Derrick Rose Trade Rumors: 5 Teams That Could Trade For the Knicks Star

By Kody Miller
Published on February 17, 2017
Derrick Rose Feature

The NBA is swirling with trade rumors these days, as the 2017 All-Star break has arrived and we have just six days before the league’s trade deadline kicks in.

Several big names have been thrown around, while every media outlet everywhere is still crossing their fingers for some substance to materialize out of the Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors.

One big name that many didn’t expect to get moved has popped up, as well. The Knicks could potentially be making a big move, and it might not involve Carmelo Anthony. Instead, star point guard recently.

That’s shocking, but the more interesting tidbit would be to learn precisely which NBA teams have true interest in Rose. Rose is certainly a catch-22, as he’s not really seen as a building block for a winning franchise anymore, but he has an expiring deal and does still have value as a pure scorer.

So, who could be in play to add Rose?

Let’s take a look at five teams we think could make sense as potential suitors:

Cleveland Cavaliers

Say, what? I know, it doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but if you look closer, it actually does. LeBron James has been pining for some playmaking help for months and now that star forward Kevin Love just went down, the Cavs have to feel at least a little sheepish about their ability to score the ball at a high level.

Rose would be a valuable addition for several reasons. The first is for his scoring. For all of his faults, Rose has remained elite at attacking and finishing inside the paint, and he’s a natural scorer. Rose isn’t the MVP player he was in his prime, but he’s still a terrific athlete and knows how to get buckets.

He can serve as a strong reserve and Kyrie Irving’s top backup at point guard, while it’s not crazy to wonder if he could start next to Irving, as well.

Rose isn’t efficient and he’s not a true point guard, but he can score and create offense. If the Cavs want to make a splash, he’s certainly an interesting move to consider.

Dallas Mavericks

This one is interesting, as the Mavs have slowly fought their way back into playoff contention, but may have to ask themselves what they’re going to do at point guard going forward. Deron Williams has an expiring deal and could be traded, while their best bet for the future right now is Yogi Ferrell.

Ferrell has been good, but that’s not really an ideal situation. Instead, the Mavericks could go after Rose, who can still ball and wouldn’t be the worst idea for a long-term option, perhaps for the next 3-4 years. Rose can still score at a fairly high level and with the parts Dallas has, his weak defense can also be masked.

This move works for all sides, as it could facilitate an exit for Deron Williams, gets Rose out of New York and gives Dallas an interim starting point guard. If all goes well, the second half of the 2016-17 season could serve as Rose’s audition to stick in Dallas for good.

Denver Nuggets

Who hasn’t been on the trade block in Denver, maybe aside from Nikola Jokic? Seriously, the Nuggets seem to be willing to trade everyone, with Emmanuel Mudiay, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari all being piping hot trade rumor pieces.

Mudiay is the person of interest here, as both sides could win in a trade. New York could get a 20-year old point guard who turns the ball over and has a broken jumper, but is still very young and possesses immense upside. Considering the Knicks currently do not have a long-term answer at the point, Mudiay could be a fine get.

On the flip side, Rose would take over as Denver’s main point guard or at least share the load for the rest of the year. He’d likely leave in free agency, helping Denver chase the playoff to close out this year and then leave the door open for Jamal Murray to take over as the team’s franchise point guard next season. Provided Denver is open to taking on Rose and the Knicks sweeten the deal with a pick and/or a young talent, this could be a great play for both parties.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit is another spot that could make good sense, as Reggie Jackson trade rumors have popped up recently. Jackson can be a bit of a black hole on offense and whispers suggest the Pistons don’t really view him as their point guard of the future anymore.

Rose really isn’t any more efficient than Jackson, but he’s better at attacking the rim and he’s arguably less of a ball stopper. Rose isn’t the long-term solution, either, but if the Pistons can get a short-term starter and a player and/or pick in the process, it could be a move worth making. And who knows, maybe Rose proves to be an upgrade and finds Detroit to be his long-term home.

Sacramento Kings

This is a tough one, just because Darren Collison has actually been playing really well and Ty Lawson has been a passable backup option off the bench. While that’s true, the Kings could do better here and adding Rose gives them better size and inside scoring that these guys don’t offer.

Sacramento would lose some shooting and depth possibly with this deal, but the Kings are pushing for the playoffs and could potentially also view Rose as a piece to build with in the future. It’s tough to envision Collison sticking here forever, so if the Kings are going to move him, a trade with Rose and maybe a pick could make sense.

Other Options

These are the top five Derrick Rose landing spots, but there are other options out there. If Rose can go work off the bench for the Cavs, then he could potentially work in a similar role with contending teams like the Thunder, Spurs or Grizzlies, as well. All of those teams could always use the extra offense, while San Antonio could even start Rose at this point.

Those destinations don’t feel likely, nor does it make much sense to toss Rose on a really bad team like the Nets. Brooklyn will be getting Jeremy Lin back from a hamstring ailment and as the worst team in the league, seems content tanking their way through the remainder of the season.

Teams like the Bucks, Timberwolves and Magic have been involved in a lot of rumors (or even actual trades). They aren’t likely trading partners, but they probably can’t be ruled out, either.

Derrick Rose Prediction

Ultimately, Rose probably isn’t going anywhere. The Knicks seem like they don’t know what they want right now, and over the next week they’ll need to decide if they want to blow this thing up or stand pat and try to make the playoffs. If Melo caves and allows them to trade him, a full rebuild could be coming.

Without that, we’re not sure the Knicks make the first play and send Rose packing.

If a trade does go down, however, Rose’s best spot looks to be Denver. The Nuggets have a tantalizing prospect the Knicks could desire in Mudiay, while the Nuggets could make good use of Rose as his final year of his deal runs out. Rose wouldn’t be long for Denver, but he could bring in a pick or young player in the deal along with him and help the Nuggets push for the playoffs before departing during the offseason.

Denver is our pick for Rose in any potential trade, but even with the surprise rumors popping up, a trade doesn’t feel imminent.

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