Online and Offline Casino Articles and Advice

Who’s the Best Blackjack Player in the World?
December 2, 2017 by Randy Ray
Blackjack features a mix of both skilled amateurs and professionals. Skilled amateurs are adept at using basic strategy to lower the house edge. Pros are good at one or more advantage-play techniques. It's really hard to separate blackjack players in…
Do Betting Systems Work?
November 29, 2017 by Matthew Craig
For as long as casino games exist, players will try to outsmart them in an effort to come out ahead, be it in the short or long run. There have been plenty of betting systems invented over the years; some…
Who’s the Best Poker Player in the World?
November 27, 2017 by Randy Ray
Phil Ivey was considered the top all-around poker player for years, thanks to his prowess in live cash games, online cash games, and tournaments. But Ivey hasn't done very well online in recent years, and spends most of his time…
Marijuana Banned in Las Vegas Casinos
November 26, 2017 by Julie Style
Get the Cheetos and Taco Bell ready, people, recreational marijuana is now legal in Las Vegas. Does this mean that the strip is now filled with happily oblivious, red-eyed faces? Well, yes… But unfortunately, it’s not because they’ve been spending…
7 Ways Blackjack Players Sabotage Their Chances of Success
November 25, 2017 by Randy Ray
Blackjack is a popular game because it’s easy to play and has a low house edge. Players have winning sessions sometimes, even though most of them are fighting the odds. To have the best chance to have winning sessions you…
10 Weekend Getaways with Casinos for Luxury Travelers
November 23, 2017 by Randy Ray
In the movies, every scene set on the casino floor suggests an air of luxury throughout. Before they counted cards and took the house for all it was worth in Rain Main, stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman donned dapper…
7 Cheap Casino Vacations to Consider Taking This Year
November 19, 2017 by Randy Ray
The words “cheap” and “casino” seldom go together, and for gamblers, planning out the next vacation typically involves tallying extra expenses. Valet parking, tipping the luggage porters, and overpriced fare at the in-house restaurants are all par for the course…
The Worst Roulette Advice I’ve Ever Heard
November 13, 2017 by Randy Ray
Roulette may look like a complicated game due to all of the different bets that are available. But it's actually one of the easiest casino games in terms of strategy. The main thing you need to do is find the…
7 Ways Slot Machine Players Sabotage Their Chances of Success
November 5, 2017 by Randy Ray
Slot machines don't feature as much strategy as games like blackjack and video poker. But there are still some strategies that you can use to boost your chances of winning. Nevertheless, some players either ignore strategy or don't know anything…
Video Blackjack and the Thrill of “Letting it Ride”
November 4, 2017 by Kent Mullins
One game that I like to play when my video poker sessions aren’t going well is video blackjack. Now, the truth of the matter is that these machines have been losing value in the last several years. Where they used…
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