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Part 2: Getting Staked in Poker Tournaments: How to Land a Deal and Not Get Screwed
April 20, 2017 by Peter Brooks
Recently we wrote an article about poker tournament staking and how deals worked. We went through all the inner workings of the deals and the different options available. Not to sound like a school teacher, but if you haven’t read…
Getting Staked in Poker Tournaments: How it All Works
April 19, 2017 by Peter Brooks
As poker continues to grow in popularity, the number of tournaments and the size of the buy-ins continue to rise. This means that if you play regularly and want to take advantage of these new and bigger tournaments, you’re going…
9 Reasons Slots Are Better than Blackjack
April 15, 2017 by Randy Ray
When you read books and articles about gambling you often run across information about playing games with a low house edge or trying to play with an advantage. These sources of information always recommend playing blackjack over slots. While it’s…
Bigger is Often Better with Brick and Mortar Casinos
April 9, 2017 by Randy Ray
They say that bigger isn’t always better. Well, I don’t know who they are, but in this case – when it comes to brick and mortar casinos – they are wrong. Bigger casinos are better than smaller ones. That’s a…
7 Blackjack Strategies that Don’t Work
April 8, 2017 by Randy Ray
Blackjack is a popular gambling game offered in almost every land based casino in the world and online. If you start looking for ways to improve your results at the blackjack table you can find many suggested strategies. Only one…
Faro History and How to Play
April 7, 2017 by Randy Ray
Faro, also known as Pharoah or Farobank, is an old west gambling game of French descent that first showed up in the late 17th century. Although it’s hard to find a game of Faro being played anywhere today, it’s sometimes…
How to Win at Roulette
April 2, 2017 by Randy Ray
For hundreds of years, from Europe to the Americas, gamblers have crowded around a spinning wheel to take their shot at beating the odds. Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games known to historians. It’s been played continuously in…
11 TV Show Themed Slot Machines
April 1, 2017 by Randy Ray
Television series have for decades been a way for families to gather together in the evening and sit and watch TV and spend some quality time together. These shows usually have a long run on TV that can go on…
9 Things I Hate About Casinos
March 26, 2017 by Randy Ray
I suppose everyone could make their own list about things they hate about casinos but today I have the stage and need to blow off a little steam. Nothing in particular triggered this rant, but over the years of visiting…
The 17 Best Video Poker Pay Tables
March 19, 2017 by Randy Ray
For many players, the one of the most exciting aspects of video poker is that it’s one of the few casino games you can beat. But to win, you need to use perfect strategy and find the top video poker…
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