My Idea of the Perfect Sports Betting Site – The Ultimate Online Betting Destination

By Jerry Summer
Published on December 02, 2018
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You will see countless guides to sports betting sites on the web, most of which make some recommendations and discuss the various factors that dictate the overall quality of a site.

There are a few factors that are universally viewed as important or maybe even essential. Others are a bit subjective and depend on the needs and preferences of the individual.

Since I’ve been involved in the gambling industry for a while and am also a keen sports bettor, I decided to share my own concept of the perfect sports betting site.

I feel my experience and knowledge might help some of you that are just getting started with online sports betting and don’t really know what to expect and look for. I will focus on everything I find crucial and mention some things that are overlooked by many.

The points below are not ordered in any exact priority. I think they all matter, but to a different extent depending on each bettor.

With that said, let’s start.

It’s Easy to Use and Looks Nice

Most guides you will see will start with promotions, odds, and stuff like that. While they are crucial, and I will get to them eventually, I decided to highlight something else first.

I love it when a sports betting website has a clean and simple design combined with an intuitive user interface.

If I’m going to use a betting platform regularly, I want a pleasant experience.

The menus should be easy to understand, the buttons should be big, and I should be able to find any sport, competition, or game with a couple of clicks.

It’s true that the façade is not the most important thing about betting sites, and you can learn to work with almost anything, but it could be very annoying to rely on an outdated site with an ugly design.

While I’m at it, I really hate long loading times, broken links, and stuff like that. It’s unprofessional and ultimately wastes my time.

I think you’ve got the idea by now, so let’s move on to the next point.

It Covers All Popular Sports and Competitions

This one is a bit subjective and depends on your needs. Since I mostly bet on popular soccer competitions such as the English Premier League and the Champions League, and also the NBA, it’s coverage of the mainstream sports, tournaments, and leagues that’s important for me.

This might be different for you if you prefer betting less popular sports or more obscure competitions. For me, though, I’m clear about what I want. I want a solid number of betting markets for the sports and competitions I attack on a regular basis.

Most bookmakers are great for the major sports and events, so I’m pretty well covered there as it stands. It’s definitely what I’d expect from my perfect site, though.

It Has a Low Betting Margin

Okay, it’s time to talk about the prices, as they are vital.

Since the odds at a betting site are ultimately determined to some extent by the betting margin applied, I would love to see the lowest possible number.

Of course, ideally there will be no betting margin at all. But I’m trying to paint a picture of the perfect online bookmaker that is at least SOMEWHAT realistic, so let’s stay within some limits.

The best sites out there can give you prices with a betting margin that is around the 5% mark, and this is the number that I find reasonable.

Anything below that would be awesome and would lead to some exceptional odds.

Exceptional odds is my idea of perfect for sure!

Winners Are Welcome!

I can’t stress enough how important this is for anyone who is serious about their sports betting.

You might not be surprised to know that most bookmakers out there are not very fond of serial winners. While it is understandable for them to not really enjoy when someone is making money from them, some of their methods for dealing with winners are pretty unpalatable from a bettor’s perspective.

The start usually comes when you get limited to placing only minute stakes on your favorite markets. Next comes the account-related limits, affecting your ability to bet on anything. Eventually, you can even receive an email saying that you are no longer welcome to use the services of your bookmaker.

If you are among the happy recreational players that bet for fun and slowly (or quickly) lose their money over the long run, the bookies will be more than happy to have you, and you won’t ever experience the frustration of having to deal with account restrictions.

But if you have the ambitions to develop winning strategies, you will be bitterly disappointed to one day understand that you are no longer welcome.

Limiting winners is bad form, in my opinion, especially when so many bookmakers are far too quick to do it.  This is why my perfect betting site accepts people that are profitable in the long run, no questions asked!

It Has a Smooth Mobile Version

I can’t imagine using a sports betting website that doesn’t have a solid mobile version nowadays. I am irreversibly used to checking my bets from my phone, placing new wagers every now and then, or moving money on the go.

Performing all of those actions on mobile can improve your productivity and results, so that’s why my perfect betting site would HAVE to be fully mobile compatible and work very well on any one of my mobile devices.

Whether it’s a native app or a mobile-responsive version of the site, I don’t really care. The important thing is that it works on the go and includes all the major features that I might need at any given moment.

It Has a Helpful Live Chat Support

This one might seem less important to someone who has never had to deal with the customer support service of a bookmaker. If you are in this position, I salute you and hope that you are NEVER forced to solve any problems that require the assistance of the sportsbook’s staff.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some nightmarish experiences with incompetent customer support agents.

Poor customer support can be frustrating in many ways. Especially annoying is when a betting site doesn’t even have live chat. This seems inexcusable in this day and age.

It means that you have to write an email and wait for the response, which can sometimes take a couple of days. Imagine how it feels to eagerly wait for an answer to your query, only to receive some kind of generic answer that links to the help section you have read multiple times already.

It’s a terrible customer experience, and that’s not really ideal when there’s real money involved. Especially when it can cost a LOT of money on some occasions.

This is the reason I prefer to deal with such kinds of problems real-time, via live chat services. Even if you hit a brick wall once again, at least you have a chance of resolving the problem faster. There’s usually a manager or a higher-level employee available to be referred to, so not all hope is lost.

If I have to be honest, you wouldn’t EVER have to talk to the customer support service in a truly perfect world, but as I said earlier, I’m trying to be somewhat realistic here.

So, yes, a live chat feature is a big bonus. If that live chat is manned by competent and helpful people, that’s close enough to perfect for me.

It Lets Me Withdraw Easily and Sends Money Quickly

Receiving my money on time is ultimately what matters to me the most. Especially since I usually use a few different bookmakers for various reasons, such as getting the best odds available and taking advantage of various promotions.

If I want this to work smoothly, I need to be able to withdraw my cash and get it quickly, so I can move it to another place.

The fastest way for that to happen is by using an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill, so naturally, my perfect bookmaker will be supporting such payment options. Of course, I expect instant deposits and almost instant withdrawals as well.

The likes of credit and debit cards must also be part of the deal, as sometimes I prefer to use one of my Visa cards for transactions.

It’s also worth mentioning, even if it’s obvious, that the perfect betting sites MUST make sure that my money and personal information are safe. They should be protected with the latest technologies on the market.

It Spoils Me with Bonuses and Promotions on a Regular Basis

You can’t expect promotions ALL the time, but the perfect online bookmaker would certainly provide enough opportunities for me to grab some extra cash or other benefits.

What I feel is a must nowadays and of course would be offered by the perfect sports betting site is a juicy welcome bonus. Each new customer should receive a nice package that will provide enough of an incentive to join, deposit hard-earned money, and try the service of the sportsbook.

The size of the bonus is important, but the terms and conditions are as well. You will see offers out there that come with so many strings attached that it’s close to impossible to clear the wagering requirements or other obstacles that are deliberately added to prevent you from actually making any money.

It’s a super annoying and shady practice that should probably be forbidden. The good news is that some regulators are looking into this. For example, the UK Gambling Commission is against false advertisement, and I’m all for it.

Let’s hope we get an online gambling world in which you know exactly what you need to do to clear a bonus without spending a lot of time looking at endless terms and conditions with plenty of traps.

While we are at it, the same applies to any ongoing or exclusive promotion after the welcome bonus. It’s good to have loyalty programs and some special deals for big games or tournaments. But they should be transparent so that you don’t end up misunderstanding things.

It Always Works on New Features

One of the best things about the current age is that technology is improving at a rapid rate. We constantly see changes that would’ve been described as revolutionary years ago happen in a matter of months.

This opens the door for all industries to evolve and add new features for their users on a regular basis. The same applies to the gambling industry, and my perfect sports betting site won’t be sleeping!

On the contrary, it would have to stay in touch with the latest technologies and utilize them to create new and exciting features, as well as improve the old ones.

Such an approach is essential in the times that we live in, or you risk getting left behind. It would be a shame to get used to a particular betting platform, only to see the competition get so much better that you simply can’t afford to stay where you are.

Final Words

I’m not sure if the perfect sports betting site exists, to be honest, as I have a long list of requirements.

And yet, there are some operators out there that come close enough and cover most of them. If you are looking for a place to bet on sports, you should probably take a look at our list of recommended betting sites.

Our team of experts made sure to select the best of the best on the market for these recommendations. And in the absence of a truly perfect site, that’s more than good enough for now!

My Idea of the Perfect Sports Betting Site – The Ultimate Online Betting Destination
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My Idea of the Perfect Sports Betting Site – The Ultimate Online Betting Destination
We all have different preferences when it comes to online betting. Here’s my idea of what the perfect sports betting site would look like.
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