Who Will Rule Westeros and Other Entertainment Prop Bets for June 2018

By Noah Davis
Published on June 06, 2018

June is dark and full of entertainment prop bets.

I know that isn’t how the iconic Game of Thrones line goes, but in the name of a brand new GoT prop bet being unleashed at Bovada, I couldn’t help myself.

The harrowing story of fantasy, betrayal, royalty, and (insert satisfying adjective here) isn’t back until April 2019, but the top entertainment betting sites are already testing our patience.

They might be testing our wallets, too.

Bovada wasn’t the only site to push out Game of Thrones prop bets back when the show was still ruling our lives during season seven, but they’re the ones to draw first blood as we enter the summer months.

Sorry, but I had to.

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Who Will Rule Westeros?

In all seriousness, the Game of Thrones chatter is again heating up (we’re only 10 months away!), so more props like this can be expected.

The one in question, of course, is who will rule Westeros when season eight concludes?

Bovada offers a wide range of possibilities and each character’s odds.

Daenerys Targaryen+200
Jon Snow+200
Bran Stark+350
The Night King+1000
Tyrion Lannister+1250
Jaime Lannister+1500
Cersei Lannister+1500
Sansa Stark+2500
Arya Stark+4000
Euron Greyjoy+5000
Samwell Tarly+7500
Theon Greyjoy+10000
Jaqen H’ghar+10000
Brienne of Tarth+10000
Jorah Mormont+10000
Tormund Giantsbane+10000
Davos Seaworth+10000
The Hound+10000
Daario Naharis+10000
The Mountain+10000
Yara Greyjoy+10000

This GoT wager isn’t to be confused with “who will die” or any number of other Game of Thrones season eight props.

There’s a lot of them, too, so be sure you do your research and have a good grasp of everything that’s going on before placing your bets.

If you’re betting on this, you probably need to factor in a few things. For anyone to rule at the end, they probably need to answer to the following criteria.

  • Big character
  • Ability to lead
  • Audience cares
  • Proven in battle
  • They desire to rule
  • They don’t die

Maybe your list is longer or shorter, but for me, this gets rid of a ton of the contenders Bovada offers.

The Longshots

Nobody in the +10000 odd range interests me too much.

The Mountain literally isn’t a human anymore and has a score to settle with The Hound. One of them is for sure going to die, and it’s quite likely they’ll cancel each other out.

There are other options like Sir Davos and the Greyjoy trio.

Davos is a great character and a willing servant, but he’s not a born leader. He has no direct path to rule, and he probably wouldn’t want to.

Sir Davos would be a good right-hand man to have around when the dust settles, but he’s one of those fun guys that may not make it. , after all.

The Greyjoy trio (Euron, Theon, and Yara) aren’t destined to rule Westeros, either. Perhaps one of them prevails and takes back the Iron Islands, but even that might be a reach.

Most bad guys are bound to perish in this land, so I struggle to believe a filthy brute like Euron survives this story. He has Yara at the moment and has prompted a previously cowardly Theon to man up a bit.

One or all of those Greyjoys will find it hard to simply survive the season, let alone beat out everyone else to rule Westeros.

There is also Jaqen H’ghar, Jorah Mormont, Bronn, Tormund Giantsbane, Gilly, and Daario Naharis. I’ll even lump Samwell Tarly in this group.

Nobody here makes much sense. H’ghar is the Faceless Man and has no reason to venture out of his homeland, while the likes of Tormund, Naharis, Mormont, and Bronn are all warriors with bigger fish to fry.

Even if they live through the battle with the white walkers, they aren’t really eager to rule a kingdom they don’t even call their own.

All of these people have loyalties to specific parties in this never-ending war as well.

Bronn is Team Lannister, Mormont promised he’d never defy Daenerys again, Tormund backs Jon Snow, and Naharis also rolls with Khaleesi.

Samwell Tarly and Gilly are a package deal and are more useful as cerebral assets in this story. While Tarly has the smarts to lead, he’s always been a fairly weak character, and ruling is far from his forte.

Melisandre isn’t going to make it to the end, either. Whether it’s by the hand of Davos and his promise or something else, she isn’t long for Westeros.

She admitted as much, and she also let Varys know that he wouldn’t escape his dirty past, either.

That probably is a harsh reality for much of these characters, but these two specifically stand out as political figures that won’t be among the living when this story is over.

You kind of need to be alive to rule and all.

The Sleepers

Gendry leads the list of viable threats to rule Westeros.

This list is not full of options I deem to be favorites, but if you want to throw some cash at a wild card that actually has a chance, this is where you should start.

In case you weren’t aware, Gendry was fathered by Robert Baratheon and was even to be assassinated at one point due to his lineage. He’s still alive and well, however, and if he wants to rule, I don’t think he can be completely written off.

He’ll have to survive battle and the other big names that prefer to take his spot, but at +7500, .

Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, and Jaime Lannister round this group out for me.

They’re not hopeless in their plight, but Arya is more assassin than anything else at this point and doesn’t figure to leapfrog both Sansa Stark and Jon Snow (let alone everyone else) to rule a kingdom that’s taken everything she ever loved.

Besides, there is still that troubling theory that .

I’m not sure I buy that, but Arya isn’t fit to rule, and she also wouldn’t be interested.

The Lannister party all wants a piece of the pie, but it’s really Cersei that will stop at nothing to own the kingdom.

Evil is probably going to lose out in this story – at least for the most part – and Cersei living and ruling seems like it’s asking too much.

She has an impressive will to her, and she’s fought back against the odds, but I just don’t see her being the winner.

Jaime Lannister doesn’t want to rule. He’s a warrior that has been fighting one-handed for too long, and the only woman/thing he cares about has gone against him.

He thinks he knows where his loyalties lie, but even if he doesn’t, he’s more about serving than ruling.

Jaime is probably going to be a casualty of war at some point, but even if he lives, he doesn’t seem to have any real desire to take the throne.

I’ll cap this section off with Bran Stark.

There is a litany of crazy theories involving him, with one that went as far as to suggest he actually is The Night King.

We’ll find out eventually, but Bran Stark doesn’t have any real claim to the throne.

I don’t think he’s a terrible bet for this wager, though. He offers respectable value at +350 and has displayed leadership qualities throughout his arc.

It’d be pretty fitting for this story to truly start and end with him, too.

That being said, I think there are more compelling options to consider wagering on for this prop bet.

The Favorites

Going back to the top, one of Snow or Daenerys are absolutely not going to rule Westeros, but one of them might. Of the two, I think Snow is less likely.

He’s already backed Daenerys, and even though it was (gulp) revealed that his new love interest is actually his aunt, and he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, I just don’t think he wants it.

All Snow has ever cared about was protecting people from the bad guys. He might die trying, and even if he doesn’t, he’ll be content serving his queen or whoever else when it’s all over.

The value and logic are there with Snow, but I’m not buying it.

You can also consider Sansa Stark, The Night King, and Tyrion Lannister before making your bets final.

Sansa has already stated claim to her own land, and there is a together to form quite the formidable duo.

A Stark and a Lannister teaming up does feel like a reach, but both of these characters have displayed strong leadership qualities and have made big political moves throughout their story arcs.

The most impressive has always been Tyrion, but he faces much more resistance. Not only has he burned bridges with his siblings in the past, but he also technically deceived his current queen.

Tyrion is fit to rule, and he offers killer odds, but I fear he might not make it to the end due to the amount of baggage weighing him down.

Sansa is in play here, and Tyrion is right there with her, but a fun flier bet is The Night King.

Nobody says that the Westeros ruler has to do so in a conventional sense.

We still don’t know the true motivations of The Night King or his undead brethren, but if he’s marching toward Westeros, it’s logical that he’ll stop there when he’s finished.

I still think it’s a reach, but he seems rather unstoppable, and his army grows with each passing death. At +1000, he’s someone to consider.

In fact, as I’ve detailed, there are many people to consider.

For me, all roads lead back to Daenerys.

Often, when I look at a show, I try to gauge how it could unfold by assessing who or what this story is really all about.

When watching The Walking Dead, a lot of people assumed it was about Carl Grimes. That isn’t the case, so now the focus is on whether it’s about Negan, Rick Grimes, or someone else.

Things can change at any point, but Game of Thrones is coming to an end. The show doesn’t need to get cute, turn to gimmicks, or fake out the audience just for the sake of shock and awe.

The story is the story, and the ending is the ending.

Everyone has been through the mud in this show, but I don’t think anyone has had it quite as bad as Daenerys.

She’s fought off rape, slavery, brutality in every sense of the word, and managed to win over the hearts of thousands and learned how to rule on the fly.

Perhaps it’s a long con by Game of Thrones creators, and she’s just a cheap distraction for the real ruler of Westeros. Maybe, but she looks and sounds like a ruler to me.

Assuming she doesn’t turn on Jon Snow after finding out they’re related (and he doesn’t suddenly want the throne), I would be relatively shocked (and disappointed) if it’s not her on the throne at the end.

Snow is the true heir, but I don’t think he wants to rule, and he could die well before it becomes an issue. One way or another, a Targaryen is destined to take back what is theirs, and at +200, Khaleesi isn’t a bad bet.

My top pick remains Daenerys, but if you want elite value, consider Gendry (+7500).

PICKDaenerys Targaryen+200

While this entertainment prop bet is going to own our souls for the next year (or until the show ends), it’s not the only one you can take a crack at in June.

Even better, there are some novelty prop bets out there that will deliver a winner in the near future. Instead of laying money down on just this Westeros wager and waiting a year to see if you win, consider these other props in June.

Will the XFL Fold Before 2021?

I’m not sure what the significance of releasing this prop bet now is, considering the XFL doesn’t even start back up until 2020.

Still, Bovada wonders if the new professional football league will have a longer shelf life than it did the first time around.

The specific bet is whether the league will exist beyond July 4th, 2021.


Sadly, this is a valid question after Vince McMahon’s baby couldn’t last a full year back in 2001.

While history and value nudge me to take a shot at some upside here, I have to think the XFL executives are smarter the second time around.


KSI vs. Logan Paul – Celebrity Boxing

No, .

This is a far cry from true “celebrity” boxing in my opinion, but YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul will go at it later this summer, and you can bet on who wins.

Logan Paul+160

Normally I’m all for chasing the value and riding a fun upset, but KSI already did this once and took down Joe Weller in a similar event.

Few people would mind Paul getting smashed in this event, while KSI seems equipped to carry that out. He isn’t where the money resides, but he seems to be the smarter bet.


The Next James Bond

This bet has been around for what seems like forever, but due to a lack of entertainment betting opportunities, I thought I’d give it a fresh look.

Tom Hardy continues to lead the way regarding odds for the next James Bond (+180), and he leads a select few that seem willing and able to knock the role out of the park.

The list of James Bond hopefuls is long, but here are the top contenders, per My Bookie:

Tom Hardy+180
James Norton+230
Cillian Murphy+400
Jack Huston+600
Aidan Turner+650
Idris Elba+700
Tom Hiddleston+900
Henry Cavill+2000

Personally, I’d like to see something new with this role. Perhaps someone that isn’t white (Elba or someone else) or someone that isn’t a dude could be a nice pivot away from what we’ve seen for years with the James Bond franchise.

As things stand, I’m torn between Cavill and Hardy.

Cavill has everything you need to go back to a tall, dark version of James Bond, and he’s said in the past not only that , but also that he’d like to bring a “classic” spin back to the character.

I think Cavill is fully capable, and at +2000, he’s among the funnest flier bets (of which there are many at My Bookie).

The odds, star power, acting prowess, and momentum all do favor Hardy, however.

Hardy is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and he’s been no stranger to challenging roles or major blockbusters.

He’s been Bane, Mad Max, and he’s now taking on Venom. What’s stopping him from taking the torch from Daniel Craig and offering his spin on one of the most celebrated cinematic characters ever?

Not much, and at +180, you’re still getting better than even money for the obvious favorite.

PICKTom Hardy+180


The list isn’t long if you’re looking for fun entertainment prop bets, but with the summer now in full swing, that should change in the near future.

Hopefully you can enjoy (and profit from) some of these bets already discussed here. Either way, be sure to keep an eye out for more props involving TV shows, movies, and celebrity events!

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