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Nick Foles Odds – Which NFL Teams Could He Guide to Super Bowl 54?

By Noah Davis
| February 9, 2019

Nick Foles is a very interesting story.

For a brief moment, he was the savior of the Philadelphia Eagles. A crazy 27-touchdown campaign under Chip Kelly made him the flavor of the week, and it also led to him getting shipped to the Rams.

Foles’ stint with the Rams went horribly, and that turned into a brief stop in Kansas City before the new Eagles regime brought him in to back up franchise passer Carson Wentz.

He’d get a chance to be the savior again.

After an untimely Wentz injury, Foles went on a tear and ultimately dismantled the New England Patriots en route to Philly’s first-ever Super Bowl win.

Wentz succumbed to injury yet again in 2018, giving way to another dramatic Eagles playoff run that probably only ended due to an Alshon Jeffery gaffe.

In short, Nick Foles has delivered mixed results as a regular-season starter, but he’s been a national treasure come playoff time.

Still just 30 years old, Foles is poised to land a monster long-term contract and may be given the opportunity to continue leading someone else deep into postseason play.

We just don’t know who that will be yet.

What is clear, however, is that Foles declined his player option and is ready to be a full-time starter again.

Whether the Eagles franchise tags him and keeps him from roaming free agency as he pleases, of course, is the final hiccup in this situation.

Foles is a proven winner, though. He’s not staying in Philadelphia, and whether it be by trade or free agency, he’s going somewhere else and trying to win another title.

Nick Foles Betting Odds

The top NFL betting websites haven’t overlooked how big of an impact Nick Foles’ future could have on the league. They’ve already issued a fun Nick Foles prop bet detailing the teams most likely to snag him from the Eagles, whether it be via trade or in free agency.

There are a handful of teams that should be interested in his services, and a smaller amount could be a Nick Foles addition away from chasing a title. A few can be found on the list Bovada is pushing out for bettors.

Here are the teams and their odds to land Nick Foles this offseason.

Miami Dolphins+250
Jacksonville Jaguars+250
Washington Redskins+275
Denver Broncos+400
New York Giants+900
Oakland Raiders+1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+2000
Carolina Panthers+2200

While bettors should obviously consider every option before they place money down, there are teams that should be ranked above others from this list.

Here are the four NFL teams that are in the lead to land Nick Foles and also would see a nice boost to their Super Bowl 54 odds if they brought him in this offseason.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+250)

Jacksonville is the first team that stands out to me. They’ve been open about the fact that they’re moving on from the inept Blake Bortles, and they easily could be a steady passer away from competing for a championship.

The Jaguars got to the AFC title game two years ago, and while they wilted in 2018, they still have the running game and defense to make a deep playoff run.

With the experienced Foles leading the way, Jacksonville looks like an elite Super Bowl betting value (+5000 odds) at Bovada.

Denver Broncos (+400)

Another interesting spot for Nick Foles could be Denver. The Broncos brought in a new head coach and seem prepared to compete again this year, especially given the fact that they still have a strong running game and a talented defense.

Case Keenum didn’t really work out last season, and Foles would be a solid upgrade over him. Denver is said to be enamored with Drew Lock and may add a long-term answer under center (I picked him to go there in our initial 2019 NFL mock draft), but that doesn’t mean they can’t contend right away.

Denver has the foundation of a championship contender, but a more reliable and consistent presence at quarterback may be what they’re missing.

At +10000, Denver’s Super Bowl 54 odds could be a massive steal ahead of potentially bringing in Foles.

Washington Redskins (+275)

The Redskins were one of my favorite Super Bowl sleepers going into last year, and for a little while, they looked the part. A horrific Alex Smith injury ended up derailing them, and it was so bad that it’s possible his career is over.

Whether that proves to be the case, Smith is unlikely to hit the field in 2019, and it’s also possible he won’t ever play another down in DC. If that’s true, the Redskins will be in the market for a new starting quarterback and also may want to target a young passer in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Even if they do that, the Redskins are still a veteran team that has the pieces in place to push for a playoff spot and possibly more. Vegas is grading the Redskins horribly for one main reason: They don’t have a quarterback.

Nick Foles to the Redskins is something people have floated before, and assuming he can walk as a free agent, it might be the best spot for him.

With a viable quarterback in play, Washington and their +15000 Super Bowl 54 odds would become very appealing.

New England Patriots (+650 Super Bowl 54 odds)

I could talk up the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, or even the Miami Dolphins, but I don’t personally see those as realistic Nick Foles landing spots.

The G-Men will probably draft Dwayne Haskins, and Miami isn’t close to competing for a title. Carolina has also been optimistic than Cam Newton will be ready for 2019 and Bruce Arians called Jameis Winston the main reason he took the job in Tampa Bay.

I’m with you in the idea that Foles starting games for New England in 2019 is just as crazy, but hear me out here.

Tom Brady is 41 years old and just won his sixth title. While he contests he’s not close to being done in the NFL, he could always opt to retire. He’s also rather old, so it’s also plausible he gets hurt at some point between now and the start of the season.

John Wall just slipped and ruptured his Achilles, so anything can happen.

There’s also the very slim possibility that the Pats know Brady is only playing for 1-2 more years and could view Foles as an excellent backup in the interim and a long-term replacement plan for when Brady finally retires.

Foles has a lot of the same strengths as Brady, so I can see that being something they wouldn’t mind doing. The big question is just how much longer Brady plans on hanging around and if Foles would want to wait. Also, how much cash would it cost to secure an insurance policy like that?

It’s not a very realistic option, but if Brady retires or gets hurt, this would be the top Nick Foles destination in a hurry. And if it did happen, the monster that is the Pats would still remain in the thick of the Super Bowl race.

Where Will Nick Foles Play in 2019?

I think the Nick Foles sweepstakes ultimately comes down to two teams, and that’s going to be the Redskins and the Jaguars. Jacksonville is outside of the division and in the AFC, so if Foles gets traded, he makes a lot more sense if you’re considering what Philly prefers.

Jacksonville is also a lot closer to competing for a Super Bowl, so the Jags will be motivated to land a quarterback upgrade, and Foles should be eager to join them.

Whether by trade or via free agency, I see Nick Foles signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t think that guarantees they make a run at Super Bowl 54, but it quite clearly puts them back in the conversation.

The Jags aren’t a fun Super Bowl bet as they stand, but getting Foles would change things greatly and give bettors one heck of a steal.

PICKJacksonville Jaguars+250