Daily NBA Betting – Lines, Odds, Predictions, and Picks for Wednesday, January 9th

By Jerry Summer
Published on January 07, 2019
Daily NBA Betting - Lines, Odds, Predictions

There are ten NBA games this Wednesday, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to place some interesting bets.

This blog post will help you make the most of those opportunities, and it’s not too early to start planning and get prepared.

I will start with my general predictions about the games, as the odds are still not out. Make sure to follow this post, though, as my colleagues and I will be updating it between now and Wednesday.

Once the lines and prices are up, they’ll be added here, and we’ll share our final betting picks.

On top of that, we will closely follow all the team news that pops up between now and Wednesday, the results of the teams in the games before that, and everything else that might be relevant.

It all goes here, so you will have the full picture and final betting picks once the NBA round starts.

With that all said, let’s go!

Update (01/09) – Betting Odds and Final Picks

The odds are finally available, so let’s see what BetOnline offers for each game and what my final pick is.

Spurs @ Grizzlies

Spurs (-3)-110
Grizzlies (+3)-110
Over 203.5-110
Under 203.5-110

I’m not surprised to see the Spurs as the favorite in this game. The fine form of the team continues and I don’t think the Grizzlies have enough to stop them.

At an earlier stage of the season, I would’ve probably gone for home side +3 or for the over 203.5 points, but the improved defense of the Spurs and the contributions from both the stars, and the role players are enough for me to back them to win and cover the handicap.

PICKSpurs -3-110

Magic @ Jazz

Magic +8.5-108
Jazz -8.5-112
Over 206.5 points-110
Under 206.5 points-110

I’m on the fence for this one, as I feel there could be some points and the line of the totals is a bit low. At the same time, the Jazz seem more than capable of covering the handicap as well.

Since the Magic were not capable of scoring at least 100 in their last two trips in the West this week, I will go for the second option as my final betting pick.

PICKJazz -8.5-110

Bulls @ Trail Blazers

Bulls +9.5-110
Trail Blazers -9.5-110
Over 207 points-110
Under 207 points-110

I have a similar vibe for this game, as I feel the Trail Blazers will certainly beat the Bulls, but the over 207 market is also appealing.

Since the Trail Blazers have managed to hit over 110 points in the past 4 games, and the Bulls reached 100 in their last two away ties, I’m going for the overs this time around.

PICKOver 207 points-110

Pistons @ Lakers

Pistons +1.5-110
Los Angelis Lakers -1.5-110
Over 217.5 points-110
Under 217.5 points-110

The home court advantage and the improved performance against the Mavericks are the reasons why the Lakers have a slight advantage here, despite the absence of Lebron James and Rajon Rondo. I feel the outcome of this game is too tough to predict, but the totals line is a bit high.

If the home team replicates its defensive performance from Monday, we could easily see a rather tight game. There’s a bit of an insurance as well, because the Lakers might struggle to score themselves, so the under 217.5 points is my final pick.

PICKUnder 217.5 points-110

76ers @ Wizards

76ers -2.5-115
Wizards +2.5-105
Over 227.5 points-115
Under 227.5 points-105

Those two met last night and it was a complete massacre. The 76ers won 132-115 in a game, where the defense was absent for both teams. This explains the high total points line, but I don’t think the coaches will let that happen again.

The Wizards will be playing at home this time around and I expect a closer and more sluggish game. The 76ers should be able to get the victory, so I will back them to cover the handicap, but the under is not a bad choice either.

PICK76ers -2.5 points-115

Pacers @ Celtics

Pacers +6.5-110
Celtics -6.5-110
Over 213.5 points-110
Under 213.5 points-110

The Celtics are looking much better recently, so I can understand why they are the favorites against the Pacers at home. One of the main improvements is in defense, as the Boston franchise has kept their opponents under 100 points in their last two home games.

The Pacers have been scoring for fun recently, but mostly against sides with an average defense. I feel this game will be slower and we will see fewer points. This is why the under 213.5 is where the value lies, in my opinion.

PICKUnder 213.5 points-110

Hawks @ Nets

Hawks +9-115
Nets -9-105
Over 227.5 points-110
Under 227.5 points-110

The Hawks had a heroic game against the Raptors last night, losing only by 3 points in Canada. One could say that this will lift the team, but I feel it might have the opposite effect. Playing on back-to-back away games is always depleting and the Nets know how to beat teams of such a caliber.

And yet, the handicap is too big for my taste. I feel that the Hawks have improved their defense, while the Nets don’t allow weaker teams to score many points against them. This is why the under 227.5 points market is my pick.

PICKUnder 227.5 points-110

Bucks @ Rockets

Bucks -1-120
Rockets +1+100
Over 225.5 points-110
Under 225.5 points-110

I simply can’t pick a winner here, although I feel that Giannis has more help than Harden. On the other hand, the home court advantage is on the side of the Rockets and this balances things.

I have the feeling that we will see a shootout contest here, with both teams scoring for fun. This is why I will go for the overs for the Bucks and Rockets NBA game this Wednesday.

PICKOver 225.5 points-110

Cavaliers @ Pelicans

Cavaliers +14-110
Pelicans -14-110
Over 223 points-110
Under 223 points110

The Pelicans already destroyed the Cavaliers a couple of days ago and this was in Cleveland. I expect more of the same in this game, so the 14 points difference shouldn’t be an issue for Davis and co. The over option is tempting as well, but I will rely on the abysmal defense of the Cavaliers and stick to a big Pelicans win.

PICKPelicans -14-110

Update (01/08) – Pelicans Beat Grizzlies

The Pelicans found some form and managed to beat the Grizzlies comfortably.

I think that the power of Davis alone would be enough to prevail against the struggling Cavaliers on Wednesday. The man is on the top of his game and I don’t see how the visitors can stop him.

Update (01/08) – Bucks and Rockets Both Win

Both organizations were impressive, as the Rockets beat the leaders in the West, the Nuggets, while the Bucks overpowered the Jazz.

As you would expect, Giannis and Harden shined again, so I think this one will be a high-scoring battle.

Update (01/08) – Nets Lose to Celtics

The Nets lost the game against the Celtics on Monday night, but that doesn’t change much.

This franchise relies on consistently beating weak opponents like the Hawks for a place in the playoffs so I’m still expecting a victory on Wednesday.

Update (01/08) – Irving and Morris Feature for Celtics

The Celtics did indeed feature both Irving and Morris on Monday as the team comfortably beat the Nets at home.

Eight players reached double figures, so it looks like the Boston Celtics are on the rise.

Update (01/08) – Pistons Lose to Spurs

The Pistons were beaten by the in-form Spurs, but there’s no shame in that. Blake Griffin looked strong in defeat, so we can expect him to perform well against the Lakers too.

The good news for the LA franchise is that Kyle Kuzma was back, while Lonzo Ball and Brandom Ingram looked much stronger. If they continue the same way against the Pistons, the home team might win this one.

Update (01/08) – Blazers Win Against Knicks

Portland Trail Blazers won somewhat comfortably against the Knicks at home on Monday, despite some struggles in the first half.

The match-up on Wednesday is similar, so I expect more of the same against the Bulls.

Update (01/08) – Magic and Jazz Both Lose

The Magic were comfortably beaten by the Kings, while the Jazz lost on the road against the Bucks.

I think this will further motivate the Jazz to bounce back against an easy opponent when they host the Magic on Wednesday.

Update (01/08) – Mavericks Poor Against Lakers

The Mavericks failed to beat a depleted LA Lakers roster on Monday and only scored 97 points.

This doesn’t change too much in terms of how I think they’ll do against the Suns on Wednesday. I believe that the Lakers were extra motivated to prove themselves after a bad run of form. Their coach Luke Walton publicly criticized Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram and both players responded in fashion.

Update (01/08) – Spurs Win, Grizzlies Lose

The Spurs confirmed my impressions that their away form is improving after beating Pistons on the road. Aldridge and DeRozan led the team, but it was an all-around effort and Pop’s men are looking strong.

The Grizzlies, in the meantime, lost against the struggling Pelicans, so I don’t expect a lot from them on Wednesday either.

San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies

Before December, it looked like the Spurs might miss the playoffs for the first time in ages. The departures of Kawhi, Tony Parker, and Danny Green, the retirement of Manu, and the injury of Dejounte Murray all suggested that it would be too much for Pop to overcome this time around.

Fast-forward 45 days later, and the team is 4.5 wins behind the leaders of the Western Conference after winning 11 of the last 15 games. The team is flying right now, with Aldridge and DeRozan running the show, helped by a strong supporting cast and bench.

The likes of Derrick White, Bryn Forbes, Davis Bertans, Jakob Poeltl, and other players are all consistently contributing on both ends of the floor. The Spurs look strong once again, but their form away from home remains a concern.

The franchise has a 6-12 record, but there are signs of improvement in this direction as well. The Spurs beat the Clippers in the last away game and lost a close game to the Nuggets before that. Both games make me think that Pop and his men will start winning on the road, too.

This should be helped by the terrible form of the Grizzlies. The Memphis franchise has lost 8 of the last 10 games, including a defeat at the hands of the Spurs this weekend. Despite some flashes of potential in that match, it wasn’t really competitive.

On top of that, the Grizzlies have lost their last three home games, so I feel the Spurs should be able to get another victory here.

Phoenix Suns @ Dallas Mavericks

The Phoenix Suns are among the worst teams in the NBA this season, and they will be hoping for another solid draft pick to compete next year. They already got a strong rookie, Ayton, who’s been hitting good numbers, but his individual contribution hasn’t brought many victories so far.

The record of 9-32 means that the Suns will probably finish last in the West, and this year is all about getting some experience for the youngsters.

This was supposed to be the case with the Dallas Mavericks as well, but Luka Doncic has surpassed the expectations already. The Slovenian prodigy has managed to lift the team, and the Mavs have looked like a playoff contender at some points.

The franchise lost momentum, though, and currently has a 3-7 record in the past ten games. The good news is that the Mavericks are one of the strongest hosts in the NBA, winning 15 games and losing only three in Dallas.

I think this is enough to suggest that they should beat the Suns rather easily.

Orlando Magic @ Utah Jazz

The Orlando Magic is an average franchise in the East this season, which doesn’t mean much. The team has some hopes for reaching the playoffs, but this is more because of the low competition in the conference.

The Magic lost the last four games against teams in the West, including a defeat against the struggling Suns at home. This suggests that the organization will probably suffer against the Jazz as well. The defense will hardly cope, which has been one of the biggest issues this season.

The Utah Jazz is one of the disappointments in the NBA so far this year, but one could say that the disproportionate distribution of the games so far is part of the reason why. The franchise has played 16 of them at home and 24 away so far.

The Jazz have looked better in the last ten games, so if they continue to improve and make the home court advantage count, the playoffs are certainly not out of the question. Games like this one are a must, though, and I expect the Jazz to win with ease against an opponent with a less talented roster.

Chicago Bulls @ Portland Trail Blazers

Despite some flashes of individual brilliance by Zach LaVine, the Chicago Bulls are one of the worst teams in the NBA. The franchise obviously won’t be in the playoffs, and it’s currently on a four-game losing streak.

Surprisingly, the last couple of games away from home weren’t that terrible, as the Bulls beat the Wizards and the Cavaliers and lost a close tie against the Raptors. And yet, this is hardly that big of an achievement, and the team’s defense is very inconsistent.

I think that the Trail Blazers will be too strong. The franchise is fighting for a playoff place in the West, and the home games are crucial. The current record in Portland stands at 15-7, and even the in-form Rockets and 76ers were beaten recently.

The usual suspects McCollum and Lillard are the leaders of the organization, but other players are contributing regularly as well. A good example is Jusuf Nurkic, who even recently.

The Trail Blazers are quietly doing their thing, and I don’t see how the Bulls can stop them here. It’s more a matter of how big the margin will be at the end of the game.

Detroit Pistons @ Los Angeles Lakers

The Detroit Pistons have been underperforming badly this season. The team was expected to comfortably win a playoff place in the weak Eastern Conference, but this is under jeopardy now.

I feel that the major reason for that is the lack of chemistry and consistency in the team. In some games, the Pistons have looked strong on both ends, while the defense sometimes collapses. This is the main reason for the 3-7 record in the past ten games.

Usually, I would expect the Pistons to lose against the Lakers on the road, but the situation here is a bit different. LeBron is going to miss this one, too, and other important players like Kuzma and Rajon Rondo are struggling with their own injury issues.

As a result, the Lakers have lost five of the last six games. They lack consistency and leadership, especially in crunch times. I still think that the young core might actually beat the Pistons on Wednesday, but I think this will be a tight game.

I would like to see the team news before I share my prediction, as it will be crucial this time around.

Philadelphia 76ers @ Washington Wizards

The 76ers and Wizards will be squaring off in back-to-back games, with the second one being hosted at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. this Wednesday.

The Wizards are definitely not having the season they wanted. The team is currently sitting in 11th place in the Eastern Conference after winning 16 games and losing 24.

They have pretty much the same roster that surprised everyone last season, but they have had a nightmare with injuries this campaign. Last week, it was confirmed that star player with a left heel injury.

This comes on top of news that starting power forward Markieff Morris is set to miss around six weeks of action, not to mention that Dwight Howard is still nursing a back problem.

Otto Porter Jr. is another player who has been struggling for fitness and is now projected to play the fewest number of games since his rookie year in the NBA. These are all starters, so it definitely doesn’t look good for the team.

They will be relying heavily on Bradley Beal and new recruit Trevor Ariza to turn their fortunes around.

The 76ers are in a far better position. They are currently on a 7-3 streak, and it looks like Joel Embiid is back to his best.

There are some concerns that Jimmy Butler is not settling in as expected, but nevertheless, the team is coming off of impressive wins against the Mavericks, Suns, and Clippers.

The Wizards did indeed surprise us by beating the Thunder, but with practically three of their starters now missing, I expect that they won’t be able to maintain a good run.

Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics

This may prove to be quite the contest. The Boston Celtics are starting to slowly stabilize their performances after a poor start to the season. Even with Kyrie Irving missing for the last couple of games, the Celtics were able to power through against the Mavericks and Timberwolves.

This was largely down to the heroics of young star Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward. Hayward looks to be returning to his best with an impressive 35-point display against the T-Wolves.

Given that Marcus Morris and Kyrie Irving are reported to be available for the next games, Boston will likely be able to face Indiana with their full force.

The Pacers have been one of the steadiest teams in the NBA this season. They are currently on a 7-3 streak with their only two defeats since December 20th coming against the conference leader, Toronto.

They are also the second-best team in the East on the road. The starting five of Bogdanovic, Young, Turner, Oladipo, and Collison has great balance. I expect a tight game that will go down to the wire with Boston possibly edging it on home court advantage.

Atlanta Hawks @ Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are looking like one of the positive surprises of the season. Nobody expected the team to enter the playoffs talk in any capacity, but we were proven wrong. The Nets currently sit in seventh and are just a game shy of a .500 record.

They are one of the teams with a 7-3 streak and are proving equally competitive in both home and away games. The team was even the hottest outfit in the NBA for a time in December when they notched up seven straight wins.

All of that was achieved without their star man Caris LeVert, who suffered an awful injury back in November.

Point guard D’Angelo Russell has proved his worth this season with a string of great performances, and players such as Jared Dudley and Spencer Dinwiddie have been tremendous coming off the bench.

The same cannot be said of the Atlanta Hawks. They are clearly a team in transition, but there hasn’t been much spark around them. The management passed up the opportunity to get Luka Doncic in the draft and instead went for Trae Young.

It is evident the Hawks would like to build a team around the rookie, but despite some positive performances, Young still looks a long way off from being a decisive factor.

Given the home court advantage and the fact that the Nets have already beaten the Hawks comfortably this season, I don’t think they will have problems doing it again.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Houston Rockets

Arguably the two hottest teams in the NBA right now will be meeting to settle the score in Houston’s Toyota Center.

After an abysmal start to the season, the Rockets have climbed to fifth in the West and are firing on all cylinders. James Harden has been virtually unplayable, and talks about him retaining the MVP award have started to re-surface. And it’s hardly a surprise, as he has averaged over 40 points in his last five games.

The definite highlight was the recent overtime buzzer-beater against the Golden State Warriors, a game in which Harden finished with a 44-point triple-double. He has basically taken on the NBA by himself in the absence of Chris Paul.

The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off of a disappointing home loss against the Raptors. It was a big statement by Toronto, who is now leading the Eastern Conference.

Giannis and the Bucks will be looking to get back on their feet as soon as possible, and the game against Houston presents the perfect opportunity to do that.

However, the Greek Freak will definitely need some help from his teammates, as his 43 points and 18 rebounds were not enough to sink the Raptors. I believe team support will be the key to winning the game.

It is evident that Harden and Giannis cannot be stopped, so the tie will be decided by the better team effort on top of what the two MVP hopefuls will do.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ New Orleans Pelicans

In a season where much was expected from Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, they have definitely under-achieved so far. The season started well enough, but they have since fallen dramatically. The Pels are currently sitting in 14th place in the West with only the Phoenix Suns having a worse record.

They are four games shy of .500, which might not even be enough for a playoff spot in the West. Their 3-7 streak speaks for itself, and they should be looking to change that as soon as possible.

The Wednesday game against the Cavaliers provides a good opportunity for that. The Pelicans have already beaten them on their home court and will be looking for their first back-to-back wins in over a month.

Cleveland is not doing so hot themselves. They are officially the worst team in the NBA as things stand. The loss of LeBron was sure to take them out of the playoffs, but I doubt anyone expected things would be that bad.

The only positives are the performances of young trio Cedi Osman, Jordan Clarkson, and Collin Sexton.

Even with their efforts, however, the team has managed only eight wins in the league so far – something that I highly doubt will change this Wednesday given how the Pelicans ran out comfortable winners in Cleveland on Saturday.

Final Words

As you can see, I didn’t share any final picks and predictions, as I want to see the early NBA Wednesday lines first. Make sure to stay tuned, as this post will be updated with odds, results, and team news before the games start.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own thoughts on each of the Wednesday games in the comments below.

Daily NBA Betting - Lines, Odds, Predictions, and Picks for Wednesday, January 7th
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Daily NBA Betting - Lines, Odds, Predictions, and Picks for Wednesday, January 7th
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