Top Tips for Choosing a Bitcoin Casino Online – How to Find the Best Sites

By Jerry Summer
Published on September 25, 2018
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One of the many industries that embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the world of online gambling. The new technology brings many advantages to the table. You enjoy fast payments, low fees, and stay anonymous.

As a result, plenty of online gambling sites have adopted Bitcoin. You can play poker, casino games, bet on sports, or pick one of the many other services that work with the cryptocurrency. Gambling with Bitcoin is rapidly increasing in popularity, and I for one am not surprised.

Of course, some of the operators in the markets are better than others. In this post, I will go through some of the tips you should follow when choosing a Bitcoin gambling site. They will help you find the best match on the market.

Why Gamble with Bitcoin?

Before I actually proceed with some useful tips, let’s take a quick look at the main reasons why Bitcoin is so good when it comes to online gambling.

  • Anonymous – There are plenty of Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks that actually allow you to be anonymous. This means all restrictions by the local laws, such as those in the USA, are hard to enforce
  • Low Fees – Most Bitcoin transactions come with low and no fees at all which allows the online gambling operators to invest more in promotions and better odds
  • Speed – Both deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin are almost instant. The advantage of the cryptocurrency over traditional payment options is evident when you cash out
  • No Taxes – Even if your country requires you to pay taxes on online gambling winnings, you can go around that if you decide to go for Bitcoin as a payment option
  • Bigger Promos – You can find some Bitcoin bonuses and promotions that are much bigger compared to what old-school gambling operators have to offer
  • Decentralized – Unlike other currencies, Bitcoin has no central authority that makes the decisions. Everything is transparent and available in the blockchain
  • Provably Fair – Another advantage of the technology is that it allows developers to create provably fair games. This solution helps the user verify that the random number generator behind each product is genuinely random

If you want to learn more about that last point, our provably fair guide will certainly help. We also expand on all the above points and more in our page on the pros and cons of using Bitcoin.

Now that I’ve explained some of the reasons for using Bitcoin to gamble with, let’s move on to choosing which site(s) to use.

Hybrid or Bitcoin-Only?

The first thing you need to do is determine what form of gambling you’re interested in. Casino games, poker, sports betting, or something else? Or maybe a combination of everything.

Once you’re done with that, it’s time for the next decision. Which TYPE of Bitcoin gambling site should you use?

There are two broad types of online gambling sites that support Bitcoin. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Your decision of what to pick should be based on your needs and priorities.

Here are details on what to expect from each type.

Hybrid Bitcoin Casino Onlines

The first group consists of the so-called hybrid sites. These usually are traditional gambling operators that decided to integrate Bitcoin alongside traditional payment options. They can accept the cryptocurrency directly or through some other provider.

The main advantage of such sites is that they usually have a polished service and experience in the market.

Hybrid sites have typically been around for a while already and simply added Bitcoin to their portfolio at some point.

For example, you can find casinos that support both the cryptocurrency and games by popular operators such as Microgaming or NetEnt. Also, the option to use a more traditional payment provider like credit cards, wire transfers, or e-wallets might come handy at some point.

Another plus is the regulation. A hybrid operator is more likely to have a proper gambling license from a respected authority. However, it won’t provide you with provably fair games.

There are other downsides. If you decide to go for a hybrid operator, you won’t benefit from some of the main advantages of Bitcoin.

For a start, you will most likely be required to open a registration and fill in personal information about yourself. As a result, you won’t be anonymous anymore. This means that players from countries like the USA and other places where online gambling is restricted can’t go for hybrids. Also, you might have tax issues if you go this route.

Bitcoin-Only Casino Onlines

The other group of gambling operators is purely Bitcoin- or crypto-based. They are usually newer and work only with cryptocurrencies, and BTC is the main option. You won’t find other payment providers like Visa, Skrill, or PayPal.

The leading benefit of such gambling websites is that you stay anonymous and use all the perks of Bitcoin. One of them is the provably fair technology. It gives you the means to check each game yourself, instead of relying on various gambling commissions and other external regulators.

However, the quality of Bitcoin-only products is usually a bit behind the hybrid operators. They haven’t been around for as long, so they’re not as experienced in terms of delivering a top-quality service.

It should be noted that the gap in quality between Bitcoin-only sites and hybrid sites is closing all the time.

If you still can’t decide which type of Bitcoin gambling operator is for you, you should probably check our recommendations for gambling sites accepting Bitcoin.

Reputation and Regulation

This is a general rule when it comes to online gambling, and Bitcoin sites are not an exception. You should be careful, as there are harmful companies that will try to scam you out there. Unfortunately, this probably won’t change anytime soon.

You should stick only to operators with a solid reputation and a license from a respected gambling commission. The best in the business are located in the United Kingdom and Malta, but not many Bitcoin-only sites are licensed there.

If you decide to go for Bitcoin-only websites, you will rarely find platforms licensed by the best commissions out there. Still, there are other options like Curacao and Kahnawake.

At least SOME kind of license is a must, and you should definitely avoid unlicensed sites.

The good news is that many crypto gambling operators will provide open-source and provably fair products. This is a good testimony to the fairness of the games they offer.

Quality of the Product

The next important factor should be the quality of the Bitcoin gambling platform you pick.

There are some operators that provide products that don’t really belong in 2018. They might have poor graphics, for example, or endless loading times. These kinds of issues can really spoil the whole online gambling experience.

Fortunately, there are plenty of poker rooms, casinos, and sportsbooks that work with Bitcoin and actually offer solid quality.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are tons of online gambling operators out there. Even if you remove those that don’t work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the list is still very long. As a result, the competition for customers between the different websites is fierce.

This works well for the players, as there are many benefits. One of the best among them is the abundance of bonuses and promotions that provide extra value.

The minimum you should expect from your Bitcoin gambling provider is a large welcome bonus and a rewarding VIP program for regular customers.

If a gambling site doesn’t offer much in the way of bonuses and rewards, there needs to be lots of other benefits to make up for that. Even then, you’ll probably be able to get most of those benefits AND the bonuses and rewards at some sites.

The difference between winning and losing in the long run may easily depend on the promotions you have access to. This is why it is bordering on essential to pick a Bitcoin gambling site that provides plenty of added value.

Other Important Aspects

If you’ve gotten through the tips so far, you should already have a good idea what to look for. However, there are other aspects of each Bitcoin gambling platform you should probably consider.

Customer Support

It’s possible that you might need help at some point. This is why the Bitcoin casino or bookmaker you picked should have a reliable customer support service.

Ideally, there will be a live chat feature or another way to contact the staff in real time.

Withdrawals Pending Period

While the Bitcoin transactions are very fast, not all gambling operators will send you the money instantly. In fact, most of them have a pending period for each withdrawal for security reasons.

Something like 12 or 24 hours is perfectly acceptable. However, you shouldn’t have to wait for a couple of days or even more.

Mobile Version

The good news is that most Bitcoin gambling sites offer a solid mobile version. However, some are better than others.

If you intend to play on the go, you’d better check the mobile compatibility of the operator.


This one applies specifically to Bitcoin poker rooms and betting exchanges. The concept behind such products requires at least some traffic to work. Make sure you are joining a platform that has the bare minimum covered.

The operators on our list of recommended Bitcoin gambling sites easily provide a reliable service that ticks all or at least most of the boxes.

Final Words

The Bitcoin gambling industry is developing rapidly. You can already find plenty of reliable options, and the variety is only getting better.On top of that, the possibilities of the blockchain as a technology are endless.

Now is a great time to join the party and take advantage of the power of Bitcoin. And in fact, it’s not JUST Bitcoin you should be looking into for the purposes of online gambling. There are some gambling sites that accept other forms of cryptocurrency, too.

If you prefer Ethereum, Litecoin, or some other crypto to Bitcoin, be sure to check out our recommended list of cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Top Tips for Choosing a Bitcoin Casino Online - How to Find the Best Sites
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Top Tips for Choosing a Bitcoin Casino Online - How to Find the Best Sites
There are plenty of gambling sites that work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you want to find the one that suits you best, these tips can help.
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