Ignition Casino Now Owns Bovada Poker

By Kody Miller
Published on August 09, 2016
Bovada Poker Will Now Be Owned By Ignition Casino

Bovada Poker will never be the same.

Actually, per recent reports, it’s officially coming to an end. Bovada declared as much on Tuesday, officially announcing the acquisition of Bovada Poker by new online gambling entity, Ignition Casino.

Working under the same parent company, Ignition Casino shares Bovada’s platform, which figures to make the transition for Bovada users effortless. Bovada’s surprise announcement rocked the Bovada Poker community, but the company insisted their users were in good hands with Ignition Casino, who will still offer many of the features Bovada customers are used to.

The transition of Bovada Poker to Ignition Casino’s site is expected to be complete come September 30th. At that time, Bovada will no longer provide online poker services to their customers. While Bovada will be out of the online poker game, they will still continue on strong with online casino offerings, in addition to their popular racebook and sportsbook.

Who is Ignition Casino?

The initial reaction by many Bovada Poker players will be, Ignition Who? It’s fair to wonder about Ignition Casino, seeing as they’re still a very young online gambling site, having just been founded this year (2016).

That being said, Ignition Casino is still extremely reputable, as they are affiliated with the same parent company (Betting Partners) as leading gaming sites such as Bovada, Bodog and Slots.lv.

What does this mean? It means whether you’re a Bovada Poker user thinking about transferring your account to Ignition Casino or you’re just considering signing up as a new member there, you’re in pretty great hands.

Our Ignition Casino review probably lays out all you need to know, but here’s the jist:

  • U.S. players accepted (exclusively)
  • Strong foundation and connections
  • Virtually the same platform and layout
  • Wide variety of games
  • Fully licensed and regulated site (Kahnawake Gaming Commission)
  • Super easy to sign up/transfer accounts
  • Depositing and Withdrawing is effortless and fast
  • Sweet Bonuses

On top of our own look at Ignition Casino, everywhere we’ve looked, we’ve seen nothing but good things. Casino.org gave Ignition Casino 4 out of 5 stars, BestUSACasinoSites.com gave the site a full 5-star rating and Bit Coin Casinos gave it a 95% rating.

Every new site is going to have some growing pains, but the foundation and affiliation is very strong and beyond respectable. In other words, if you enjoyed your time with Bovada Poker, you’re likely to find a very similar (if not enhanced) experience with Ignition Casino.

Only time will tell if the acquisition is a fit for old Bovada Poker users, but everything known to the public to this point suggests the transition will go seamlessly.

The two sides have certainly made an effort to make that the case, with Bovada giving current users almost two full months to make the switch. In addition, per on Tuesday, the two sites will work in unison on shared player pools up until the transfer is complete.

There is always some hesitancy with big changes or acquisitions specifically, but trust is often the kicker. With the strong affiliation and backing already there for Ignition Casino, half the battle should already be over for transitioning or new poker users.

What Does This Mean For Bovada Poker Players?

There are still going to be questions, of course. People who play poker online rarely love change, as it often means adapting or dealing with guideless, interfaces or a drop off in integrity or upside in the way they play the game. None of that seems to be the case with the switch from Bovada Poker to Ignition Casino, but it’s fair that stigmas like that still exist.

The good news is nothing is really changing for Bovada users, save for where they’ll go to play going forward. If they wish to close out their accounts, they can do that. If they want to stay on Bovada to bet on horse racing, various sports or play in their online casino, they can also do that. They can even do the latter and test the waters over at Ignition Casino until they’re fully ready to dive in.

One way or another, that dreaded “change” arrives on September 30th, but both sites plan to work together to make sure Bovada Poker customers are still feeling comfortable with the move.

In fact, should they transfer, former Bovada Poker users could even benefit from the acquisition.

All of the details can be viewed at Bovada’s FAQ page, which they set up to make the account transfers easier, and also to answer as many questions as possible.

For the most part, here’s what Bovada Poker users will want to know:

  • Complete your account transfer by September 30th
  • Players who complete their transfer early will be eligible for special Bonuses
  • Ignition Casino offers a very similar poker experience
  • Ignition Casino can be trusted (regulated/fully certified)
  • All poker cash and poker tickets will be transferred
  • Poker Points will not be transferred
  • You can immediately withdraw funds from IC account upon transfer

The actual transition is made super easy by Bovada. Just follow this breakdown:

  • Log into your Bovada account
  • Click “Join Ignition Casino”
  • Confirm/Edit your account information
  • Create a new password
  • Click “Create Account” at IC

Why the Change?

On top of wondering what online poker life will be like at Ignition Casino, most users are likely wondering what will happen to Bovada following the transfer, or why it’s happening in the first place.

Bovada hasn’t given any reason for the acquisition, however, and we’re not in the guessing game business. However, the lasting good news is that Bovada is still here to stay, as they will continue to offer some of the best online casino, horse racing betting and sports betting that can be found on the web.

The poker product will be gone, but everything else still grades out an elite level. Whether you’re a poker customer considering using Bovada’s other services or a new gambling customer looking to see what else Bovada has to offer, take a look at our Bovada review for a full, unbiased breakdown.

Should You Play at Ignition Casino?

One thing we don’t do here is tell our readers what to do. All we can do is assess situations and websites based on our own knowledge, opinions and experiences, and report that back.

From what we’ve seen and heard, there is a lot to like about Ignition Casino and the affiliations, security and versatility of the website are very appealing and frankly, pretty reassuring.

There is no guarantee that you will love playing anywhere as much as you did with Bovada Poker, but one way or another, that product will cease to exist by September 30th. We personally will soak up the greatness that is Bovada Poker until it’s last days, but considering the product is going to be virtually the same over at Ignition Casino, we’re going to give the new site a chance.

While new poker/casino sites often need to earn your trust with outstanding customer service, fast and reliable payouts and proven security, they also often go that extra mile to make sure you’re going to want to remain a part of their community.

The feedback has been positive so far out of Ignition Casino, and the fact that they’re acquiring Bovada Poker suggests they’re only out to offer their customer base the best product possible. We look forward to “revving up” with Ignition Casino, and encourage our readers to give them a shot, as well.

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Poker Jeez | 25 Mar 2017
My story is the same as most of the people above. For starters their bonus system is a total scam. They try and use it to get you to play the casino games with large amounts of bonus money. Here's the kicker. Your poker money has to be in play as well. And guess which $$ is in play first? That's right if you lose you lose YOUR $$. If you win, they add it to your bonus amount. In order to clear your bonus account you have to play a ridiculous number of hands (20,000 I believe). As far as the poker goes, I've played online and live casino poker since 2001 when I first found Party Poker. I've played World Series Events live. I played on EVERY average and above online poker site. after 4-5 weeks of playing on Ignition, I will never drop another penny to them. In this time I was playing sometimes 10 MTT's a day. The amount of straight flushes, 4 of a kinds, flopped straights and flushes on the same hand, is statistically impossible. There is NO CHANCE they are using a reputable RCG to deal cards. Zero chance. Heed the warning. Play elsewhere
Youmarty | 8 Jun 2017 Reply:
what online poker sight do you reccomend
jo bo | 20 Jan 2017
my experience has been nothing but positive. waiting on my first cash out check in the mail now. said 5-10 days. will comment again when I get it
rob wakey | 19 Nov 2017 Reply:
prove it! you're so full of crap! you ain't cash nothing out on this site! it's a scam.
Ignition is a Scam | 16 Jan 2017
Don't play on this site. I've played on bovada for years. I've withdrawn half a dozen times since the switch to ignition. I just shipped the 25k and now they have frozen my account and are stealing the prize money. Very dishonest business... stay away from unregulated offshore scam companies.
Caden | 31 Mar 2017 Reply:
As far as those banksters go. I say Lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases for a good pick a shovel a bucket and some pisepritsn. That way that banker will really learn what a real job really is.
poker beast | 14 Jan 2017
This site is really really shady. I am also a long time player, and I have made plenty of money in the past. Honestly since playing on this site I have lost every damn hand with aa, kk, qq every damn time. Before you accuse me of playing terribly or not value betting. Sorry I value bet these hands to hell and back, re raise 3 to 5 times on average the amount of their bet. Guess what outdrawn every time. Yes people play hands that don't make any sense in live casino, but the constant suck outs with prime hands doesn't happen on this level. I beg you please do not give these crooks you're hard earned money. I guess the era of any online poker is finished for me. Good thing I live 20 minutes from a casino. Good luck at the tables ladies and gents.
Randy | 6 Jan 2017
Interesting how every time I got on a heater and win at the game, all I do is get bad beat after bad beat until my whole roll is gone. They sure know how to make one keep depositing! Maybe i'll stick to live poker.
F Uck Ignition | 4 Jan 2017
I've been playing poker 30 years and in casinos regularly for 15 years. I played almost daily on partypoker and poker stars from 2003-2006 when Americans could. I know poker and I know poker rooms. I used to cash out for over 3 years on partypoker and pokerstars. Bovada was rigged and so is Ignition. When you fold your cards appear regularly and if you are a solid player you will notice in the long run how often you get drawn out on and it defies the odds. It's sick shit and someone should be shot over it. THEY ARE CORRUPT.
bush | 20 Dec 2016
Casino is so rigged dont play !!!
Ryan | 16 Dec 2016
So I started with 750 played baccarat. Did well won playing a very conservative way I designed. I've won in every casino with my strategy I designed... but he's the catch as soon as I was up from 750 to 1800 I requested a withdrawl and from that point on I lost 75% of my bets. The streak of fours is the only way my strategy is beaten and they kept coming over and over I counted 8 in a row literally 4 banker 4player 4banker 4player. A mathematical feat of itself... yet it happened a couple more times. I honestly believe ignition is rigged and I do not recommend anyone play here. I myself will stop but before I do I will be calling the licensing company of the casino to file a major complaint and I hope it gets some attention so it save all you good people money. I realize a casino has a house edge but when they make it unfair by beating you with more than that edge it is no longer a game of chance but thievery. It's wrong and from what I know against the law.
CrazyJerry | 18 Nov 2016
I believe they changed because the sports booking & casino didn't want to face any scandals from the poker side that could ruined sports betting that has grown huge over the years. I truly believe the reason they have Anonymous players @ Bovada and now ignition has nothing to help the players, but rather a great way to make it hard to track out comes of tournaments or cash play. Lets face the fact ever site that was busted for cheating the poker players was proven because someone could track the user (s). You have absolutely no credibility or can you uphold the Integrity of the game behind Anonymous users. I've been playing poker since 1970 and started online at Party Poker and move over to Poker Stars and never loil back until Black Friday to the poker world. I've talked to many of really good Poker players on the Heartland Poker Tours, Hollywood Poker Tours and on the cash table at the Caisno. I've never met a single player that has been successful on Bovada and hearing the same thing now about ignition poker. Most everyone I have talk to all agree pokers is not legit on them two site. Most of the same players agree that Brovda and now ignition is using bots, shill to juice the pots and basically play no fold poker on most big pots. If you want to give your money away my advice would be ignition is a great place to give away your money. If you want to play poker for real money go to the Caisno and play for now. If Poker Stars ever get back in Ohio I would play were you have a fair game.
John | 16 Nov 2016
Ignition's software is so unrealistic it's not even funny all they do is take your money before you can withdraw let you win a couple games then send you on a long painful losing streak. And to make it worse they will even give you cards but don't worry you will lose to a better full house on the turn or river fucking joke this site is. PleAse don't waste your money!
dan | 4 Nov 2016
I have been playing on Ignition for a few months now and it is just as rigged as bovada was I wouldn't recommend.
Scott Laird | 1 Sep 2016
Currently, the player pool is worldwide, merging Ignition users with Bovada users, but after September 30th, I believe this will be a US site only, and should greatly reduce the player pool. If I'm wrong, somebody correct me.
B. Hall | 24 Aug 2016
Transition was easy, transfer account download Ignition poker client and play. Get some free money for transferring early.
Bill Hall | 24 Aug 2016
It was a seem less move, transfer funds download Ignition poker client and play. Oh and receive your transfer bonus. Easy, Simple
D P | 11 Aug 2016
If you have a current "grandfathered" Bovada account from Delaware you are out of luck
Your Name | 11 Aug 2016
No poker yet!?? transferred $$. must wait 'till Sept. 30 ???!!! Bovada wont accept new deposits.
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