want. Shame on you. Most sincerely, Dan Ullmann Innocent victim of your bogus, thieving security team PS: I am still waiting for a refund of the funds I deposited in my account. Rest assured, if you do not address my concerns in a reasonable way, every current and potential customer will know all about this incident. You can try to explain to them why your security team allows your own employees to steal from your customers. Good luck with that reputation.
Nate Tob | 2 Jan 2019 is a complete scam you will never reach over the calculated turnover amount and be able to cash out. These people motivate you to deposit cash and make bets or play games. However, the money you put in and the amount of time you spend on the website increases your turnover. The turnover is the amount you must surpass in winnings before you can cash out. Do not trust this website it is international and illegal.
Tim Ramos | 27 Dec 2018
Im trying to withdraw funds but having trouble. Can u help
Richard Mignone | 10 Dec 2018
Betonline is a total scam - save your money and lookelsewhere
Your Name | 25 Nov 2018
Customer support is horrible. Person I talked to on the phone was rude and not helpful at all. The betting rules are also more in favor of bet online than any other site.
Ben Arnold | 17 Nov 2018
Bet online a.g best in the business cashed out respectively repeatedly.
Jeff Williamson | 26 Oct 2018
Not a good site! Deposits are overcharged and poker site goes down while you play? Go somewhere else.
Mark Baker | 27 Sep 2018
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay as far away as possible. They freeze your log in so you cant bet, then they say they will email you which they NEVER do, then you will try to email them and they will NEVER respond to your emails, then you call their phone number and they NEVER pick up. 24hr customer service my ASS! More like 24HR IGNORE customers is more like it.
Gerald | 25 Nov 2018 Reply:
And when you finally do talk to someone they are rude and not helpful. Don't use this site!
Mike | 21 Sep 2018
Go to LIVE CASINO THEN GO TO SPECIALTY GAMES THEN GO TO VIRTUAL FACEBOOK easiest game i ever played up $700 in 30 min
Matt B | 27 Jul 2018
I am just not comfortable with large amounts of money with these guys. You can say that I am a small time player but once I am comfortable with a place then I'll roll out my bankroll. The funny thing is though, Betonline cheated me from a couple small payouts of about $20 and most people wouldn't even complain I'm sure. But, if they cheat players with small payouts they will definitely cheat players with large payouts! I decided that these crooks are not worth my time or money. 7/26/2018
Branden | 14 Jun 2018
Chrismead | 25 Apr 2018
Betonlkne is trash. Half the time the site is down and not working right. Im very disappointed that anyone wouldwant to play there. I mean at least send out an email and let us know something is wrong. Pathetic customer service. Games are good and poker is good but they never work. They need to take some money and getsomereal programmers. Bugs everywhere
Scott | 21 Apr 2018
Obviously something is terribly wrong on this site. I used to think it must just be my bad luck but Ive been playing over a year now and have seen the most unbelievable hands play out. For example just last night I lost with a full house to four Kings. I know that can happen but things like that happen all the time. Today I lost an all in hand..first hand of the tournament mind you with a Queen high flush to a straight flush. I mean Come on. These unbelievable crazy hands have in the past also benefited me so I don't know rhyme or reason behind it I just know real poker doesn't play out llike this. It happens way too often. Hands like 3 5 off suited beats pocket AAs way too often. Just sayin..
Jesse | 5 Apr 2018
This site used to be decent but recent problems with their site have exploited everything wrong with them. As someone who used bovada and betonline for a while I can safely say that after their recent problems betonline isn't worth your time.
PeRK | 8 Mar 2018
HOW DO I MAKE A COMPLAINT ABOUT A PLAYER. I HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE , AND ITS WAY TOO FISHY. I DONT KNOW IF IT WAS A BOT OR A PLAYER FOR BETONLINE. But something was/IS up. He was on the button, i limp in with pocket ACES and the mfer folds. who the hell does tht when your on the BB.
Sam | 11 Apr 2019 Reply:
Same thing jus happen to me player won 2 hands I back bet and a guy comes in last second player lost hand then he stayed out very fishy
REESE | 6 Mar 2018
Betonline has been my worst experience by far. Customer service is a joke, they talk to you as if your dumb and this is your first rodeo. Ive been online betting for 5 years plus and Bovada has set some pretty high standards. The website has been going in and out now for 5 days now, i do alot of live betting and so it has cost me the chance to rack up my funds. You would think that after a week they would do something do compensate there customers with a small bonus to some appreciation.They will not let you speak to a supervisor which is an issue for me, being that im a supervisor at a large call center so I understand how customers might feel when they are being told they cant. I have $1600 in my account that i cant get to it because the site is down and that is the only way you can request a payout. Maybe they are doing it so people cant withdraw money. JUST FIND A DIFFERENT SITE
Steven | 4 Mar 2018
I have been using in 2018 and until recently really liked it but something very funny happened about 2 weeks ago before their website crashed for the past 2 1/2 days. They paid me out part of a 7 team Parlay before the last game was finished. There was still 5 minutes left in the game and I contacted support who tried to tell me I was wrong. During this long conversation the game finished (My bet won) and the total amount of the winning ticket was in my account instead of part of it and the Live Support person told me it was there the entire time. If they can pay you part of a bet before it is even finished, doesn't that mean they can make a winning ticket/parlay a loser before the last game is finished? I asked for a history of my bets and they refused to give it to me. Live Support is the worst thing this site has going for them in my opinion because over half the people I have talked to when contacting them have been a little rude, would try to divert the conversation and ignore the point I was trying to make and the majority of them have just ended the chat because they didn't like me re-trying to explain what they didn't understand. I had a very long conversation with Live Support just two days ago and near the END of the conversation they said they couldn't pass along my message to upper management without my Username. I am definitely never going to make another deposit on this site strictly because of the way Live Support has treated me.
Billy | 22 Feb 2018
Horrible customer service with no real explanations. They admit they were wrong about a bet slip description and instead of making it right they take your money and stop responding to you. I made a money line bet on the hockey game last night and they claimed it was a 3 way bet but there was no mention of it on my slip or in the description of the bet. They admitted it wasn’t there and won’t refund my bet money or give me my winning. Like crooks they took my money and ran with it.
MIKEADRI16 | 19 Feb 2018
Man site is rip off! Crooks every part of it. Trust these comments and stay away, they pick and choose who wins. Try bovada at least you win there, cause here you not winning enough to ever cash out. I played here for awhile before I said something has to be up, how do I lose non stop, Casino and poker. I’m talking 1-4 deposits daily and never one cash out in a two year span. I email them and they don’t care it’s the same pasted message they always say, random generator and it’s just by chance that you can’t win in the Casino. I saw a video shortly after of them cheating as well, that you can see online on YouTube. But trust me and take it from me they cheat and are ripoffs. But in all reality it’s my fault for playing and playing as long as I did, I wish they weren’t on top of the online gambling sites that are legit when you try to search engine online gambling. Obviously the reviews and how they are on top is also a scam. Trust me and stay far away or you will lose always and when you ask the customer service for anything your bonus that they offer, your money they overcharge you on deposits for is awful as well, I mean with everything, to over charging you on deposits and giving you the runaround about everything. But what do you expect from online gambling? I lost thousands until I figured out it’s a scam. I’m now trying bovada and hopefully there you can win. STAY AWAY CROOKS
chris | 15 Jan 2018
They have really awful customer service, its almost a joke. Either by phone or chat.
Bryan | 30 Nov 2017
Absolute farce, favoritism and scam .... if ur interested in playing poker... my recommendations is don't play here obvi the worst possible hands u can hold will win 95% of the time. I will say the only good thing with them is the fact that with tournaments they will knock out players if not played a certain amount of hands. Either/Or I would recommend ACR and Ignition Poker over these yahoos!!!!!
Titus | 23 Oct 2017
Con Artist/ Scam stay away!!!!!!! It is a fight to cash out and the required info sets you up for identity theft by supplying info that shouldn't be requested for verification. If I paid by credit card months ago and the charge was allowed then there should be further verification such as picture of the front and back of my card, drivers licences or copy of utility bill. This is how ones identity is stolen. Stay away from their "freeplay" it is not free and they will hold your winnings from your real money hostage. I would have kept betting but it just becomes a fight to get money.
Quinn | 28 Sep 2017
These guys ROBBED ME for $3,300. Do not trust these con-men.
Robert N Kroker | 28 Sep 2017
This is a ridiculous rip off. I'm very good at currency option bets for many reasons, having won 8 out of 10 my next 2 wins were booked as loser's. I was so pissed about the first I screen recorded the second and provided as evidence. Still no go. These people are low level scammers. I'm glad I tried them out with small money. STAY AWAY from these jokers!
Central Scrutinizer | 21 Aug 2017
Before you can CASH OUT they want a photo of the front and BACK of your credit card! The back of your credit card has the 3 digit code that you are NEVER supposed to share in this manner. I think my $100 USD is a write off. I dislike PokerStars since Amaya but at least I will get my cash out without any hassle. Still trying to find a legit site to play GIN or other skill games ... the reason I joined them.
minde | 18 Jul 2017
sh*tty casino
Justin | 10 Jul 2017
very poor customer service no one ever knows anything in this company other than knowing how to steal your money and account information
Justin | 10 Jul 2017
This site has stole over 100k from my account and they are refusing to give my money back nor tell me where the money went. They shut down my account per management for no reason. And has given me no information towards my account. I won over 100k playing at this casino and before i was able to take money out took my money and closed my account..SCAM!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY...
Anthony Greco | 18 Jun 2017
Betonline is not ligit Anthony
jim | 27 May 2017
how do I delete my previous review, I just won$$$$$$
Jim | 27 May 2017
This site is a scam. They rarely bust and always bust you.
John (first) Collins | 27 May 2017
I've been playing for hours now. This casino is amazingly fun for being online. I really enjoy the double language, since I grew up bilingual. My Spanish isn't on point, however I have a 1-7th grade education in Spanish; for me its perfect. I know most word that are used to figure out the really hard ones they say. The dealers are super nice, the players seem to be having a good time and the boss was perfect. The online staff are responsive to online chats. This was the first online casino I've tried and after hours of gameplay I am sticking with
Sean | 25 May 2017
Anyone else seeing a problem with their favorite hand winning percentage? I've seen a few others seeing similar. Favorite hand should win about 48% of time but what I'm seeing after about 4 months is a mid to low 20% favorite hand win rate . If I was the only one I'd tell myself shut up and deal with the variance but hard for me to believe that a favorite hand win rate is half what it should and others who have collected tons more data than me see same. Won't say rigged but their rng needs fixing
cheaters | 22 May 2017
cheaters -
Eric Almly | 21 May 2017
They refused to pay me out after winning a sports bet. I requested the payout on Friday which is the day they tell you that you can request a free payout. The first thing they told me was that my profile address did not match with the delivery address for the check which was a lie. I emailed them my utility bill. Then they told me I was going to have to wait another week and start the process again. I followed all of their terms when requesting a pay out and they refused to send me my check. These people are flat out scammers when it comes to paying out and try to run a game on you.
Al | 7 May 2017
Super shitty bad beats. Constant runner runner to beat dominant hands. Like you catch two pair on the turn, but river seta them up with a flush. Pocket aces gets outflopped by 6 8 offsuit and shit alot.
donald | 25 Apr 2017
This website is nothing but a scam. Their payout system is nothing but a hassle. There rng seems to have many flaws as the beats are insane. There player based seems to be the same people every 24 hours you will see the same people on. It's like they don't sleep ever and the always seem to be in the money...I'm going back to bovada yes it's higher buy in but it's more realistic for poker players on bovada.
Bill Carey | 10 Apr 2017
moved from Bovada to BetOnLine this year,2017, and I have had no problems. Mainly poker but a little casino and sports betting too. Sure the software could be better but it works, and only crashed once over 3 months of playing daily. Customer service has been good for me although I haven't had any big problems to solve. Not a large poker player pool so buy-ins are very low. They do have a monthly $100k and a $50k NLH tournaments.
Lance | 7 Apr 2017
Try playing in the skills room and playing Gin Rummy the cards stick and don't let you discard them in which you have to forfeit game. This has been happening for 5 years and all they tell me is send a screenshot and we will rectify the problem. All the time this happens and after 5 years they still play stupid and act surprised very shady software. We are in the 20th century you Fuckers.
Mike | 9 Mar 2017
Never mind their Instant Black Jack. The games are completely rigged and unrealistic. It's almost laughable if it wasn't criminal!
M | 23 Mar 2017 Reply:
Watch this video. Go to 14:54 and you will see the dealer flick the top card up to give the player the second one. Stacked decks obviously.
Kurt | 8 Mar 2017
Bet Online is a joke. After taking a break for almost a year, I come back and my account balance had been wiped clean. (i had about $200) They made up bogus excuses as to why it was gone and will not issue me a refund. Stay away from these scam artists.
22443 | 23 Feb 2017
Dimitrios Psaras | 21 Feb 2017
This site is a pure joke and I HIGHLY recommend you stay far away from it! Took me forever to set up my account and add money! Then when i joined and made my first deposit to play slots it took them almost 24 hours to add my Bonus not to mention i had to email customer service 4 times and call them them 6 times! What kind of response did i get? They said "YOU GOT YOUR BONUS YESTERDAY" LOL LOL LOL NO I DID NOT !!!!! Well finally are requesting a supervisor who mind you NEVER came to the phone they added my Bonus the next day (App 24 hrs after signing up) !! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SITE THAT WILL JERK YOU AROUND THEN JOIN THIS ONE!!!!!!!! Please email and pass the message on all gambling sites, my goal is to post this daily for all the bull shit this site put me through!!!
Wagner | 19 Feb 2017
If you are dumb enough to keep playing on betonline, you kinda deserve to be scammed.
Your21brotha | 21 Feb 2017 Reply:
I totally agree!! BETONLINE is a scam... again maybe not all the time but if they can sneak this in, Im sure they can do more.
Joey | 20 Feb 2017 Reply:
Where do you play or suggest?
drew wahlgren | 10 Feb 2017
Great service to help you deposit $$, then they turn into complete D students when it comes to payout. Also, they have a super sneaky fine print that says when you use promo bonus $$, it requires you to bet the initial bet amount over 10 times until you can get that $$ back. This means most people would just be putting the balance amount down time after time just to get to that amount, and then of course they will lose it on one of those. Your legit $$ gets tied in with the bonus $$, so don't think you're getting anything back until you've bet over 10 times that initial deposit amount. DO NOT USE BETONLINE.
Rao | 2 Feb 2017
Hello this is my first time posting in this forum. I'm posting because I am very concerned. I got into NBA betting this year and deposited around 10k into this site bet online. I made some big sports bets and also played their live casino (didn't plan to..but I did) and ended up running the account up to around 39k. Today I am unable to login, getting an error that says to contact customer services. After a 10 minute hold their rep tells me the account is suspended for review and he mentioned some possible error with their live casino. Last night after losing 5-7 thousand on their regular casino 3D Poker 3 Heads up Holdem (no live people), I made 1 5k bet on live casino and hit a blackjack for a nice win. Then I played their 3D Poker 3 Heads up Holdem and won a few hundred. Then I left. If this is what is triggering the review I am deeply skeptical about this company. I'm worried that they will steal my money. IF anyone has any experience with this or advice, please let me know. I'm posting this to get help and warn everyone else about this company. They didn't mention and "errors" on days when I was losing. I hope this is the right place to post it. If there is anywhere else I should post, please let me know. Thanks
Vivian Molino | 31 Jan 2017
Great looking site. Assume you did a great deal of your very own coding.
Mike | 31 Jan 2017
Don't waste your time. I deposited money into this company (bull$hit) and go a withdrawal statement from somewhere else. I would never trust this site. Only for your protection and I'm writing this. This is a complete scam and I have to follow up trying to get my money back. Unreal. Not trustworthy. Don't play here. Scam scam scam
Scott | 20 Jan 2017
I agree with the first two comments above. This review unfortunately is absent of any statistical analysis of their poker software. I would be much more interested in that kind of review. I too have witnessed the most unrealistic draw outs uncommonly often on bet online. It is sad that pokerstars no longer allows us players because they seemed like they actually shuffled the deck. Action flop theory as well as equitable distribution theory are definitely at work with the rng at bet online. I play on there, but only freerolls, and i have been playing for a while and often there due to limited choices for players in the US. I have spent plenty of time observing the slant that their 'shuffle' has. It's not rigged to favor any certain player, IMO, mind you...just has a ridiculously limited amount of permutations where the dominating hand holds up. EXTREMELY unrealistic!
Rich Mignone | 17 Jan 2017
most unrealistic poker ever - useless for anyone that truly plays poker - wayyyy to much of an aroma of a scam
B. Dole | 15 Jan 2017
I would be very interested in an investigation in to their RNG for poker. After playing there for almost a year I can say without a doubt there are more insane draw outs than any other site I play on. I actually first heard of "Action Flop Theory" because of the amazing draw outs that come from BetOnline Poker.
Josh Speer | 29 Dec 2016
I have been a betonline customer for over 6 years and they will no longer pay me bonuses because I have placed future wagers. I called to get customer service and couldnt get any. I have used Bovada and they give me those same bonuses.
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