Dancing With the Stars Season 25 Odds and Predictions

By Noah Davis
Published on September 17, 2017

Season 25 of Dancing With the Stars is officially ready to hit the dance floor, as . Former NFL star Terrell Owens, Malcolm in the Middle actor Frankie Muniz and 11 others make up a stacked 13-person cast, all of which will compete for first place.

Owens hopes to follow in a long line of former pro football players who have either done well or flat out won the TV dancing competition. Former New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings is the last NFL star to do so, while wide receivers (the positions the man known as T.O. used to play) Hines Ward and Donald Driver have won before.

It’s anyone’s guess if Owens will emerge as the ultimate victor, but if you have a good idea of his (or other dancer’s) prospects, you might want to invest in your dancing knowledge.

Dancing With the Stars – Odds to Win

Bovada and other top entertainment betting sites are currently accepting wagers on how Dancing With the Stars Season 25 will shake out.

Bovada has former 98 Degrees heartthrob Nick Lachey as the odds on favorite to win the competition, with Lindsey Stirling, Debbie Gibson and Sasha Pieterse tying for the second best odds. Check out the full cast and their odds for season 25 of Dancing With the Stars:

  • Nick Lachey (+400)
  • Lindsey Stirling (+800)
  • Debbie Gibson (+800)
  • Sasha Pieterse (+800)
  • Frankie Muniz (+900)
  • Jordan Fisher (+900)
  • Vanessa Lachey (+900)
  • Derek Fisher (+1000)
  • Terrell Owens (+1000)
  • Victoria Arlen (+1000)
  • Drew Scott (+1200)
  • Nikki Bella (+1200)
  • Barbara Corcoran (+2500)

Right off the bat, it’s going to be hard not to bet on Lachey, who certainly has been involved in the entertainment industry for quite some time.

DWTS does a great job of loading up a competitive group, though, so despite Lachey’s talent and entertainment background, he might not be the best bet here. We should always consider all options when placing our bets, but a few really stand out from the pack.

Lindsey Stirling (+800)

There is a reason we need to consider Stirling seriously – she’s kind of amazing. I will have to admit that I had never heard of her prior to looking at the Season 25 DWTS cast, but I was pleased to stumble across this video:

What we’re seeing here isn’t just a brilliant violinist, but someone who can create and execute entertaining choreography. Stirling is always going to be known for her instrumental abilities, but she knows how to move and put on a show. Both traits could certainly come in handy as she competes on Dancing With the Stars.

Honestly, if she just goes out and does what we just saw in this video, I vote she wins. Regardless, Stirling’s own talent combines with dancing partner Mark Ballas, who will be taking his shot at a first place finish for the 20th time. The veteran dancer hasn’t locked down that top spot yet but has finished 2nd three times before.

Debbie Gibson has singing and Broadway experience, but at 47 might not be as interesting of a bet in this same price range. The same goes for Sasha Pieterse.

Jordan Fisher (+900)

It almost seems unfair to insert a celebrity with actual dancing chops already, but that’s what we get in the 23-year old Fisher, who has experience as a singer, actor and dancer.

Fisher is clearly a multi-talented performer and hasn’t shied away from the spotlight one bit. You can get a quick glimpse of his amazing voice and penchant for impressive moves in this video:

This doesn’t make Fisher a lock, but his +900 odds make him a very intriguing bet when compared to Lachey and the other favorites. Thanks to a background in gymnastics, dance and musical theater, Fisher is one of our favorite sleepers in the celebrity pool.

Terrell Owens (+1000)

T.O. is without a doubt one of the biggest personalities on this season’s edition of Dancing With the Stars and as a former pro football star, we should take him seriously.

Owens is a prideful and confident athlete, as the now 43-year old seems to genuinely believe he could still start in the NFL. Whether that’s close to reality or not, Owens remains in impeccable shape and was always a nimble and explosive athlete during his plays days.

It’s fair to assume Owens has lost a little bit of his flair and athleticism over the years, but you certainly won’t catch him saying that. He always dons his trademark smile, too, so provided T.O. delivers on the dance floor, he’s going to be a tough contestant to judge (or root) against.

The actual odds make T.O. a fun play, as well, while being paired with two-time DWTS winner Cheryl Burke surely can’t hurt his chances. Burke is renowned for her dancing ability and even won with fellow NFL star Emmitt Smith back in season 3.

Drew Scott (+1200)

Often times it’s not necessarily about one’s showmanship, experience or talent. This is dancing, not rocket science or the NBA. That could allow for 39-year old Property Brothers star Drew Scott to shock us all.

This isn’t really about Scott, though. His background isn’t going to be enticing for entertainment bettors and there are other options to covet in this field. It’s his partner we’re taking solace in, as Emma Slater won with Rashad Jennings on season 24.

We can also toss in professional WWE wrestler Nikki Bella here. She has the same odds as Scott and actually has a background in extreme athletics. More of a finesse wrestler who certainly knows how to pump up a crowd, Bella could be another fun sleeper at +1200.

Completely ruling out Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran (+2500) would be a mistake, as the 68-year old seems to be in great shape, is as smart as they come and never backs down from a challenge. While understandably not a favorite against younger and more athletic competition, the odds could talk us into a flier bet.

Who Wins Dancing With the Stars Season 25?

We don’t want to automatically ignore some of the DWTS contestants we didn’t touch on. Frankie Muniz, Derek Fisher and Victoria Arlen all could be worth a look, but they didn’t fit the bill when looking at a combination of talent and value.

You can argue there is solid value across the board here, but from what we’ve seen, two contestants stand head and shoulders above the rest; Terrell Owens and Lindsey Stirling.

T.O. gets the nod in terms of athletic ability, past winner’s success and value, but Stirling is entering a game she knows how to win. I wouldn’t at all be shocked to see both of these contestants in the final, but ultimately we’ll take Stirling to win at +800.

I mean, the lady can dance impressively whilst holding (and playing) a violin. That’s incredible. Just imagine what she’ll be able to pull off with both hands-free and an elite professional dancer helping her. Yeah, we’ll take her for the win.

Pick: Lindsey Stirling (+800)
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