Entertainment Betting: Props for The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

By Noah Davis
Published on April 13, 2018
The Walking Dead

Season 8 of The Walking Dead promised an All-Out War.

Die-hard TWD fans got that in spurts, and along the way, they also lost some of their favorite characters.

The odds are good that more blood will be shed by the time season 8 comes to a close this Sunday, April 15th.

Here’s the trailer to get the blood boiling:

So… Dwight is in trouble.

And other stuff, I’m sure.

To this point, there have been frayed wires in the foundation of The Saviors.

Negan started sensing some insubordination a few episodes ago, while the show has also gone out of its way to humanize him as much as possible.

That side trip came to a screeching halt in the last episode, which saw the ferocity of Negan return with the man with the bat being forced to take out his right-hand man.

The writing on the wall suggests a few things: Negan isn’t on the stable ground he once thought he was, he still isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty, and there still may be hope for him yet.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all that predictable what the show will do with him.

Norman Reedus (Daryl) suggested not too long ago that The Walking Dead , but bettors probably want a little more security than that.

There aren’t any The Walking Dead prop bets out there for you to take advantage of at the moment, but if the best entertainment betting sites are smart, they’ll hop on the hype surrounding not just the ending of season 8, but the series in general.

How Will Season 8 End?

Just one episode remains in an up-and-down season 8, where a lot of things have been teased, but truthfully, not much has happened.

The Walking Dead has grown to be notorious for this. The show does a fantastic job with character building and creating tense situations, but the show runners also have a bad habit of drawing things out a bit too much.

In some ways, fans are fine with this “war” lasting for a while, but since Negan arrived and began torturing our favorite survivors, a lot of real life time has passed.

Whether the show decides to kill Negan, Rick, or some other massive character, the consensus is that something big has to happen and it has to happen now.

Reedus teased a “satisfying” season finale, which to me suggests Rick Grimes finally making good on his word and triumphing over Negan – to an extent.

That being said, Negan survives for quite some time in a very long story in the actual comics, so killing him off would be a drastic shift from how the story was originally told (though they did kill Carl).

It could be a mistake, as well.

I’m not sure the TWD world is big enough for both Negan and Rick to co-exist, but Negan is probably the best (or at least the second-best) character the series has to offer.

Because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so good at what he does, and the comics don’t kill Negan off, I doubt he dies.

Grimes and company will win their battle to some degree and Negan will still be in serious trouble, which at the very least should lead to him losing power.

The other things people need to brace for are potential deaths.
Most entertainment betting sites offer The Walking Dead death odds, but so far this year those have been virtually non-existent.

Obviously, Negan and Rick are still in play here, while it’s been known for a while that .

Maggie, Daryl, Dwight, and so many others are very much toss-ups, though.

Of the lot, Maggie could be primed for an exit due to other opportunities, while the end feels near for Dwight, a guy that has grown on TWD community.

The big takeaway is that The Walking Dead as you know it will cease to exist. The season 8 finale is ending the narratives that have gotten us to this point, .

That is very interesting and exciting.

On one hand, it’s simply exciting that the show is broadening their scope a bit and will look to try new things.

I don’t know how you get bigger and badder than Negan, but is certainly one path to consider.

Negan’s rule, as you’ve grown to love/hate it, is coming to an end.

Leaders will fall, the communities will in some way band together, and that will ultimately bleed into something much bigger come season 9.

If you stumble upon some The Walking Dead death odds, be sure to take a few fliers.

The leading candidates to get axed as far as big names go, however, figure to be Dwight and Maggie.

How Will the Series End?

Thinking about how season 8 of The Walking Dead ends opens things up considerably.

A brand-new story is being born right before our eyes to close out this season, and when the show comes back for an already-ordered 9th season, it will be very interesting to see the direction it heads in.

There has been a lot of chatter about the helicopter seen in the sky, as well as the potential impact of new character Georgie. Just what these two elements mean going forward could pave the way for a totally different take on TWD.

That’s 100% good news.

The main drawback with The Walking Dead is that it had grown stale. It was spending too much time on the same old characters and exploring their emotions and nauseam.

The wrapping up of this lingering storyline – one that has been going on for over two seasons now – is needed, while it also opens up the TWD world to endless possibilities.

That will mean some big deaths, role changes, new characters, and a much bigger The Walking Dead world – possibly one bigger than we could have imagined or are truly ready for.

Creator Scott Gimple once suggested .

The Walking Dead is approaching a decade, and while some of the seasoned veterans may be ready to hit a wall, there is still so much more story to tell.

I think some level of the New World Order story is going to end up being a huge part of where the show goes, while Negan and Rick may end up joining forces if/when The Whisperers pop up.

There is a lot of unresolved tension in this show that should be settled in the season 8 finale.

From there, The Walking Dead knows no bounds.

Carl was supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. He grew up on the show, sifting his way through the madness, and even through his death, he may end up patching together unlikely allies.

That message can’t ring hollow.

Carl’s dying words will preserve his father’s sanity and resolve. It will keep a brilliant character in Negan alive and in play while setting the show up for a much better antagonist.

I won’t pretend to know , and at this point, I think it’s impossible to know how or when it ends.

That being said, I doubt Negan or Rick survive until the end, and as the show changes, its cast will evolve as well.

Perhaps when everyone went left with Carl being the future, we should have gone right and backed Judith.

That’s a .

Her time is far away on the show, but if The Walking Dead is really building itself up to last that long, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a “flash forward” at some point.

If that happens, The Walking Dead will truly be a different experience, and a strong female lead can help us navigate the murky waters of what lies ahead.

For now, there is hopefully a lot more story to tell on the screen, and I personally can’t wait to see how things unfold in the season 8 finale and in season 9.

If you can hop on some TWD props, I’d take advantage. There should be enough evidence to come away with some profit, and betting on The Walking Dead would naturally only make watching the show an even more enjoyable experience.

Entertainment Betting: Props for The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale
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Entertainment Betting: Props for The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale
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