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DFS Picks and Best Bet for Buccaneers vs. Panthers on Thursday Night Football

By Noah Davis
| September 10, 2019

Thursday Night Football’s troubling history was temporarily forgotten last year. A slew of surprisingly great games made fans forget about the short-week affair that often produced either disgusting blowouts or a bad overall product.

The week 1 tilt between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears brought back all of the horrifying memories.

Offense was a complete non-factor, as the Packers accounted for the lone touchdown in a truly ugly 10-3 battle. The good news? I urged bettors to go with the under when dissecting my favorite bet of the night, and I also hit on some of my Thursday Night Football DFS picks.

Most specifically, I vouched for the Packers defense and slid them into my captain spot. That was somewhat contrarian, while I also had the popular Aaron Rodgers, who was responsible for one half of the only score on the night.

I didn’t have the foresight to actually pair the two defenses together, but I at least suggested it in my breakdown. The end result? A winning wager and an NFL DFS showdown lineup that at least was headed in the right direction.

For an entirely new slate and chances at winning big, let’s follow up my colleague’s initial Buccaneers vs. Panthers betting preview with my own analysis to include a best bet and my top DFS picks.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers Week 2 Betting Odds

There’s nothing like football on Thursday night. It’s not because the matchup is amazing (although it’s pretty good) or because the product is great (we never can know). It’s because we get football in the middle of the week.

And that’s better than not.

Week 2 serves up a game that should easily top the league’s kickoff game. Remember that snoozefest that produced one touchdown and just 13 total points? I know there’s a place for defense, but man.

Tampa Bay and Carolina have a ton of offensive talent, and both teams are looking for a win after 0-1 starts. Needless to say, we probably have a good one on our hands.

I have a bet in mind right off the bat, but before you finalize any wagers, be sure to check out the Panthers vs. Buccaneers odds for the three main wagers. I also organized the latest odds with a look at some of the best NFL sportsbooks you can use online.

Betting Site Point Spread Moneyline Over/Under
BetNow (+6.5) -105, (-6.5) -115 +245/-300 52.5 (-110) (+6.5) -105, (-6.5) -115 +250/-300 50 (-110) (+6.5) -110, (-6.5) -110 N/A 50.5 (-110)
Xbet (+6.5) -105, (-6.5) -115 +250/-300 50 (-110)
BetOnline (+6.5) -110, (-6.5) -110 N/A 50.5 (-110)
Bovada (+6.5) -105, (-6.5) -115 N/A 50 (-110)

As you can see, the Buccaneers vs. Panthers odds are pretty similar no matter where you bet on the NFL. All six NFL betting websites above offer the same 6.5 point spread, the moneylines that are presently active are within five points of each other, and most of the totals are hovering right around 50.

BetNow is the preferred place to bet on the Buccaneers vs. Panthers game if you like the under. Right now, and XBet offer the most bang for your buck if you like Tampa Bay straight-up. If you like the spread, you can target the Bucs to beat 6.5 points at their -105 price at four different NFL sportsbooks.

For the Panthers, that wager would be best targeted at and BetOnline.

Beyond that, it comes down to personal preference, which site offers better payout speeds, and what you’re comfortable with. It also wouldn’t hurt to take a gander at the best NFL betting bonuses before making the call, too.

All things considered, based on this list, My Bookie feels like the best overall option going into this week 2 TNF clash.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers – Best Bet to Target

Whether you bet at My Bookie, one of the other sites above, or somewhere else entirely is up to you. Wherever you do bet, you just might want to roll with my preferred wager for this game.

I will be honest that I am very tempted to just go with the Bucs here. Their +250 moneyline at My Bookie is literally calling to me. They have the offensive upside, they’re in a must-win situation, and it’s not like the Panthers are unbeatable.

That’s a roll of the dice you should at least entertain, but betting on pro football isn’t just about splashy moves that could blow up in your face. It’s about sustainable profit and flat-out getting wins.

You have two pretty good paths to that on Thursday Night Football this week, and that’s going to be the over at My Bookie or the Bucs to beat a thick +6.5 point spread at any site of your choosing.

In the end, I just don’t fully trust the Bucs on the road to take their side in any regard. I do think they can beat the spread, but the safer bet is the over, and you can attack it with a -110 price at multiple NFL betting sites.

Obviously, these two offenses are loaded with talent, but their playing style also promotes scoring. Tampa Bay is a much better passing offense, while the Panthers are potentially among the most dynamic in the league.

Looking at 2018, both teams were inside the top 14 in scoring and also inside the top 10 in total yards per game. Neither defense has proven to be elite in recent memory, either, while one of their matchups last year produced a nice 70-point affair.

Both teams can put up points, and both will want this one pretty badly. I think we see a lot of points in an up-tempo game. The Bucs and Panthers already both rank inside the top 15 in the NFL in terms of tempo, while the Buccaneers were the 6th-fastest team in the league in 2018.

Carolina wasn’t all that slow (16th) a year ago, either. There is enough here to love the over, while betting on the Bucs will be a fine secondary wager.

  • Over 50

Week 2 Thursday Night Football DFS Picks

You can bet on the Buccaneers vs. Panthers game any way you like. You can also not bet on it and turn your focus to the NFL DFS side of things.

DraftKings allows for this via their showdown slate, and if you prefer FanDuel, you can do something similar over there. I’ll focus on DK, as their showdown game is a bit better and allows for a greater edge.

They also happen to offer superior pricing and better GPPs. But that’s just my opinion.

My Thursday Night Football NFL DFS picks didn’t light the world afire last week, but they also weren’t terrible. You can’t be mad about using Aaron Rodgers and other Packers stars, while if the Bears were smart, using rookie running back David Montgomery could have been a great move.

Starting Green Bay’s defense in my captain slot ended up being a fantastic move, but nobody really did much offensively in this game. Ideally, you started both team defenses, nabbed Jimmy Graham, and also found a way to cram Allen Robinson in your NFL DFS lineups.

Enough about last week, though. I think we have a very fun and hopefully explosive Thursday Night Football game on our hands in week 2, and that should make for an epic DFS outing.

All things considered, here’s my favorite NFL DFS lineup for Thursday night.

  • CAPTAIN: Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers ($16.5k)
  • FLEX: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers ($12.4k)
  • FLEX: Breshad Perriman, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4.6k)
  • FLEX: Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($8.6k)
  • FLEX: Bobo Wilson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($600)
  • FLEX: Curtis Samuel, WR, Carolina Panthers ($7k)

I don’t see any way around rostering some combination of Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, and/or Christian McCaffrey. The latter two destroyed the Bucs in 2018. Winston can be turnover prone, though, so to piece together a more complete roster, Winston will very narrowly be my odd man out.

McCaffrey will be insanely high-owned, and he’ll also garner plenty of ownership at the captain slot. One way to deviate from a chalky pick that you can’t actually fade is to not make him your captain. That’s tough considering the monster he’s proven to be, but Newton is the next best thing and helps me get a better team.

I can still take my shots in an explosive shootout, as Breshad Perriman, Curtis Samuel, and Chris Godwin all get me nice exposure to a back-and-forth passing duel. Perriman garnered five targets in week 1 and has the speed to bust something down the field.

Ditto for Samuel and Godwin, so this trio is a solid one to hang your hat on. Of the three, Perriman may end up being the most contrarian. With a lot of NFL DFS gamers sliding McCaffrey into the captain slot, it’s also unlikely they chase after both Samuel and Godwin.

Less than spectacular outings from both in their first game of the year could further cloud the interest from others going into Thursday night.

Believe me, I want the likes of Winston, D.J. Moore, and Mike Evans. Ronald Jones, Peyton Barber, and O.J. Howard look appealing, too. I won’t fault you for going in those directions, but I want star power, some balance, and a Thursday night DFS team nobody else will have.

Eating the good chalk makes sense, but Perriman shouldn’t be chalky, and I sure don’t expect many people to be on Bobo Wilson.

If there’s a cheap punt everyone could gravitate to, it may actually be Panthers running back Alex Armah, who vultured a score from McCaffrey last week. I don’t anticipate that happening again, so he feels like a risk best left for everyone else.

That by no means makes Wilson a safe play. He’s the team’s top punt returner and can score that way, but he failed to register a single target in week 1. The good news is he did see the field as a wide receiver a handful of times, so there could be a glimmer of hope for a play or two. It won’t take much to validate him at his $600 price (I hope).

Overall, the NFL DFS showdown slate is about picking the very best players in a game but also getting as many as possible. Take a look at the Saints vs. Texans game from this past Monday night. I personally had a team in there with everyone over 10 fantasy points, but I did not have Deshaun Watson in my lineup.

That was a risky (but contrarian) move, and it backfired. In Thursday’s case, I’m prioritizing Cam and McCaffrey and fading Winston and Evans. You can roll with my daily fantasy football strategy or just use snippets of what I plan on doing.


Whether you play daily fantasy football, bet on the NFL, or simply do both, Thursday is shaping up to be a fantastic time to aim high.

These short-week NFL games are always going to carry a certain amount of risk, but one less day of preparation for both defenses could open the door for two very capable offenses to explode.

That’s the play across the board here. Hopefully, it helps you profit one way or another. No matter what you do, I appreciate you stopping by. Good luck, and happy betting!