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Best Resources for Gambling Addicts
April 21, 2018 by Lu Ann Wall
It doesn’t matter if you gamble once a year and then torture yourself for months about money and time you’ve lost, or if you enter a casino or pull up a gambling website daily throwing away your rent, your car…
5 Gambling Authors Who Didn’t Need School to Succeed
April 15, 2018 by Randy Ray
As an overview, I covered the best work from several studious gamblers, including Stanford Wong, David Sklansky, and Vanessa Selbst. I’d like to flip the script with this post though, by focusing on gambling authorities who didn’t need a college…
6 Things You Should Never Do When Placing Entertainment Bets
April 3, 2018 by Noah Davis
For some reason when people think of online betting, they immediately think of table games or sports betting. While online poker and betting on sports probably do take the cake in the gambling scene, overall, it’s far from the whole…
Ways to Stay Healthy and Avoid the Dreaded WSOP Flu
March 31, 2018 by Randy Ray
Every year, thousands of players flock to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, to take part in a true American tradition – the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Tournaments are held, big pots are dragged, gold…
Betting on Who Bit Beyonce
March 29, 2018 by Noah Davis
I’m not one to pay much attention to gossip and rumors, especially when it originates from people in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s why I initially didn’t care about Tiffany Haddish and others discussing “the bite never seen”. The reference is Beyonce…
What is Causing Bitcoin to Plummet?
March 28, 2018 by Matthew Craig
Bitcoin keeps hitting new lows, and everyone is in a panic. The de facto leader of the cryptocurrency market has dropped to an astonishing new low of nearly $7000 – down from the all-time high of $19,000 we witnessed only…
3 Mistakes Bitcoin Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
March 25, 2018 by Randy Ray
Bitcoin has gone from leading a small, niche market to gaining mainstream fame. It's this fame that has drawn many new investors to the cryptocurrency market. Of course, it also doesn't hurt matters that Bitcoin (BTC) hit an all-time high…
Mobile Gambling Is Steadily on the Rise
March 24, 2018 by Lu Ann Wall
With 2.3 billion smartphone users around the world, you’d have to expect that to be an appealing number for an online casino, sportsbook, or any other web or app-based business. That’s a huge potential customer base to target. Even though…
Wait, You Can Gamble on TV Shows?
March 19, 2018 by Kent Mullins
Yes, you read that correctly; online bookmakers are accepting bets on a litany of television programs and events, and it's glorious! These novelty bets were initially offered as quirky entertainment meant to attract attention to online bookmakers. However, the public…
The Lottery or Slot Machines? Which is the Better Bet?
March 15, 2018 by Randy Ray
Slot machines and the lottery have their obvious differences. But these gambling games are also similar in that they're completely random. The lottery is random in that you never know which lucky ticket(s) will be chosen as a winner. Slot…