eSports: The Future in Sports Betting

By Paul Wilson
Published on April 22, 2017
eSports Gaming Arena

We’re soon closing out the first third of the 2017 year, and unless you are of triple digit age, you are probably aware of what a video game is. If you don’t know what they are, hopefully, you have at least heard that other people use and play them for purposes of entertainment and competition.

Well, video games have become extremely competitive – professionally competitive, even.

If you’ve played video games before or still do, we’re not talking the type of competitive that you may have played with your next-door neighbor on the weekends as a kid; we’re talking about the best players, from the best competition, across every nation. Whether playing a heads-up first-person-shooter (FPS) match or calculating a teamwork based tournament game like League of Legends (LoL), they are ruthless in their pursuits of the best in-game edges and opportunities available. They are the Terminator T2000s of mentally strong sports players; some devote themselves to the perfection of their digital craft to an extent many other professional athletes don’t ever come close too.

For example, professional gamers in South Korea used to work regular 12 hour days of training – with some of their more lengthy days winding up to be about 15-16 hours in a single day! That leaves just about enough time left in their day to wake up and do it all over again the next.

The question you may be struggling to ask yourself has already minted itself as a fact; those leisurely video games you may have once constantly played growing up – the ones that were used to kill some time waiting for life to roll back around again – they now fall under the banner of officially recognized sports! Eventually, even the naysayers will hear themselves follow suit by calling this particular hand/eye coordination skill-set what it is: a sport

Here are three of my favorite reasons to keep your eyes on the future of eSports:

1. A New Sports Betting Genre

The new form of athletics is priming itself to take over the sports betting community too. The upcoming and foreseeable future of sports wagering looks one of two ways, depending on which type of person you are. It’s either full of digital possibilities, or it’s changing way too fast. I suppose a good middleman could argue that both statements are actually true. See it however you may; but betting on competitive video games in tournaments, team matches, head-to-head competitions, and superior skills contests could possibly be coming to a sports-book near you much sooner rather than later.

The new sports genre has even been dubbed with their own specially named category – eSports – short for Electronic Sports. It is the first and only sub-category of sports that allows for athletes (gamers) of all ages to competitively play one another on an organized level. It is finally being treated as a professional sport. It’s also become a popular spectator sport among young adults. When there is a live event scheduled, they come to watch by the thousands; and if the event is streaming online, they view it by the millions!

Most of these pro gamers are salaried professionals too. If you’re struggling to comprehend how eSports can possibly generate revenue or pay salaried employees, you wouldn’t be alone. But look no further than the online sport’s economy for proof. It is expected to grow by $463 million, in the year 2017 alone; and filling seats with spectators (fans) is a major part of that dollar figure.

It isn’t hard to understand why eSports is bound to be a permanent fixture within the wagering community for decades to come. For as long as currency has been around, mankind has attempted to make more of it in the easiest ways possible. It’s called streamlining. Wagering is one of those streamlined, fast-cash options. In promising fashion, Millennials have found a way to add their own generational staple to the sports betting world. They’ve created an entirely new sports industry to wager on – and it’s happening right now!

is one of the few sites actively attempting to pioneer the odds aspect of eSport matchmaking. By their own admission, they “welcome winners” and are happy to pay them their wager winnings. It helps them to collect data statistics. These statistics allow their team of bookmakers the ability to adjust the odds of future matches available for betting with higher degrees of accuracy. By their own stunning revelation, they advertise to the world this fact: there are few experts in the field of eSports wagering at this time. In doing so, they also reveal the infancy of this new sports betting nature.

2. An Untapped Player Market

The unstoppable momentum created by the sport’s young fan-base has already swung the electronic genre well into the noticeable world. With the rise in popularity of video games and the growingly larger number of people interested in actually spectating these virtual competitions, eSports is sure to be a hallmark sport of the many generations to follow. Video gaming is most popular with the Millennial Generation of people. All demographics surveyed identify them as the major driving force of the budding sport. This means these alternative athletes are potentially sitting in their homes right now – training.

That’s right, GAMERTAGguyreadingthis420, you could have been a pro athlete if you stuck with it a little longer. I’m kidding, of course. Everyone’s priorities shift in life and they grow older in age and some interests. But theoretically speaking, what’s to stop you from picking the controller sticks back up and trying to make a real run at it again? There’s a way to do it…

is a well-respected eSports organization that helps gamers realize their dream of becoming professionals. They organize eSport tournaments in the United States and Canada with cash prizes going to the winning team! These prize pools are nothing to chuckle at either. The MLG recently completed one of these tournaments on April 3rd for a whopping $1,000,000 prize pool figure! That amount is certainly nothing to scoff at – especially for being good at what was once a popular recreational activity!

…and that’s not the largest prize pool eSports has drawn either!

This has created an upswing in new candidates vying for their own spots with professional gaming organizations. Everyone is searching for the elusive professional gaming contract offered by the higher-end eSport organizations like Riot. It is rumored that Riot (the company who runs the notorious League of Legends game) pays their professional employees substantially more than $10,000 for a three-month period of gaming.

If that’s the case, Professional Gamer may be sounding like more and more of a desirable job to apply for. But another way eSports shows its newbie nature is the way its paid professionals are treated. As of current, all professionally signed gamers must carry their own individually purchased medical insurance. No other professional sports teams are allowed to do this to their players! It’s a testament to eSports’ currently underfunded but growing corporate anatomy.

3. Entertainment for All, Opportunity for Some

That’s right. Going to the sports arena may soon be a different way to watch a demonstration of hand/eye coordination. What’s more surprising is that some of these coordination skills, that professional eSports players have, can actually be better than today’s best professional baseball hitters have! How’s that for impressive!

It is simply a matter of time before the rest of the world’s general population begins adopting eSports into their multinational cultures. That may sound drastic, but it’s not. There is evidence of this already happening in the United States. The group Millennial Esports has commissioned a construction project that’s underway in Las Vegas, right now. The facility is scheduled to be the state’s first eSports arena ever built. It will house seating for over 200 people encompassed in more than 15,000 square feet of building area. That’s not a bad start for the blossoming sport, but it’s a huge stride in the race towards global recognition.

High schools across America are forming their own eSports intramural teams. While an older generation might laugh at that concept, it’s not so funny when colleges start getting in on the action too. Then it becomes an opportunistic venture; eSports becomes a path for life advancement. Here’s a prime example of that; Columbia College is now offering an eSports scholarship program to incoming students who qualify.

The revealing of that truth uncovers a golden opportunity for bettors everywhere. For them, the decimal is all that matters. As eSports betting inevitability draws nigh, the thrifty bettors should start getting used to speaking with one another about video games in the same way we would speak about betting football games.

One thing’s for certain: It will never again be said that ‘video games will get you nowhere in life.’ Those days of falsehood are long gone.

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