Betting the Washington Nationals to Win the World Series in 2019

By Noah Davis
Published on March 10, 2019
Washington Nationals - 2019 World Series Odds

Judging by recent news, many bettors may not think the Washington Nationals are the best option as far as 2019 World Series betting goes.

It’s hard to argue with the logic at first glance, too.

Losing Bryce Harper hurts. At least in theory, Harper was a huge piece to their offensive puzzle and helped push the Nats into the MLB playoffs in four of the last seven years.

One player doesn’t make a team, however, and it’s not like the Nats ever got anywhere even when they had one of the best mashers in MLB.

Harper was a draw for fans, helped sell tickets, and played a big hand in putting Washington back on the map.

But the playoff wins just weren’t there. With Harper exiting, the Nats still hold onto a loaded roster, and with money freed up by his departure, Washington was able to improve their team with other moves.

The real question, though, is if those moves are enough to finally push the Nats into the World Series discussion.

Washington Nationals 2019 Odds

Before you go throwing money at the Nats (or any other MLB team, for that matter), it’s always important to take a look at how Vegas is pricing everyone and why.

With the Nationals, you could be getting some sick value. lists them with +1600 World Series odds, but that’s just one strong option online and isn’t even the best price.

You don’t need to just look at the World Series price for the Nats, but given their moves, that is probably where I’m looking the most.

Regardless, let’s take a look at the Nationals betting landscape and see where the best wager/odds lie going into the new 2019 MLB season.

Nationals World Series Odds

The big one is obviously the World Series. Washington never even got to the promised land with Bryce Harper leading the way, but given their strong power plays this offseason, I think there is an argument they could.

By the way, you can bet on how many home runs Bryce Harper will hit this year with the Phillies, and that sounds like fun.

Here’s the price for betting on Washington to win it all at the top World Series betting sites out there.

  • Bovada +2000
  • +1600
  • +1700
  • BetOnline +1600
  • XBet +1700
  • +1600
  • +1100

As you can see, none of the best MLB betting sites necessarily love the Nats to win it all. However, of the sites you can bet on the Nationals at, Bovada stands out as the best overall value.

More than that, Washington might honestly be the best overall value of any team you can bet on to win the 2019 World Series. More on that in a bit.

Will the Nats Win the NL East?

I’ll dig deeper into why Washington may be a solid World Series play, but if you’re not with me there, consider the prices for the Nats to at least snag the NL East division title.

Bovada doesn’t have NL East odds up as I write this, but if Washington’s World Series odds are any indication, they’d be one of the better baseball betting websites to check out at some point.

For now, the Nats have pretty solid odds to win their division no matter where you look.

Philadelphia, Atlanta, and even the New York Mets help to keep this race wide open, but given how loaded Washington is, their +300 price at and BetOnline looks rather attractive.

PICKWashington Nationals to Win the NL East+300

Why the Nationals Can Win the 2019 World Series

I already touched on the ridiculous value the Nats offer on most MLB betting sites, but I’ve yet to elaborate on why they’re possibly the top World Series bet going into the new season.

There is no denying their division is tough or that losing Bryce Harper could be a problem. But two things remain constant for Washington: they have elite pitching and a very powerful offense.

The first thing to look at is what they have on the mound.

Obviously, Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg are fantastic aces to build around. The team did lose Gio Gonzalez last year and has nothing more than a collection of pedestrian arms to round out their rotation, though, so they did well .

It will be interesting to see if Corbin actually picks up where he left off during a scorching 2018 campaign, but the swing-and-miss stuff is there. In theory, the Nats have three lights-out hurlers to lean on, which could cement them as a top-shelf defense in 2019.

Whether Corbin is a stud again or not, it’s unlikely he’s bad or that the Nats as a whole get blown up too often. Even if that does happen from time to time, though, their offense should continue to be so potent it may not matter.

The Nats lacked consistency at the plate in 2018 but still ranked 8th in runs scored, 13th in home runs, and 8th in RBI.

The production was there, and while Harper exits, the Nats did a solid job making sure they wouldn’t see a drop-off in their numbers. In fact, by bringing in mashers like Yan Gomes, Brian Dozier, and Kurt Suzuki and bringing back Matt Adams, Washington’s overall lineup might be better.

Add in young prospects like Juan Soto and Victor Robles operating as potentially elite full-time contributors, and the Nats may be the best version of themselves we’ve seen in years.

That isn’t likely what Bryce Harper wants to hear, but it might be the truth.


I can’t know for sure if the Nationals will watch Bryce Harper sign on with an arch rival and then turn right around to win a title. That’s something this franchise has literally never done, and to do it the year their best talent ever (at least arguably) jumps ship would be pretty crazy.

It’d also be hilarious and only fitting.

Narratives are something to hop on in the sports betting world, but betting on the Washington Nationals isn’t just about Bryce Harper or a perennial loser finally getting to the World Series. It’s about bettors staring elite betting value in the face and admitting that this Washington roster is actually pretty darn good.

Nobody will argue that Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin — at least on paper — give the Nats one of the nastiest pitching rotations in the majors.

There’s also no denying Washington’s offensive upside, assuming the usual suspects like Ryan Zimmerman, Anthony Rendon, and Trea Turner can combine with young guys and free agent additions to actually deliver.

You’re still taking on risk here, of course.

The NL East may end up being a bloodbath, and the Nats would also need to stay healthy across the table. But +300 to win the division and +2000 to win the whole thing is pretty great pricing for a team this stacked.

I’m not here to declare the Nats as World Series champs just yet. However, I’m a fan of what they did to make up for the loss of a superstar, and they might be more well-rounded now than ever. If you’re betting on the World Series, consider a few flier bets and make the Nats part of your process.

Betting the Washington Nationals to Win the World Series in 2019
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Betting the Washington Nationals to Win the World Series in 2019
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