How Virtual Reality Brings the Casino Experience to You

By Chris Blain
Published on January 09, 2018
Casino and Woman Virtual Reality Gambling

As you watch the cards getting shuffled, you begin to feel tense due to the large bet of chips sitting before you on the table. As you make eye contact with the beautiful dealer, you slowly exhale, attempting to calm yourself as the cards are dealt.

One after another, the cards are dealt out to the five players at the table, and as you begin to look down, you can hear another patron groan as they peek at their hand. You notice that they have a six of clubs showing and recognize their dismay immediately.

Looking down at your hand, you smile to yourself because an ace of spades is greeting you from the top, and slowly you move your trembling hand to peek at your other card. Hope fills your head as you begin to take the slightest of looks, and yes, you have that jack of spades you so desperately wanted.

Blackjack! You’re filled with excitement as your bet is immediately cashed out and the funds you were once so nervous about losing are safely in your pocket, with a tidy profit to boot. It is time to exit the table, and you remove yourself from the situation, having succeeded in your casino journey.

Slowly, you remove the VR goggles from your head and let the euphoria of your victory wash over you as you head to the fridge to grab a refreshing beverage. It has been a glorious day at the casino, and you haven’t even needed to leave the comforts of home.

Today you will learn about the glorious world of virtual reality casinos and how they will provide you with the experiences you crave while helping you to avoid the ones you don’t. If you are involved in the online gambling scene, you might have found your new favorite destination: the VR casino!

The Wonders of Virtual Reality

The world is a vast place, and yet seems to have become so much smaller with the addition of different communication technologies that only seem to grow more sophisticated every year. One of those critical pieces of technology that will have a considerable impact on our lives is that of virtual reality.

Are you even surprised that people are excited to embrace life in the virtual world, rather than going out there and doing it themselves? The fact is that we all seek experiences, and sometimes they are just as fulfilling in a virtual environment as in a real one, because we can filter out the negatives.

People make trips and vacations to gambling destinations like Las Vegas with the primary goal of getting to the tables for some quality betting time.

What, exactly, are they getting from placing those wagers on the casino floors?

Maybe you want that free cocktail, so you feel like you are getting something for nothing. If not the drink, perhaps you want to be surrounded by other visitors to egg you on when you know you should stop playing. Both of those situations sound great, but hardly seem worth making a trip for.

In reality, Las Vegas and other gambling destinations have so much more to offer than just a place to make some wagers. If your primary intention is only to place bets, you might find a better atmosphere in your own home.

All of the most exquisite luxuries and preferred drinks can be right at your fingertips, rather than you having to make a journey. After all, what you are paying for is that gambling experience, and the virtual world may provide you with a better one than a physical casino ever could.

What Exactly Is a VR Casino?

A virtual reality casino is a 3D environment that exists within the digital world where you can enjoy all of the luxuries of gambling on the casino floor without the drawbacks. You know, like having to go there in person and deal with other people.

That may sound silly, because after all, isn’t going to that physical location and dealing with the other people all part of the experience? By all means, go for the brick-and-mortar if you enjoy rude people, old ladies pushing past you, the smell of smoke, and all the other fun that goes with it.

I, however, think that the online environment may be a bit more to my liking, because I can avoid, well, all of the negatives.

Virtual reality casinos provide their customers with what most gambling websites do, whatever your game of choice is, and whether slots or table-based.

There is a slight difference that they offer that your standard site can’t provide, because you are not just going to place your bets; you are embarking on an entirely new experience like no other. By donning a virtual reality headset, you can transport yourself from the confines of your home to a digital world.

There, you will experience gambling in a way you never have before, because you aren’t just playing the game; you are living it. You will observe the games in the first person just like you would if you were walking around the casino floor itself, without enduring the parts you prefer to avoid.

You can play by yourself or with others, communicate with fellow players at the table, have an interactive live dealer, and so many other options that will make it an experience like no other. There is a reason why so many people prefer online gambling, and VR casinos are the next step in that evolution.

Enjoy Convenience and Avoid the Nuisances

You know that fantastic moment when you want to place a bet, and you see that full table you want to play at? As you slowly edge over, you hear the crowd cheering enthusiastically as one winning hand after another gets dealt.

Unfortunately, all the spots remain filled, and you must wait your turn for a seat to open. So you patiently wait until finally a place has become available, and you make your way over to take it. Suddenly, you feel the momentum pushing you out of the way as an old lady shoves past you and takes the seat.

Oops, did I say fantastic moment? That was my mistake, because I meant awful, since annoyance is the typical situation that you will find yourself in when dealing with the casino floor. We like to remember the good times when we win our bets, and we forget those aggravating experiences.

When you are winning money, you are going to be in high spirits and have a different perception of the casino floor experience than if you had lost big. That doesn’t change the dynamics of people and variables of annoyances that you will find all around you.

In most cases, casino floors are surrounded by shopping, excellent cuisine, clubs, and so many other exciting entertainment options that you almost forget why you were there. Oh yeah, to place a bet. I must have gotten distracted by all the shiny things that I lost the train of thought.

That happens quite often, and you might be mentally ready to go, but all the distractions can knock you off your game. From navigating through clouds of tobacco smoke, to grumpy patrons, the casino floor provides many annoying obstacles that stand between you and your gambling goal.

Unless, that is, you are in a virtual casino where you can avoid all of those troublesome annoyances and get straight to having fun. No parking, no travel fees, no room costs, no waiting for spots at tables, no navigating through crowds, no disgusting smells or grumpy people.

Virtual casinos are genuinely the destination experience that so many people in the gambling scene have been seeking. Now, bettors from all over the world can just head into the gambling scene without the annoyances of the casino floors and at a fraction of the cost.

The Tactical Advantages of VR

Let’s face it; brick-and-mortar casinos have great entertainment options available that cannot be replicated in an online environment. Gambling is not one of them, because when it is time to do some betting business, the online world seems a far better office to work from.

The tactical aspect that the online environment provides within the gambling scene for casual players cannot be denied, because it makes for a more evenly matched playing field. That is especially true in games like poker where professionals can read others like a book.

Another huge benefit that online betting provides is the ability to walk away with your winnings, because in a land-based casino, you can get surrounded by a peanut gallery that’s egging you to play more. With VR, you know that you can play anytime you want, so the mental compulsion to keep going isn’t as high as at the physical locations.

However, we cannot ignore the criticisms that the online environment provides, because there is a slight disconnect when it comes to playing from behind a screen and playing at the table.

Gambling is a mental practice, and playing online can sometimes be treated like a video game.

You may be playing the game, but on autopilot in a zoned-out state, going through the motions and not reading the situation right in front of you. That is where the VR casino experience comes into effect to offer a whole new tactical advantage to the online environment.

The whole concept of virtual reality is to take you into a digital world and put you directly into the moment, where you can have an experience like no other. At that moment, you can focus on everything at hand and have a far greater ability to read the situation.

Now, a player will not only have the benefit of the online gambling environment, but they will also be within the moment itself. The online gambling scene is on the right track with the addition of VR into their tactics, because as that technology evolves, so to must the other entertainment industries.


The virtual reality world appears to be growing within the online gambling industry with what it can offer. From convenience to tactical advantages, the VR environment seems to add a lot when it comes to the overall experience online bettors can hope to find.

What people need to remember is that technology will continue to evolve and adapt, which could indicate the need to stay up to date with what is going on in the gambling scene. Virtual reality technology appears to be the next step in the evolution of multiple forms of entertainment.

It would be wise for those who are involved in the betting scenes to understand the technology that surrounds them, because they may need to embrace it if they wish to stay competitive. Only time can tell what will develop in the market, but as far as VR technology goes, we are looking at a bright future.

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