US Casino Online Payouts: August 2016 Update

By Kody Miller
Published on September 01, 2016
Payout Report Overview

With the month of August now officially in the books, it’s time once again to look back at the month that was when it comes to some of the top gambling sites and their payout success. We scour the online gambling scene to see what payout methods are the best, both in terms of speed and success.

In addition, each online gambling site we take a look at gets graded, with a quick glance at the most recent month, as well as the month prior. Going into that grade is the site’s recent payout speed and success, as well as any other issues – the biggest of which can be customer complaints or stalled/failed payouts.

The gambling sites we usually list have a great history of putting forth a top notch product and offering a plethora of gaming and payout options. They’ve also all done well to complete any past complaints and also are among the best payouts in the world. Let’s see which sites are on tap for August and grade them based on how they did this past month:

BetOnline Logo


July Grade: A August Grade: A+

One of the elite sportsbooks going today, BetOnline has a ton to offer, both in regards to payment processing and customer experience. The site offers a litany of payment and withdrawal methods and is routinely regarded as one of the most secure gambling sites to use online.

BetOnline, being an extremely popular online sportsbook, naturally allows users to place sports bets ranging from a wide variety, and also offers online casinos and poker games.

“We’ll get you your money faster than anyone else”
  • BetOnline continues to be one of the top sites on our list, as they offer a diverse set of payout options and also are still meeting high speeds.
  • It feels like a broken record, but Bitcoin is the way to go here (as is the case on most sites). Just brace for a small fee, which isn’t necessarily the case on some other websites.
  • Most recent forum findings suggest payout speeds are good, with the preferred method being Bitcoin.
  • BetOnline does have a few unresolves issues per that have not been updated by the users, but there are no other signs of any failure to pay or poor payout speeds. By all accounts, BetOnline continues to pay their users successfully and at excellent speeds.

Bovada Logo


July Grade: B+ August Grade: A
Bovada is one of the more popular online gambling sites to be found on the web, as they offer a wide range of sports betting opportunities and are one of the more trusted poker sites online. Users can log on to throw down cash on a big sports bet, or download the poker system and hit the tables. Bovada is known well for their payouts – both for speed and success. They continue to be among the most trustworthy betting websites.
“Raise Your Game”
  • Losing poker is a big bummer, as a ton of Bovada users loved their poker rooms and now will have to play elsewhere.
  • Despite the bad news, payouts have been great at Bovada, with checks taking a week or two, tops
    We touched on the fact that Visa Fast Funds wasn’t doing so great in terms of speed and success, and we don’t recommend it going forward.
  • Bitcoin is really the staple right now, especially at Bovada, and for numerous reasons. Withdrawals can often be completed in one day, there is a nice max (+$9,500) you can take out – and best yet – there isn’t a charge.
  • For users looking to move or withdraw their funds due to the Poker switch, Bovada has been very open about the entire process. There has been a ton of chatter involving payouts over at the Two Plus Two forums. The feedback has been largely positive, with users successfully transferring or withdrawing their cash via check, wire transfer and Bitcoin.
  • Bovada remains one of the fastest, most reliable and transparent betting sites around, but losing the poker room is understandably disappointing. Logo

July Grade: B+ August Grade: A

If you’re looking for a new sportsbook you can trust, isn’t a bad place to start. Without a doubt one of the top sportsbooks around, Bookmaker has made their name with stellar service, an excellent website and speedy payments for the past 30 years.

Bookmaker isn’t just about longevity or trend-setting, however, as they also offer an eclectic gaming base, allowing their customers to place bets on a variety of sports, as well as dive into online casinos and poker rooms. In addition, Bookmaker continues to offer severe discounts on initial deposits and has one of the best histories you’ll find from a gambling site online:

“Where the Line Originates”
  • Pretty much any online betting site that allows Bitcoin knows what they’re doing these days, and that’s the case over at Bookmaker. Bitcoin payouts are going through in roughly a day, so there doesn’t seem to be a real need to use any other withdrawal method.
  • That being said, online bettors love their options, so you can also consider cash transfers and debit cards. Moneygrams are taking a good deal of time, however (about two weeks) and checks aren’t much faster (1-2 weeks). Debit cards also should take about two weeks to fully process at Bookmaker.
  • One of the oldest and more reliable sportsbooks, Bookmaker has successfully adapted to its user base by offering Bitcoin withdrawals and making sure their customers are satisfied with fairly speedy payouts.
  • The payout speed isn’t always going to be lightning fast over at, but this is a very reliable betting site. We haven’t come across any unresolved cases or glaring complaints, which gives Bookmaker a solid boost over a very strong August. Logo

July Grade: B+ August Grade: A is still quite fresh to the online casino realm, having only just started taking bets in 2013. Despite its youth, still has loads to offer, starting with a plethora of card and lot games, as well as killer payouts, bonuses and promotions.

The only real complaints at tend to deal with some games that lag or insane bonuses that feel to be out of reach. The games rarely disappoint and there have been few issues with processing payouts safely and quickly, however.

“Fastest Payouts in North America!”
  • The good reviews keep coming for, as users have nothing but great things to say over the past summer in regards to the site’s games and payout reliability.
  • Users have experienced very fast payouts – mostly with Bitcoin – and can expect to get their cash within a week with most methods.
  • We did see some complaints and issues earlier in the summer at, but upon further review many of the complaints have been about the bonuses or users being unable to win.
    Like most sites, Bitcoin is the preferred withdrawal method at, but you can also try checks, which can take about a week.
  • It’d be nice for a bigger variety of payout methods, but Bitcoin and checks work just fine, so it hasn’t been a huge problem.
  • On top of stepping up with faster payouts, their games are second to none. We continue to grade them highly, with the site getting a solid boost in the month of August.

Las Vegas USA Logo

Las Vegas USA

July Grade: B- August Grade: B-

Las Vegas USA is another fantastic online casino, as they’re powered by a fantastic platform and welcome U.S. players with a thrilling (and safe) experience. Las Vegas USA also brings huge bonuses to the table for new players and strives to go out of its way to assist users with any issues via customer support. That elite customer service hasn’t completely killed some inconsistent payout speeds, but they do their best to resolve any standing issues.

“Join the excitement”
  • Las Vegas USA’s main issue has been some complaints with slow payouts. That by itself isn’t going to help their August grade, but the reviews we see online are otherwise either rather positive or flat out glowing.
  • While there have been some delays and payout issues in the past, the most recent one over at has been resolved.
  • It seems so far that bank transfers aren’t worth trying and are certainly not the preferred method of withdrawal at Las Vegas USA.
  • The best current method on Las Vegas USA seems to be e-wallets. When they’re coming out fast users can get their money in a week or less. However, Las Vegas Casino has had ongoing issues with payment delays, so you should anticipate your withdrawal taking a little longer than they quote on the site.
  • While the payout speeds aren’t what we’d hoped, it’s good that the recent complaint was resolved.
    The payout speeds and even the withdrawal methods are not the best at Las Vegas USA, but this is still a great site to play on when it comes to game versatility and bonuses. It’s also nice to know that even with slow payouts, Las Vegas USA seems to have a good history of eventually getting customers their money.

Planet 7 Casino Logo

Planet 7

July Grade: B- June Grade: B-

Planet 7 is the toughest online casino to grasp on this list, simply because they have such an awesome array of slick games, but have had a checkered payout history. While there have been numerous complaints through the years, few users have had problems with the actual games themselves and most complaints end up getting resolved, thanks to a hard-working and dedicated Planet 7 crew.

Plant 7 still has some work to do with staying on top of big payouts, but they’ve gotten better and continue to be near the top of the list when it comes to gaming atmosphere and versatility.

“Your source for the best Vegas online casino action”
  • Last we saw Planet 7, in July, they successfully closed out every single customer complaint over at The slow payouts have always been noted, but it’s really nice to see Planet 7 not only engaging with disgruntled users, but making sure everyone that has issues is getting paid.
  • The same trend trickled into August, as . Several users noted the awesome games and interface over at Planet 7, but the payout speeds have simply not been ideal.
    Check seems to be the way to go still – especially for U.S. customers – but if you can just brace for a slower payout, you should enjoy the overall experience Planet 7 has to offer.
  • We don’t love the complaints or the slow payout speeds, but Planet 7 continues to offer a great product and from what we’ve seen, does a good job at addressing issues and making sure payments do eventually get processed.
  • Planet 7’s excellent games and commitment to getting their customers paid gives them a nice boost in August.

RealBet Logo


July Grade: B- August Grade: C+

RealBet is still quite young, having gone live only in 2015, but has quickly garnered praise and trust in the online gambling community. RealBet brings supreme versatility to the table, offering online sports betting, a casino and unique mobile capabilities.

Real Bet also raises the bar with one of the freshest interfaces on the web, along with quality gaming and some of the best customer support you will find. Their best asset, of course, may be their outstanding payout results, as they’ve consistently produced some of the fastest payments. They do have some payout options that sap users with extra fees, but they do provide one free payout per month and typically receive fantastic feedback.

  • RealBet arguably continues to be held back a bit due to it still being a fledgling online betting site, but recent user complaints don’t help matters, either.
  • The good news is RealBet has been very much on top of any user complaints that have been out in the public eye. Some issues on have yet to be updated, but a customer complaint over at was addressed immediately earlier this summer.
  • The only current complaint we’ve seen comes from, where a user’s payout has been in delay since late July. RealBet has already addressed the issue and has acknowledged there are some payout delays.
  • In addition to their recent payout delays, RealBet could stand to improve their payout method options. They take a dip in August from us, but hopefully they’ll get things back on track before September’s payout report.
  • RealBet also claimed they do have delays from time to time, but they have never missed a payout.
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