Dealing with Issues at Casino Onlines

By Kory Walker
Published on November 10, 2014
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Over the years I have had my fair share of problems at the gambling sites I’ve used. Some of these have been where the site has got something wrong or made a mistake, and some have been where I’ve misunderstood something or made a mistake of my own. Sometimes it’s just been an unavoidable issue where no-one has been to blame.

I’ve always been able to get my issues resolved, thankfully, and have never encountered a situation where I’ve been left out of pocket or unable to get a problem dealt with satisfactorily. Seeing as I’ve regularly used many different gambling sites over many years, I could consider myself pretty lucky in this regard. I’ve heard stories from people who have gambled online a lot less than me, but still had issues that they never managed to resolve.

I should point out some of these people actually only have themselves to blame. There are certainly some rogue gambling sites out there who simply don’t treat their customers right, and even the very best sites fail to do the right thing sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the site’s fault. Sometimes, it’s the gambler that has to take responsibility for a problem not getting resolved.

In this post I’ve provided five simple tips for avoiding having problems at gambling sites in the first place, and how best to deal with them when you do.

1. Only Use Reputable Casino Onlines

This is my number one tip for two reasons. First, by using reputable gambling sites you are actually less likely to experience any problems or issues at all. I’m not saying that all reputable sites are perfect, because they’re not, but they don’t get good reputations by accident. They earn them by being good at what they do. It’s therefore entirely logical to assume that they will not make many mistakes or get things wrong very often.

Of course, problems will still happen from time to time. This brings me on to my second reason for using reputable sites, which is that they are far more likely to deal with problems effectively. They want to keep their customers happy, so they’ll always look to resolve a situation as best they can. While this doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be happy with the solution, you can at least be confident that you will be treated fairly.

2. Always Read the Relevant Rules

There are all kinds of different rules relating to the various forms of gambling you can do online. When you’re playing in the casino, each game has its own set of rules. When you are betting on sports, there are rules about what happens in certain situations (such as an abandoned game for example). There are also rules for how certain situations are dealt with in poker, such as when you lose your internet connection during a hand.

It is not at all uncommon for online gamblers to encounter problems purely because they don’t fully understand the relevant rules, and it’s obviously difficult to blame the sites in such situations. If the rules are available to read, then it’s ultimately the responsibility of the gambler to be aware of them. You can prevent a lot of potential issues if you always read any rules that apply to your betting and gaming.

The same principle applies to the terms and conditions of bonuses. Most gambling sites receive more complaints relating to bonuses than any other issue, and these complaints frequently stem from the simple fact that the customer hasn’t read the terms and conditions. Again, you can avoid such problems simply by making sure that you always read the terms and conditions of a bonus before claiming it or accepting it.

I should mention that it is not exactly unheard of for rules, or terms and conditions, at gambling sites to be more confusing than they need to be. Most reputable sites will try to make them as clear as they can be, but sometimes the language used is hard to understand or open to interpretation. There are also, unfortunately, a small minority of sites who will deliberately word things in a way that is likely to mislead their customers.

Either way, if you’re not sure about something then you should contact customer support first. They should be able to clear up any confusion easily enough, and if you cannot get a straight answer to any questions you have then you might want to think about using a different site.

3. Report Your Problem Politely and Respectfully

If you do encounter a genuine issue where you think a gambling site has made a mistake or got something wrong, then you need to report it to customer support. You should make sure that you are polite and respectful when doing this. Some people might believe that ranting and being rude will get them more attention, but this is rarely the case.

Try to remember that the people working in customer support at gambling sites are human beings, and it’s very unlikely that they are in any way responsible for any problem you might have. The simple fact is that it is their job to help you, but it’s not their job to be abused by you. If you address them in a courteous manner then they are likely to do their best to assist you in any way they can, whereas if you’re rude they may do the bare minimum.

This is all common sense really, and most of you reading this will already be fully aware of what I’m saying. It’s still worth me making the point though. Emotions can run high when real money gambling is involved, and it’s all too easy to lose sight of common sense.

4. Be Patient and Reasonable

It’s important to be patient once you have reported your issue. You are quite within your rights to expect some kind of acknowledgement or response within a reasonable timeframe but, depending on the exact nature of your issue, you shouldn’t expect it to be resolved instantly. You may need to give the site a little time to work out what the problem is, and how to deal with it.

When it comes to finding a suitable resolution, it’s also important to be reasonable. You may well be entitled to some form of refund or compensation in certain circumstances, but you shouldn’t expect it for every single problem you might encounter. If a site has had technical issues, for example, and you were unable to place a wager that you wanted to place, it’s going to be very difficult for them to justify giving you compensation. Rightly so, as there is no way for you to prove what you were trying to do.

Most reputable gambling sites will make an offer if you are genuinely entitled to a refund or some compensation, and you should accept any offer that is fair. Don’t be greedy and try to squeeze a few extra dollars out of them, as this may affect how they deal with you in the future or may even result in them withdrawing their initial offer. With that being said, it’s perfectly reasonable to be firm and hold out for a better offer if you don’t think you are being dealt with fairly.

5. Escalate a Complaint if Necessary

If you feel that you have a problem or issue that has not been dealt with correctly, then it’s reasonable to make a formal complaint. Many gambling sites will have a process to follow for formal complaints, but if they don’t you should ask for your problem to be dealt with by someone senior. If things reach a stage where you really feel you are just not getting anywhere dealing with the site directly, you should contact their licensing authority.

All reputable gambling sites are licensed to provide their betting and gaming services. Any authority that licenses gambling sites is responsible for ensuring they behave in an ethical manner, and should be prepared to mediate in a genuine dispute between a site and a customer. Contacting a licensing authority should be your last resort, but one you should definitely turn to if you feel you have to.

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