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Gambling Industry Payout Report For March 2017

By Kody Miller in General
| April 1, 2017 12:00 am PDT
Payout Report Overview

The month of April brings on major change in our monthly look at some of the top gambling websites and their payout speed/success. In addition to looking back at what March showed us for several of our longstanding payout report sites, we will be removing one (RealBet) and adding three new sites to track.

Our aim continues to keep tabs on the best online gambling sites, while reporting any major issues or red flags when it comes to getting your withdrawals and how long it can take. Speed is huge for customers at the top gambling sites, but so is flat out getting your cash.

The goal remains the same as we look to April, but before we look too far ahead, let’s look back at March and see how our listed sites fared.

As you can see, we’ve added some new faces to the monthly payout report breakdown, so join us as we jump from site to site, detailing our findings for March:

BetOnline Logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

One of the elite sportsbooks going today, BetOnline has a ton to offer, both in regards to payment processing and customer experience. The site offers a litany of payment and withdrawal methods and is routinely regarded as one of the most secure gambling sites to use online.

BetOnline, being an extremely popular online sportsbook, naturally allows users to place sports bets ranging from a wide variety, and also offers online casinos and poker games.

“We’ll get you your money faster than anyone else”
  • BetOnline remains in line with the top online gambling sites. They’re quality across the board and they’ve lived up to that billing since we started tracking these websites last summer.
  • That reputation leaked into March and from what we could tell, there hasn’t been much negativity surrounding one of the top gambling outlets
  • Check speeds remain consistent, as reports have them arriving in roughly a 5-day window. That’s probably the fast end of the spectrum, of course, as checks can often take 7 days or a good amount longer.
  • BitCoin remains the top withdrawal method at BetOnline, with most cases taking no more than 48 hours. You can expect it to process in 24 hours in most cases, it’s going to go through a lot sooner. In past months, we’ve seen reports of users getting their money within mere hours.
  • Bank wires are doable but are going to take up to a month or at least 1-2 weeks if you get lucky. They’re really not a preferred route.
  • While the speed and reliability has been fantastic with BetOnline, it did have one user come forward and complain about not being able to get their money. This looks like an isolated incident, however, and we all know by now how sites work with their bonuses.
  • We’re not seeing anything seriously negative against one of the best gambling sites online. Just stick to BitCoin if possible for your withdrawals, with checks being your best second bet.

Bovada Logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

Bovada is one of the more popular online gambling sites to be found on the web, as they offer a wide range of sports betting opportunities and were one of the more trusted poker sites online. Unfortunately Bovada has left the poker scene, which is officially effective at the end of September. They’re directing their players to Ignition Casino, a new online gambling website that uses the same platform and is also a trusted company.

While Bovada poker is no more, they still provide fantastic sports betting options and will also still be offering online casino games. They remain one of the most trustworthy online betting sites, but you’ll obviously have to get your online poker fix elsewhere going forward.

“Raise Your Game”
  • Bovada remains one of the top sites in regards to getting people their money. Their customer service and payout speeds have only trended upward since the bittersweet move of ditching their poker room.
  • Checks have been reporting roughly four days to arrive, with some speeds of 48 hours or less. Checks aren’t the preferred withdrawal method usually, but this is obviously very fast.
  • BitCoin is still the way to go everywhere, but especially at Bovada, with speeds of 24 hours or a lot quicker. Everywhere you look, people are talking up BC and if they’re talking about withdrawals, this is the method of choice.
  • BitCoin withdrawals can still take up to 1-2 days, but reports keep flooding forums over 24 or 12 hours, and often even less.
  • We haven’t seen much negative feedback since the transition of Bovada’s poker room to Ignition and whatever we’ve come across that is “bad” is more about bad beats or bad luck.
  • Bovada remains one of the most reliable and trusted online gambling sources online and they’ve done nothing in March to shake that firm foundation.
  • Most complaints you will come across are unfounded, so pay no mind and keep plugging away at one of the top sportsbooks around. Logo

February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

If you’re looking for a new online sportsbook you can trust, isn’t a bad place to start. Without a doubt one of the best sportsbooks around, Bookmaker has made their name with stellar service, an excellent website and speedy payments for over 30 years.

Bookmaker isn’t just about longevity or trend-setting, however, as they also offer an eclectic gaming base, allowing their customers to place bets on a variety of sports, as well as dive into online casinos and poker rooms. In addition, Bookmaker continues to offer severe discounts on initial deposits and has one of the best histories you’ll find from a gambling site online:

“Where the Line Originates”
  • The longest running online gambling site continues to do a terrific job. Reliable, trustworthy and fast, Bookmaker remains a tried and true betting option.
  • That remained the case in March, as speeds remained constant and avoided any dips.
  • You can try checks, but the wait is usually 1-2 weeks to arrive.
  • BitCoin is still the top withdrawal method, and the average expected wait is no more than 24 hours.
  • BC speeds have been amazing at Bookmaker, however, with reports of cashing out in just hours. There was another user who spoke up at SBR’s monthly live payout thread and while they didn’t detail their payout method, they gave a 24-hour window.
  • BitCoin is increasingly popular, fast and reliable. There isn’t a better method to use on most sites right now and that is precisely the case at Bookmaker, as well.
  • You can also roll with P2P withdrawals beyond BTC or checks, but they take about 2-3 days. They can be faster than checks, but checks still feel a little more reliable.
  • Overall, there isn’t much to report on Bookmaker because there is rarely any negative feedback and the majority of the people sounding off on payouts use BitCoin.

Ignition Casino Logo

Ignition Casino

February Grade: N/A March Grade: A

Ignition Casino is a fledgling online gambling site that has so far gotten positive feedback. They have a very similar look and feel to Bovada, who ironically enough gave up their poker room to this very site.

It’s obviously early in the game (only been around since 2016), but IC has graded out well to this point due to friendly bonuses, a slew of online casino games and a growing poker room. It’s fair for some new players to not trust a site that is adapting on the fly, but so far Ignition Casino looks like a great place to play and has a solid and maturing history with reliable payout speed and success.

  • Ignition Casino hasn’t been around very long, but it’s already made a name for itself as a reputable online casino and poker room. Their ability to process speedy withdrawals via BitCoin, Check and Wire Transfer only support that.
  • In our first look, checks seem to hit some snags at times. One user at CardsChat complained about the process and was sitting on a 12-day wait in mid-March. The good news is the comments following the complaint were from users who either had not experienced the same issue or simply prefer BitCoin.
  • The process isn’t always bad, though, as user sCATpoker detailed the entire experience via check withdrawal and it only took a week in total. This was way back in September, but it’s a good example of the process and wait via check.
  • There was another complaint in the forums about a $300 payment that had yet to arrive, but it was quickly resolved.
  • Like most sites, BitCoin is the best option at Ignition Casino and there haven’t been any problems with the success or speed with that method.
  • BitCoin starts with a rough 24-hour window, but reports are usually much faster, with most processing within 10 hours.
  • Overall, Ignition Casino has risen fast due to a great, familiar product (looks and runs much like Bovada) and on top of its new poker room, it also delivers speedy payouts. A few complaints and some scam talk due to bonuses keeps them from getting a perfect grade, but this is otherwise a safe place to bet and you know you’ll get your money in a timely manner.

GT Bets Logo

GT Bets

February Grade: N/A March Grade: A

Another new addition to our monthly gambling payouts report is GT Bets, which has a solid history (in existence since 2011), offers a welcome bonus, stellar promotions and a slew of banking methods to choose from.

GT Bets is first and foremost known for their awesome sportsbook, where they take bets on a plethora of sporting events, while also offering a litany of wager types. In addition, GT Bets has a nice online casino. Short of some unwanted withdrawal fees, GT Bets passes the eye test and is one of the better dual threat online betting sites around.

  • GT Bets looks great on the surface, offering a slew of deposit options and several withdrawal options. BitCoin (FREE) leads the way just like with basically every gambling site that offers it, but you can also consider bank wires, use Money Gram.
  • Cash transfers withdrawals carry restrictions as far as when you can use this method and how frequently, and they also come with fees. This process takes roughly 72 hours.
  • Bank Wires can take up to 12 business days, but when talking with GT Bets they suggested that is more along the extreme side.
  • BitCoin is without a doubt the fastest method, ranging from 2-7 days on average. That’s on the slower end with most of the top betting sites when it comes to this specific payout method, but it’s not terrible and it’s the best route with GT Bets.
  • The only real active problem with GT Bets has been some confusion with how their bonuses work, but this has been going around for a while in the online gambling scene. It’s not specific just to them and if anything, it should serve as a reminder to know how bonuses work before using them.
  • GT Bets is obviously new to us as far as keeping tabs on the payout speed/success, so we’ll hopefully learn more come April. For now, the speed and success rate looks good and there isn’t anything else at the site to deter us. Their hiccup with the bonuses prevents an A+ rating, however. Logo

February Grade: N/A March Grade: B+

It’s often annoying to jump around to different online gambling sites to suit your fancy. That’s why is a refreshing gambling site, being one of the rare sites to offer online poker, casino games and sports betting.

You simply do not find that type of gambling versatility everywhere, and puts it over the top by producing a winning product that is also trusted, having been around since 2003. That long history hasn’t always been without a few hiccups, but has ditched some sketchy problems from the past and is respected as one of the cleaner sites online these days. doesn’t blow your socks off with their look or flash, but they’ve built themselves up into an online gambling site that offers everything you could want and is even easy to trust.

  • offers a solid list of payout methods, with BitCoin understandably taking the cake. Users can also use P2P, litecoin, Skrill, book to book, courier checks or a bank wire transfer.
  • The variety for a sportsbook that already crushes betting variety makes sense, but it’s also highly impressive.
  • Of all of those options, BTC is still the best one due to reliability and speed. BitCoin typically takes 24-48 hours at the most, while most users report completed transfers in mere hours.
  • Checks are always popular, but as we’ve seen, processing and bank acceptance can be a pain. That’s no different at, as checks can take up to two weeks to process and often another two weeks to arrive. They still work, they just take a lot longer.
  • Bank wires can be just as low and it’s all about the process. Users have to submit the request and that alone can take time. A rough 10-day window is probably a good starting point with bank wires at right now.
  • The big problem with trying to do everything like does is that you’re bound to falter a bit in some areas. We’ve seen this reality show up in the forums, with some users noting that poker withdrawals go very fast for most methods, but sports betting withdrawals sometimes can lag.
  • Ultimately, you’re usually going to be fairly safe if you roll with BitCoin, regardless of what you’re betting on at We’ll check back in a month and see if there is any more word one some of the other payout methods. For now, we’ll grade just short of an A due to a few slow payout methods.

TopBet Logo


February Grade: N/A March Grade: B

Another new addition in March is Topbet, which has proven to be a very solid online sportsbook that doubles as an online casino. Topbet was established in 2011 and has built up a solid presence in the online gambling realm, largely due to a nice interface, reliable payouts and their ability to offer a great casino and a reputable sportsbook.

  • Topbet’s main struggles were associated with a lack of payout methods, but they’ve seen a nice spike in payout success (and speed) ever since adding BitCoin to the mix.
  • We can see from this recent payout thread at SBR that some Topbet users have come forward, plugging the speed of BitCoin withdrawals.
  • User KoolHandLuke noted a big $3,200 withdrawal request. They had initially tried to withdraw via BitCoin but it was changed to check and took 23 days.
  • That’s not ideal, but we’ve seen it go the other way, where a Topbet check withdrawal missed their advertiser window and they then changed the payout method to BTC to help expedite it. To us, this shows the site’s ability to accommodate as needed to help the customer get their money.
  • The problem here is Topbet has slowed back down after a mild spike. BitCoin is arguably the best route, but as we’ve seen it can take a week or longer to fully process.
  • Topbet tends to change up withdrawal methods as they see fit, which is either helpful or troubling, depending on your perspective.
  • While Topbet issues their payouts a bit slower than we’d like to see, they’re not on the level of, Las Vegas USA or Planet 7. They’re more reputable, safer and faster. Because of that, they get a solid B, but we do hope to see faster payouts next month. Logo

February Grade: C- March Grade: C+ is still quite fresh to the online casino realm, having only just started taking bets in 2013. Despite its youth, still has loads to offer, starting with a plethora of card and lot games, as well as killer payouts, bonuses and promotions.

The only real complaints at tend to deal with some games that lag or insane bonuses that feel to be out of reach. The games rarely disappoint and there have been few issues with processing payouts safely and quickly, however.

“Fastest Payouts in North America!”
  • The theme at hasn’t changed. This remains a nice-looking online betting site and arguably one of the most versatile online casinos around. The promotions and bonuses are also killer.
  • The key (and repeating) issue is delayed payments, as users struggle to find one payout method that consistently works.
  • We’ve seen a litany of complaints over at over the past several months. It’s gotten so bad that the main page at the site can’t be found via search anymore.
  • There was also an issue that popped up when a user complained about big winnings at and he got some of his money, but not all of it. He was later booted from the site. It’s a dicey area, however, because it has to do with bonus manipulations. That being said, we thought we’d bring it to the attention of our readers.
  • For actual payouts, this site truly just takes forever and when we contacted them in the past they suggested complaints have arisen due to third party processors.
  • It’s obviously impossible to know, but what we do know is this site usually does make their payments, but takes forever in doing so.
  • Luckily, they do have BitCoin, which is setup to process within 24 hours. From what we’ve seen, even BTC doesn’t always go fast at this site.
  • Checks (4-7 days) only take longer and we’ve seen backups that go on for weeks or months.
  • The issues have remained the same for months and not much changed leaking into March. The positive is there aren’t many new complaints, so perhaps is turning a corner with their payout speeds. It’s also fare to again point out that users tend to love this site, the bonuses and the wide variety of games. The wait for your money has been grueling, but most users do get their cash eventually and love the experience itself of playing at the site.
  • If you personally are playing at and have found a payout method that works especially well with you, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

Las Vegas USA Logo

Las Vegas USA

February Grade: C+ March Grade: C

Las Vegas USA is another fantastic online casino, as they’re powered by a fantastic platform and welcome U.S. players with a thrilling (and safe) experience. Las Vegas USA also brings huge bonuses to the table for new players and strives to go out of its way to assist users with any issues via customer support. That elite customer service hasn’t completely killed some inconsistent payout speeds, but they do their best to resolve any standing issues.

“Join the excitement”
  • Another site very similar to, Las Vegas USA offers a great product with killer bonuses and fun games, but does not do well at getting their payments out quickly.
  • Limited withdrawal methods don’t help Las Vegas USA, while Neteller on the surface looks like your best bet for proposed speed. The success there hasn’t been detailed by users, however, so it feels like it’s just as much of a gamble as any of their other methods.
  • Checks would normally be a solid route, but they’ve also been quite problematic and oddly might be the worst option to consider.
  • The case could be different for both of those payout methods, but there hasn’t been much news associated with the month of March.
  • The good news is when we look back on complaints at, most of the issues are resolved and Las Vegas USA has been pretty open about payment issues.
  • While the payout methods and speed are poor, we can’t downgrade LV USA much more because their customers still love playing there and they offer a great product.

Planet 7 Casino Logo

Planet 7

February Grade: C- March Grade: C-

Planet 7 is the toughest online casino to grasp on this list, simply because they have such an awesome array of slick games, but have had a checkered payout history. While there have been numerous complaints through the years, few users have had problems with the actual games themselves and most complaints end up getting resolved, thanks to a hard-working and dedicated Planet 7 crew.

Planet 7 still has some work to do with staying on top of big payouts, but they’ve gotten better and continue to be near the top of the list when it comes to gaming atmosphere and versatility.

“Your source for the best Vegas online casino action”
  • We hate to keep the same theme rolling, but Planet 7 continues to follow in the same vein as and Las Vegas USA. This is a great site that offers awesome bonuses and games, but just keeps having issues with getting payments out in a timely manner.
  • We touched in our last report on the fact that new complains popped up over at and we got more for March.
  • There are some very long waits here, with just about every user mentioning a long waiting process to get their money, with waits ranging from 4 months to even 10.
  • That’s pretty bad, but user TCCARTER suggest what we’ve been saying over the past year – be persistent with your payout pursuit and eventually you will get your money. They suggested more frequent status updates could help the process, but users can still expect to get their winnings at some point.
  • Unfortunately, the payout times are still awful and the great lengths of time suggest no one payout method works better than the rest.
  • We still like the site itself and the games/bonuses are worth showing up for. But if you don’t want to wait for your cash, this may not be the online casino for you.


That does it for our look back into March to see how some of the best online gambling sites are doing with their payout speeds. If you have any specific information or experiences with these sites, please feel free to leave comments below so we can best serve our readers for next month’s gambling payout report.