Sports Betting Tips: Soccer Accumulators

By Kory Walker
Published on November 29, 2014
Soccer Game

Over the coming weeks and months the team and I will be writing a number of blog posts containing some of our top gambling tips. We’ll be covering various forms of gambling, with a particular focus on sports betting and playing casino games.

In this post I’m going to give you some advice for placing soccer accumulators. This is largely inspired by the fact that William Hill is currently running a television advertising campaign, promoting their “accumulator insurance” offer. They’ve been running this offer for a while now, but they are really pushing it right now.

A lot of people I know are placing more accumulators because of this offer, mostly on soccer, so I decided it would be a good idea to share my top tips for bets of this type. Many betting experts will tell you that you shouldn’t bother with accumulators at all, but I actually don’t agree with this. Technically they are a “bad bet”, as they are so hard to get right, but they can be a lot of fun and it is possible to make a return from them if you are sensible.

Don’t Include Too Many Teams

The biggest mistake that most people make when betting soccer accumulators is including too many teams. You can potentially make greater returns when including a lot of teams, but your chances of winning decrease exponentially the more you add. In my opinion it is much better to keep the numbers low and have a realistic chance of winning than it is to try and go for a huge win.

Five or six is a good number of teams to include, as this provides the potential for a decent return on your money without making it almost impossible to win. I frequently place multiples with even fewer selections too. Bets with just three or four teams included are very possible to get right on a reasonably regular basis, and can still offer a respectable return.

If you really want to go for more teams, and chase the big payout, then please make sure you keep your stakes low. You are unlikely to win very often, if at all, so it’s just not worth risking too much.

Look for Value, Not Low Odds

A lot of people don’t actually pay too much attention to the selections they are including in their accumulators. They just look for the teams that have the lowest odds, working on the assumption that these are the teams that have the best chance of winning. While there is some degree of logic to this, it is really not the right way to go about things.

The teams with the lowest odds are the most likely to win, theoretically at least, but that doesn’t mean they always will. Upsets are fairly common in soccer and even teams that you would think are absolute bankers are likely to lose or draw at least a couple of their easier games. Every week there seems to be at least one “coupon buster”, where a big favorite fails to win.

Even if all your selections do win, you are unlikely to get a fantastic return if you have only included the teams with the lowest odds. The biggest favorites are usually very short priced, so the overall return won’t be huge even with the compound effect of accumulators.

When placing accumulators, just as when placing any other type of bet, the important thing is to find some value in your selections. You will almost certainly make more money in the long run if you put some real thought into which teams to include in your accumulators, and back those that you feel are genuinely more likely to win than their odds suggest. You still probably won’t get all your selections right every week, but you may well end up with much better returns when they do all come in.

Please note that I’m not saying you should completely ignore teams with low odds, as they very often will be the right teams to include in your accumulators. What I am saying is that you should never include a team solely because the odds are low.

Consider Different Leagues

Another common mistake that people make when placing their soccer accumulators is to only look at one league. This is very limiting, as a single league only accounts for a fraction of all the games being played. There is typically much more value to be had if you consider matches being played in some alternative leagues too.

There is one proviso to this tip though; you should have some idea of the teams involved in any leagues you are picking selections from. There is not much point in betting on teams when you have no clue about their overall ability or current form. If you only really follow one league, then you will probably be better served just sticking to that one. Of course, you can always start doing some research into some other leagues too.

Mix Up Your Selections

A great way to get maximum value from your selections is to mix them up into different bets. For example, let’s say you’ve chosen eight teams that you think have a very good chance of winning. You could put these all into one single accumulator but, as we’ve already discussed, your chances of winning an eight team accumulator are pretty slim.

Instead, you could pick your top five selections and put them all in your main wager. You could then do another wager, with a smaller stake, covering all eight teams. You could also bet on a number of different permutations, such as covering all the doubles and all the trebles too. This way you are much more likely to get at least some return, and may still make a profit even if one or two of your selections lose.

Mixing up your selections is really easy to do at most sports betting sites. They will provide options for automatically covering all the different combinations of your selections, and you can easily choose which combinations you want to bet on and which ones you don’t.

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Hi,thanks for the advice I like the idea 8 teams and do your doubles a triples...I mean how many times have I got 7 out of 8!!a lot...I will let u no how I get on with this system thank u...stay close..Tommy k.
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