Gambling Industry Payout Report for September 2017

By Noah Davis
Published on October 02, 2017
Payout Report Overview

We are another month older in the online gambling industry and thankfully not too much has changed. For the most part, the top sites we track have continued to do a great job, as they’ve offered high-level customer service and products and also issues speedy payouts.

Some sites deserve a little more recognition than others, while some have endured struggles with their payout speeds. Whatever the case, we continue to have our loyal reader’s backs as we take a fresh look at all of the top betting sites and see how they did over the past month.

Our site list tracks sports betting sites, horse racing betting sites, poker sites and online casino sites. Some specialize in one of the former genres or include several together. Regardless of what your favorite betting style is, you’re likely to find a site you either already place wagers on, or may want to in the future.

The idea here is to always help our readers feel safe and comfortable with any sites they bet on, so we’re straightforward about which sites are performing at an elite level and which have some issues. With that, it’s onto the next month of our gambling report, as we take a look back at how the top sites performed in September:

Note: We mentioned last month that users should brace for a few BitCoin issues, as fees and speeds are erratic across the industry due to some growing pains. Some sites are performing better than others, but any issues with BTC should be tempered for now.

BetOnline Logo


August Grade: A+ September Grade: A+
One of the elite online sportsbooks going today, BetOnline has a ton to offer, both in regards to payment processing and customer experience. The site offers a litany of payment and withdrawal methods and is routinely regarded as one of the most secure gambling sites to use online.

BetOnline, being an extremely popular online sportsbook, naturally allows users to place sports bets ranging from a wide variety, and also offers online casinos and poker games.

“We’ll get you your money faster than anyone else”
  • Easily one of the best gambling sites in the industry, BetOnline continues to deliver with a fine overall product and strong payout speeds.
  • Checks are as steady as ever, as users can expect a 4-5 day wait. Checks can always be dicey depending on the bank and maybe that stretches to a full week or a little longer, but we’re seeing 4-5 days.
  • Those speeds have been quite steady, as we haven’t seen much worse than the 4-5 window in really the past year.
  • BitCoin is forever the way to go at BetOnline. We saw scorching reports (2.5 hrs) in August, with solid reports of 4 and 9-hour waits being some of the best we caught in September.
  • The quoted window is 24-48 hours, so anything below 10 is a major win.
  • Bank wires are really the only other payout method we ever see anything back on and those take about 1-2 weeks to go through. Those are vulnerable to various issues, though, so we highly suggest checks or BTC.
  • There was a user complaint about points being taken away, but it stems from a lack of awareness in regards to BetOnline’s terms of service.
  • The payout speeds overall are fantastic and BetOnline continues to offer a wide array of betting options. There is no reason to downgrade after a strong September.

Bovada Logo


August Grade: A+ September Grade: A+

Bovada is one of the more popular online gambling sites to be found on the web, as they offer a wide range of sports betting opportunities and are, once again, one of the more trusted poker sites online.

Bovada poker is now back! They still provide fantastic sports betting options and will also still be offering online casino games. They remain one of the most trustworthy online betting sites you will find on the internet today.

“Raise Your Game”
  • For anyone that missed last month’s gambling payout report and is still unaware, Bovada Poker is a thing again. That’s clearly excited for fans of Bovada poker, although we tentatively expect payouts to slow down mildly with the extra stress on the site.
  • Early signs don’t really align with that fear, however.
  • BitCoin is firing on all cylinders, as September lived up to the 24-hour window with ease. One user reported a $200 withdrawal in just 10 hours, but the best we’ve seen was a $400 withdrawal in just 2 hours.
  • BitCoin hasn’t seen any hiccups over the past month, which easily puts it as the top payout method at Bovada right now.
  • Checks have actually been a very strong #2 option, though. Players get a free check each month and can get them processed as fast as 1-2 days. The overall wait can be as brief as 2-3 days, but users should still allow a full week for checks to fully go through.
  • There were some new reviews up at Ask Gamblers and both were of the negative variety, slamming the site for their bonuses and poor odds of winning.
  • From what we’ve seen, those aren’t valid slams, while Bovada’s brand new rewards program also is quite appealing.
  • Overall, Bovada is still doing a great job and people are getting their money on time via checks and BitCoin. Of course, BTC is the preferred method of payment.
  • On top of that, the poker room is back and Bovada revamped their rewards program. They stand firm at an A+ for us. Logo

August Grade: A+ September Grade: A+
“Where the Line Originates”
  • BitCoin is still the best payout method at Bookmaker, as one user at Sports Book Review reported a sweet $5,000 payout via BTC that took “just a few” hours.
  • Bookmaker can push the BTC window up to 24 hours at times, but users can expect times to generally be much faster. When you submit for approval and how much cash you’re trying to get can impact your wait.
  • Checks are still a fine alternative and can go as quickly as 3-4 days between processing and having check in hand. That might not necessarily be the norm, however, so a full week’s wait isn’t crazy.
  • Users can also use P2P withdrawals, which normally take a few days. We never find any feedback on these outside of the quotes, though, so feel free to comment below if you have experience with these payout waiting periods.
  • It’s business as usual at Bookmaker, which is still a true pillar in the online gambling industry. Stick with BTC and checks and you’ll be fine. Logo

August Grade: C September Grade: C is still quite fresh to the online casino realm, having only just started taking bets in 2013. Despite its youth, still has loads to offer, starting with a plethora of card and slot games, as well as killer payouts, bonuses and promotions.

The only real complaints at tend to deal with some games that lag or insane bonuses that feel to be out of reach. The games rarely disappoint and there have been few issues with processing payouts safely and quickly, however.

“Fastest Payouts in North America!”
  • lv has been one of the most up and down sites on our monthly payout report. The payout speeds have never been great, but the overall product this site offers is tough to knock.
  • There have been just as many positive reviews for the site, bonuses and game variety as there have been negative for slow payouts or flat-out failure to pay.
  • The good news is there isn’t much new to report in September, which could mean that is starting to push out their payments.
  • There has not been a clear winner to emerge in terms of successful payout methods, but from our tracking, BitCoin is probably the best to try. The site quotes 15 minutes, but the typical 48-hour window is probably the best starting point.
  • Checks, bank wires and credit cards all have users jumping through hoops and none of those 4-5 day windows can be relied upon. Users have consistently reported weeks (if not months) of waiting, regardless of the payout method.
  • Ultimately, the payout hiccups are seemingly just on as a site, so we need to exercise extreme caution when trying to play or get high dollar amounts.
  • Our advice is that this is a great site for playing elite casino games, but that you definitely need to brace for long waits in order to get your cash.
  • Without much news coming in September, we’ll keep’s grade the same for now.

Las Vegas USA Logo

Las Vegas USA

August Grade: D+ September Grade: D

Las Vegas USA is another fantastic online casino, as they’re powered by a fantastic platform and welcome U.S. players with a thrilling (and safe) experience. Las Vegas USA also brings huge bonuses to the table for new players and strives to go out of its way to assist users with any issues via customer support. That elite customer service hasn’t completely killed some inconsistent payout speeds, but they do their best to resolve any standing issues.

“Join the excitement”
  • September hasn’t changed our outlook on LVU, which is quite similar to The games and bonuses are to die for, but the payout wait is still really long.
  • We’ve never run into reviews or feedback that bash this site for games or bonuses. As far as that goes, is about as good as it gets.
  • The payout speeds are bad, though. No specific method has ever been better than the others, so testing the waters with checks, Neteller, money orders or direct deposit doesn’t really bring back much separation.
  • A lack of high-level withdrawal options could be part of the problem, but there has been an ongoing belief that there are processing issues with this site.
  • If there is one method that almost never seems to go as planned, it’s probably checks that stand out. The 1-2 week quote is a total farce.
  • The point here isn’t to gauge which payout method works the best. It’s to embrace a site that has a great product but isn’t good at getting users their money in a timely manner.
  • We have seen reports of users eventually getting paid, but September hasn’t brought us any of those.
  • We’d temper expectations with Las Vegas USA for now and if you’re going to play, just know that you’ll probably be waiting to get your cash.
Planet 7 Casino Logo

Planet 7

August Grade: D September Grade: D

Planet 7 is the toughest online casino to grasp on this list, simply because they have such an awesome array of slick games, but have had a checkered payout history. While there have been numerous complaints through the years, few users have had problems with the actual games themselves and most complaints end up getting resolved, thanks to a hard-working and dedicated Planet 7 crew.

Plant 7 still has some work to do with staying on top of big payouts, but they’ve gotten better and continue to be near the top of the list when it comes to gaming atmosphere and versatility.

“Your source for the best Vegas online casino action”
  • It’s a similar story with Planet 7, although in the past couple of months we’ve seen a better payout rate with this site than and Las Vegas USA.
  • That isn’t to say everything is going swimmingly here, as a new post at Ask Gamblers reveals the withdrawal problems are as prevalent as ever.
  • The silver lining is this is a pretty satisfied customer in terms of gaming options and match bonuses.
  • The big takeaway for payout speeds is that BitCoin is listed as a payout method, but it’s showing an inability to be used. That’s troubling, so, for now, we’ll have to take BTC off the table at Planet 7.
  • Unfortunately, no payout method has ever really stood out for Planet 7. We reported last month a user was waiting on their money since April and stories like that have become commonplace with this site.
  • Withdrawals seem to go the best with checks and bank wires, but we’ve never seen positive feedback that shows these being processed at their quoted speed, nor in an acceptable (timely) manner.
  • Like Las Vegas USA and, the plan here is to appreciate the good Planet 7 has to offer and just embrace that the process to get winnings won’t go as quickly as you’d like.
  • The good news is we have seen a lot of satisfied customers that do end up waiting and they get their cash and end up sticking around because of an elite product.
  • We hate the payout speeds here, but there is enough to like about this site to avoid a drop in its A lack of new negative reports in September doesn’t hurt, either.

Ignition Casino Logo

Ignition Casino

August Grade: A September Grade: A

Ignition Casino is a fledgling online gambling site that has so far gotten positive feedback. They have a very similar look and feel to Bovada.

It’s obviously early in the game (only been around since 2016), but IC has graded out well to this point due to friendly bonuses, a slew of online casino games and a growing poker room. It’s fair for some new players to not trust a site that is adapting on the fly, but so far Ignition Casino looks like a great place to play and has a solid and maturing history with reliable payout speed and success.

  • Ignition hasn’t been around that long, but they’re quickly building a strong reputation for being a reputable online gaming spot.
  • Fairly quick payouts is a great way to do that and Ignition has lived up to their end of the deal with solid speeds for checks and BitCoin.
  • There are always complaints here and there, but we’re seeing nothing negative in September.
  • Check issues from July seem to be a thing of the past and users can anticipate a normal wait of about a week.
  • BitCoin is the best payout method at most gambling sites and that rings true at IC, too. The regular window is a 24-48 hour wait but users have long been reporting a wait of a few hours.
  • Users don’t need much more than checks and BTC, as both work and report strong timelines. Overall, Ignition remains a solid place to play and we see no reason to downgrade them after an uneventful September. Logo

August Grade: A September Grade: A

It’s often annoying to jump around to different online gambling sites to suit your fancy. That’s why is a refreshing gambling site, being one of the rare sites to offer online poker, casino games and sports betting.

You simply do not find that type of gambling versatility everywhere, and puts it over the top by producing a winning product that is also trusted, having been around since 2003. That long history hasn’t always been without a few hiccups, but has ditched some sketchy problems from the past and is respected as one of the cleaner sites online these days. doesn’t blow your socks off with their look or flash, but they’ve built themselves up into an online gambling site that offers everything you could want and is even easy to trust.

  • ag looked good a month ago and as we approach October, not much has changed.
  • BitCoin is still the best payout route here, as users can expect the usual time frame of 24-48 hours to be blown away. Users have reported a mere 12 hours and we’ve seen much faster in the past.
  • There have been a few complications with BTC and its impact some sites. We saw this in August but so far it’s largely dissipated. It’s possible it’s still jamming up slightly, but anytime you can get your money back via BTC within a day, you’re in a good spot.
  • Bank wires are also in play and can take up to 10 days. There haven’t been any fresh reports over the past month (likely due to the popularity of BTC), but no negative reports with long waits haven’t been seen, either.
  • Checks are the other top option, but processing can at times be an issue. You can expect a 1-2 week wait if all goes well.
  • It’s mostly business as usual for, which is reporting strong times for their leading payout options.

GT Bets Logo

GT Bets

August Grade: A September Grade: A

Another new addition to our monthly gambling payouts report is GTBets, which has a solid history (in existence since 2011), offers a welcome bonus, stellar promotions and a slew of banking methods to choose from.

GT Bets is first and foremost known for their awesome sportsbook, where they take bets on a plethora of sporting events, while also offering a litany of wager types. In addition, GTBets has a nice online casino. Short of some unwanted withdrawal fees, GT Bets passes the eye test and is one of the better dual-threat online betting sites around.

  • The big thing we keep seeing for GT Bets is their elite customer service does not go unnoticed across the industry. SBR and Ask Gamblers are two gambling forum spots where users have gone out of their way to plug the site’s response team.
  • The only negative thing we came across is this site tends to limit winner earnings. That’s tough to gauge, but it’s something we’ve seen in the forums and on various GT Bets site reviews.
  • Speeds don’t look to be an issue here, though. BitCoin is the leader (free – once a month) and you don’t have to worry about payouts stretching beyond the 24-48 hour wait.
  • Users can also try bank wires and credit cards, but both can obviously run into issues and sometimes take a little longer than desired. Of that group, bank wires are the way to go but can take 12 days or longer.
  • Checks are inexplicably not an option, even though they’re supposed to be. We haven’t seen any new feedback on checks being attempted, but last we saw, they’re not in the mix.
  • Stick with BTC and you’re fine and GT Bets as a whole seems to be doing right by their customers.

TopBet Logo


August Grade: C- September Grade: C

Our last site – and last new addition in March – is Topbet, which has proven to be a very solid online sportsbook that doubles as an online casino. Topbet was established in 2011 and has built up a solid presence in the online gambling realm, largely due to a nice interface, reliable payouts and their ability to offer a great casino and a reputable sportsbook.

  • The speeds coming out of continue to be slow and a little troubling.
  • There are ongoing reports at SBR of people waiting several months (one user has been waiting on receiving payment since March).
  • Bank Wires seem to be the root of some of these long waits, although no clear reasoning for the long delays is present.
  • We mentioned in August that we’ve seen bank wires get processed, while users popped up more in September to inform everyone they are slowly getting paid.
  • Keyword here is slow, as Topbet is not getting out speedy payouts and they might even be a little selective, but they are pushing out payments.
  • User RJL86 reported their bank wire being processed after submitting it on June 24th. That’s over a two-month wait and while that is far from ideal, that might be the current excepted wait.
  • Checks might be a better option, but they also receive slow reports. User recrebet reports a wait since July.
  • We are still looking at lengthy waits at Topbet, but other users have reported processed payouts via check, while payouts, in general, have been on the rise over the past month.
  • There have also been whispers of Topbet having processor issues and potentially undergoing changes there.
  • Whatever the case may be, there isn’t a winning payout method right now. That being said, payouts are starting to get pushed through, so there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.
  • The mild progress in September moves us up half of a letter grade.

That does it for our look back into September to see how some of the best online gambling sites are doing with their payout speeds. If you have any specific information or experiences with these sites, please feel free to leave comments below so we can best serve our readers for next month’s gambling payout report.

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