Why You Should Start Betting On Esports Right Now

By Jackie Shelton
Published on December 27, 2017
Esports Team Hand With Money

Trends are an everyday part of our lives. Things come and go, as do the generations of people that have lived on this planet for centuries. The present trend is the web, where the American dream is now located.

There are many ways to make your fortune. However, there is not one that matches the current esports betting scenario. But why? Why should you take my word for it? Aren’t I telling you to put your chances of making a fortune of video games?

It may sound absurd, but that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Now, before you leave, you don’t want to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are people out there cashing out as we speak, and if you want to become one of them, this article is perfect for you.

Why You Should Bet On Esports

Esports went from being a laughing stock in the media to an industry with a viewership that has gone into the millions. More than a hundred million people have watched live esport events throughout the years, and that number is only going up.

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship saw around 43 million viewers for their tournament, while . These numbers have beaten those of the NBA and NFL without much struggle.

With that being said, it’s evident that the number of people betting on esports has begun to rise. Esports has culminated into such a large community that people getting on their computers and phones just to place money on their favorite video game can be considered a commonality.

Esports has become such a popular industry that is has surpassed that of other sports organizations like the NBA, NFL, and the MLB. It’s on the rise, and with the rise of esports comes a larger fanbase dedicated to monetizing.

Esports is a virtual gold mine, and those smart enough to put their money on it could make a fortune.

Why Esports Over Other Sports?

Now, you may be wondering why  you shouldn’t just put your money on franchises like the NBA and NFL that have been around for dozens of years, if betting on sports is so profitable. While it may seem like a good idea, esports have made online betting easier and more affordable than betting on other sports.

If you were a serious bettor on the NFL or NBA, there would be a number of things required in order for you to become a proficient bettor in one of those areas. For one, being a serious bettor in the NBA would require you to watch the matches on some sort of television provider, meaning that you’d have to pay for the upper edge.

Not only this, but with the NBA being around for such a long time, the complexity of their system has made it hard for bettors to truly understand the full aspect of the game so that they can gain the upper hand when it comes to making the bet.

However, for esports, it’s a whole different playing field. With most esports being broadcasted through free internet streaming platforms like Twitch, the freedom to watch whatever esport you want has made it extremely popular, because you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite team compete.

Not only this, but the system that most esports use has become a rather easy and uniform method to follow. Most esports follow a regional and then international type of format, where regional teams compete against each other for a shot against their international opponents, where they can then win it all.

While this is a fresh system compared to most sport formats, it is also more simplistic. In the NBA and NFL, the sheer number of teams, combined with the back-to-back matches, makes it hard to track top performers as well as keep a good record on which teams you should bet on.

However, for most esports, it’s not uncommon for a team to only have around eight to twelve competitors. In League of Legends, the North American region only has ten competing teams, while in CS:GO, each region only has fourteen competing teams. Meanwhile, in the NBA, the organization has thirty competing teams, while the NFL has thirty-two.

Because of this, esports are much easier to track and watch, especially considering the flexibility brought by free streaming platforms like Twitch, which make it much easier to watch the esport you love without having to pay any money.

Why You Need to Start Online Betting Right Now

It’s no lie that the internet has grown far larger than anyone could have ever expected it to. It’s become an area of diversity for many seeds of opportunity, and one of them is online betting. Today, online betting has become one of the easiest things to sign up for.

Unlike betting in land-based locations, online betting is less rigorous, and you can get started right away.

Not only is the process more expedited, but you have the entire internet at your disposal. This brings other resources into play that were previously impossible to use.

Tips and Tricks for Online Betting

There are many tips and tricks to online betting, and knowing the best ones can be the difference between making ten bucks and making one thousand bucks. It all depends on where you put your money, and if you know what you’re doing with it.

Knowing Your Game

There is a wide variety of esports you can play. Some of the most popular are Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and Defense of the Ancients. All of these have become the subject of major online betting sites across the web.

In order to gain the upper hand when it comes to placing your money on an esport team, you first need to know your game and how it works. This includes knowing the aspects of the game, and what players do in order to win. I’ll be covering the tips and tricks you can use to help take your game to the next level.

Past Record

When betting on a team or an individual, you’ll want to know how they’ve performed in the past. If they’ve been a powerhouse that’s been dominating the game, they’re probably a good choice to bet on. Just remember: the higher the odds are, the lower the payout.

But what if you want to bet on the underdog? What if you want the big payout despite the low odds? Though it’s risky, sometimes it is worth considering. In this case, you’ll want to be careful with your money.

When betting on the underdog, you not only want to check their past record, but you also want to check every type of stat possible.

If it’s League of Legends, are they good at securing objectives? Can their individuals match up against the competition? And most importantly, what do the experts think of the team?

In the past, when Albus NoX Luna shocked audiences everywhere by dominating during the League of Legends World Championship, many thought it was just a coincidence. However, when the stats spoke, it was evident that there was good reason as to why Albus NoX Luna managed to take down so many top-tier teams.

Their early-game performance was some of the top throughout the Worlds stage, which aided them in taking down G2 Esports and Counter Logic Gaming. Most would’ve seen this victory as something of a surprise. However, those who saw the stats wouldn’t have been surprised.

At the time, G2 Esports and Counter Logic Gaming’s jungler had some of the poorest jungling pressure and early-game performances the world had ever seen. Because of this, their loss to Albus NoX Luna had already started as soon as the game was underway.

Making sure you can stay up to date with the stats is an important aspect to give yourself the upper edge. It not only lets you know how the team has been performing, but it also gives you a good idea of how the game is going to turn out.

Knowing the Players

Before you can bet on someone and entrust your money on how they do, you need to know who you’re betting on. The difference between betting on an upcoming novice and an experienced veteran can be huge in terms of which one can make you more money.

Knowing a player doesn’t mean knowing what their name is and where they were born.

Knowing a player means you know their playstyle, how they’ve performed in the past, and what their current status is.

If you’re betting on a Hearthstone player, you’ll want to know what types of decks they specialize in. If you’re betting on League of Legends, you’ll want to know how they play, what their main champions are, and what role they’re most proficient at.

It all comes down to the details. Without knowing the players on an almost intimate scale, you won’t be able to fully entrust your money to them. Would you give a stranger two hundred dollars and say, “Here, bring me back four hundred dollars, please, and thank you”?

No, I didn’t think so. At least, I hope you wouldn’t. Anyway, the point is that you want to trust them, because at the end of the day, knowing the player you’re putting your money on is more important than the stats they output.

If you know that a player or team performs much better against a specific opponent because you’ve watched this team over and over, then your chances of winning have sky-rocketed. Why? Because you know who you’re dealing with.

Knowing the Organizations

Knowing the organizations of a specific esport can be an advantage over other rival bettors. Due to most esports being cutthroat in terms of the system, most rookie teams rarely last long on the competitive scene.

There are some exceptions here and there. In 2016, the NA LCS saw Immortals rise to power for the League of Legends season, while in Europe, a new powerhouse had begun to dominate the EU LCS: G2 Esports.

An organization is the mastermind behind who runs the team. Organizations like Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, and Fnatic have been powerhouses in this area, controlling different esports and bringing out strong results for the bettors and fans alike.

An organization can be what makes a team proficient, or it can be what makes it a total failure.

A strong organization continuously recruits new players, manages funds for the team’s tournaments, and provides the resources needed for them to improve.

If there is not a strong organization, there is not a foundation for the team, thus leading to a weak team. When watching for a team, take a look at their organization. Most teams hold the same name as their organization. For instance, Cloud9’s teams are usually called Cloud9. However, Overwatch is one of the exceptions, where Cloud9’s team is instead named London Spitfire.

You’ll want an organization that is consistent with hiring staff, providing resources, and funding their team. Most long-time organizations like Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, and Fnatic have been around for so long because of their ability to keep their team.

If you want to bet on a rookie team in either CS:GO or League of Legends, check their organization. If they’re fairly new to the esport scene, then you’ll want to think twice before putting your money on them. If the organization has been around for a while but has just begun to devote time on this specific esport, then the team could potentially be a powerhouse.

The reason Team EnVyUs didn’t collapse within the first few weeks of its League of Legends debut was largely thanks to the organization’s previous experience with other esports. However, other organizations new to the scene at the time, like Echo Fox and Phoenix1, found themselves barely scraping by.

The organization is what feeds the team, what keeps it alive, and most importantly, what keeps it going. If you want a team that will really make you money in the long run, check who’s running it behind the curtains, because they’re crucial to the team’s survival.

Good Esports to Bet On

Now that we’ve covered tips and tricks for the esport bettings scene, let’s dive into some top-notch esports that deserve your attention. These esports all have been reputable for their large fanbase and popularity, making them top picks for your next betting fortune.


Counter Strike can be considered to be the originator of the esport betting scene. With the game being around for so long, there’s no speculation as to why I highly recommend you put this one at the top of your list.

CS:GO, which stands for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, is an extremely popular first-person shooter, which has accumulated a large dedicated fanbase since its arrival in 2012. Counter-Strike became one of the first esports to be betted on.

Dozens of sites opened solely for the purpose of betting on Counter-Strike’s gameplay. Because of this, many consider CS:GO to be the game that led esports to such popularity in the betting world. If you want a reliable game that you can continue to bet on for the coming months, choose CS:GO.

League of Legends

League of Legends has become the largest esport of the year, accumulating millions of viewers to its annual League of Legends World Championship. Because League of Legends has a fanbase that goes into the tens of millions, there’s no doubt that the betting scene is just as large.

Like CS:GO, League of Legends has made itself a formidable force for online betting websites. In fact, it’s gotten so large that people are willing to bet on everyday streamers when there is no League of Legends tournament in play.

League of Legends has grown to become the most viewed and most played video game in the world in the current day. With this comes a large betting audience to accompany it. The betting scene of League of Legends has high risks, but with it comes plentiful rewards.


Overwatch has been one of the most popular video games to release in the twenty-first century, largely thanks to the fresh face it gives to the first-person shooter genre. However, the anticipation of it becoming an official esport has become far more exciting than the game itself.

Overwatch’s fan base has reached the likes of CS:GO and League of Legends within only a year. Now, with the Overwatch League Season starting soon, you can expect millions of viewers to flock in to watch the first official season start.

If you want a fresh esport that has lots of potential in the near future, you’ll want to keep your eyes on Overwatch. They’ve already proven themselves to be one of the top video games, and even when Overwatch was only testing out the esport scene, they were bringing in more viewers than most esports.

This is an esport you’ll want to stay in touch with. It could be a gold mine, and the ones who know what they’re doing and get to it first could make a real fortune. The question is, though, will you be one of them?


Online betting has become one of the top choices for making money online, largely thanks to is simplicity and expedited process. You don’t need to go to a casino or the event itself. All you need to do is find a laptop with some type of internet service and you’ll be set.

It’s that simple. You can get started right away, and the best part is that online betting is still a fresh sight to most bettors. Most people don’t know what to do when it comes to online betting, but you’ll be the exception.

With the tips and tricks I’ve provided, as well as a recommendation of some of the most profitable esports out there right now, you’ll be in good hands. Online betting is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Go get started!

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