Who Will Replace Henry Cavill as Superman? – Betting Odds and Free Pick

By Noah Davis
Published on September 22, 2018
Superman Logo Tyler Hoechlin Garrett Hedlund Ben Affleck and Will Smith

It’s been no secret that DC’s answer to Marvel’s long line of hits on the big screen has been, well, misguided.

While the attempts have meant well, failures such as Suicide Squad and Justice League have left comic book fans wanting more and some even demanding a total reboot.

In some capacity, it’s quite likely fans get their wish.

That’s at least possible on the Superman front, as news broke this past weekend that playing the last son of Krypton.

Scheduling conflicts both with Cavill’s upcoming projects and the studio’s plans for future films have had the two sides going their separate ways.

Except, maybe it didn’t.

As it turns out, there simply isn’t a fresh Superman project in the works, and it’s still highly possible that Cavill will remain as the title character. He recently , suggesting he’s still very much part of DC’s Superman plans going forward.

And I officially have no clue what to believe here.

All odds that are referenced in this article were taken from on 9/17/2018. These odds may have changed since the time of this writing.

Next Superman Odds

All I do know is that and other entertainment betting sites have embraced the idea that Cavill may not be playing Superman when the next Superman film comes out.

While Cavill may be planning on playing this role again, things change, and studios kill/reboot projects all the time.

Should the studio delay production for any movie featuring Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman character, it remains possible that we really have seen the last of him in the blue and red.

Again, nobody can know for sure, so taking a look at the next Superman odds over at MyBookie could be worth your time. Here are the latest odds for who could play Superman.

Tyler Hoechlin+125
Michael B. Jordan+150
Armie Hammer+300
Garrett Hedlund+400
Idris Elba+650
Wes Bentley+650
Oscar Isaac+750
Taron Egerton+800
Ryan Gosling+1500
Benjamin Walker+2200
The Rock+2500
Mark Wahlberg+3000
Chris Evans+4000
Nicolas Cage+5000
Ben Affleck+5000
Will Smith+10000
The Field+750

Of everyone on this list, Michael B. Jordan is the main actor that has gained traction. He’s a huge star and was a key character in Black Panther, so some are speculating that he could cross over from Marvel and give us the first black Superman.

If that’s an option, then Idris Elba (+650) is also on the list, and I don’t see why we should stop there.

That would obviously be off-script according to the historic comic.

Even aside from changing Superman’s race, though, this list is a bit odd. I just don’t see guys like Gosling, Wahlberg, The Rock, Oscar Isaac, or Taron Egerton – as big of stars as they may be – being ideal fits to don the red cape.

Henry Cavill is said to be a bit stiff, even boring, and less than humorous in this role. I see those points as valid in some light, but when he first signed on to do Man of Steel, he was actually the perfect casting.

That origin film was dark and as realistic as possible while not deviating much from the source material. Once the story shifted to Superman v Batman and the Justice League film, Cavill’s hold on the character got lost in the shuffle.

If Cavill does have to go, he needs to be replaced with someone who has a similar demeanor but perhaps has a little more give. Again, I really thought he was/is a great Superman, and I’m not sure he could play the role that much better.

Wes Bentley sure would inject some personality into the role, though. He’s older and not as hulking as Cavill, but he has the look Hollywood probably wants, and he has the tongue to give Superman some real spunk.

I’m sure that’s why guys like Gosling, The Rock, Wahlberg, and Edgerton are given odds here.

Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman in the Supergirl television series, so I can see why he has such strong odds. I’m not a fan of his high-level ability as it translates to the big screen, however.

Armie Hammer wouldn’t be a bad choice, but I have him pegged more as a Green Lantern solution. He’s an option here as well and priced nicely at +300, however.

Much of this list consists of hilarious options, though. Thoughts of Nicolas Cage finally getting his crack at sliding on the blue leotard .

We can’t wish that kind of horror upon the world. We just can’t.

Ultimately, I see a select few realistic options here and am hard-pressed to come to grips with one of two realities: Cavill isn’t giving up this role yet, or My Bookie hasn’t found his successor.

That has me really into the “Field” bet at a crisp +750.

Obviously, the value is through the roof, but the options given here just aren’t very good.

More importantly, there are a bunch of viable alternatives that can be filed under the “field” bet, and if just one of them strikes – or literally anyone not listed with odds right now at – you’d win.

Looking Outside the Top Contenders

Here are a few names I would have listed but could return elite betting value for you via the “Field” wager.

  • Jamie Dornan
  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Richard Madden
  • Matt Bomer

Quite frankly, all of these guys would be better options than the ones already handed odds.

But it’s not about my opinion or even being right. It’s about giving yourself outs and not betting on a bad option with weak odds.

Summary and Pick

Remember, it’s still quite possible this is all a waste of time. Henry Cavill plays a pretty darn good Superman, and if DC can keep him, they probably should try to.

Cavill isn’t listed as an option at MyBookie, though, so really, you’re just aiming high here and betting on someone other than Cavill taking the baton.

Ultimately, I probably wouldn’t actually put any money down on this wager. I don’t think Cavill is done with Superman just yet, and while I may be in the minority here, I think he’s done a good job with the role.

Still, these types of wagers can be fun, and betting isn’t about playing it safe.

I don’t love the options that have odds at My Bookie right now, though. I think there is a very real possibility that if Cavill for sure drops out in the not too distant future, there will be a lot of rumors with far more realistic names floating around.

Regardless of who they end up being, I’m not thinking they’re names you’re already looking at – at least not ones you can bet on. That could mean it ends up being someone off of my small list, someone I’m not thinking of, or a complete unknown.

Or, like I said, it could mean nothing at all and Cavill just comes back to keep crushing this role.

If you want to bet, though, I’d keep your options open and aim high at the same time with the “Field” wager.

Who Will Replace Henry Cavill as Superman? - Betting Odds and Free Pick
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Who Will Replace Henry Cavill as Superman? - Betting Odds and Free Pick
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