Online and Offline Casino Articles and Advice

Live Dealer Games at Online Casinos – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 23, 2019 by J.W. Paine
Ever since that first Neanderthal etched scenes of the hunt on the cave wall, man has wanted realism and entertainment in his home. For a long while, you had to be rich to afford pictures to hang on the wall,…
Weird Online Slots – Ten Unusual Slot Games at Internet Casinos
February 18, 2019 by J.W. Paine
Before we get into what I find bizarre in the online slots world, let’s talk about the slots that failed to make the grade, weird-wise. These are standard slots games that, despite their blandness, have names that summon the image…
The Different Baccarat Variations You Can Play and How to Play Them
January 31, 2019 by Randy Ray
Some casino table games have multiple variations, which gives gamblers a chance to try fun alternatives. Blackjack is especially known for different variations, such as 21, blackjack surrender, blackjack switch, perfect pairs, pontoon, red dog, single deck, Spanish 21, and…
How to Play Blackjack Just for Fun and Change Your Attitude About Winning and Losing
January 26, 2019 by Randy Ray
Next time you find yourself taking a stroll through your favorite casino, stop and soak in the scene at the table game pit. You’ll probably see a gaggle of happy tourists ringing the roulette table, slapping hands whenever somebody’s number…
Three Card Poker for Beginners – How to Play and Best Strategy
January 25, 2019 by Randy Ray
Three Card Poker is a house-banked version of poker. You might consider it a cross between poker and blackjack. Traditional poker games aren’t banked by the house; the players play against each other. Derek Webb invented “Three Card Poker” in…
The 2019 Las Vegas Table Game Survey – Blackjack and Other Table Games Surveyed by John Mehaffey
January 11, 2019 by John Mehaffey
I have been compiling data for Las Vegas blackjack tables and other games since 2012. I call it the “Las Vegas Table Game Survey.” From this year on, will be the home for my work. My report consists of…
Why I Prefer to Play Baccarat at Land-Based Casinos Instead of Online
January 1, 2019 by Beverly Greer
I will admit that when I first started gambling, I had never even heard of baccarat, and I was hesitant to play such an unfamiliar game. But once I learned the basics of the game, it quickly became one of…
How to Find Slot Machines That Will Let You Win
December 31, 2018 by Randy Ray
Do you sometimes wonder what you’re doing wrong when you’re playing slot machines? It’s only natural that you’d sometimes see other players winning jackpots and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Are you picking the wrong machines every time? Everyone can…
How I Discovered Buffalo Slots from Aristocrat and What I Love About These Games
December 30, 2018 by Katie Harding
If you've set foot in a casino in the States, it's hard to miss the unmistakable sound of a win from the Buffalo slot machines as “BUFFALOOO” echoes out across the gaming floor. These slot machines are easily among my…
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Craps Odds Bets
December 29, 2018 by Randy Ray
Craps is one of the top casino games when it comes to betting variety. The craps table features dozens of wagers, which makes for exciting play when you combine bets. Of course, some wagers are better than others in terms…
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