The Next Actor to Play the Green Lantern – Betting Odds and Pick

By Noah Davis
Published on August 27, 2018
Tom Cruise, Common, Bradley Cooper, Alex O'Loughlin, and Green Lantern Logo

Superhero movies dominate the cinemas these days. Even when they’re not any good, people can’t help but go to the theater and watch them or hype them up online.

It’s hard to ignore the success of the Dark Knight trilogy, some of the Spiderman movies, most of the X-Men franchise, and of course, The Avengers series.

As great and as iconic as those comic book films have been, there’s always a handful that simply don’t deliver.

A couple of the Spiderman films weren’t up to par, filmmakers have never been able to make the Fantastic Four inviting, some Superman remakes have missed the mark, and Suicide Squad was a bit of a joke.

And then there’s the 2011 whiff-of-the-century in Green Lantern. A reboot could apparently be on the way soon, and in this post, I’m going to explore the possible contenders to play the lead role.

Green Lantern Remake

The first mistake in the 2011 movie was probably casting Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

Eventually properly aligned with the witty Deadpool character, Reynolds never truly fit the character, and while he was fine in the movie, he wasn’t able to rescue it.

It was a mitigated disaster, and we probably should have expected that once it was known that Reynolds’ entire costume was CGI. As in, painted on his body.

Yeah, not good.

While it’s fun to look back at how bad that movie was, even Green Lantern deserves a re-do.

Given the success of so many other superhero films (and the desire to include Green Lantern in the DC movie universe), it should shock no one that a Green Lantern reboot appears to be very much in the works.

Little is known about it, and there is no official cast yet, but there’s .

Green Lantern Odds

To me, the best part of the process by far is dreaming up all of the actors that would be good fits for a character. Considering no cast has been whispered yet (a script isn’t even finished), it’s something that is very much open for debate.

MyBookie and other entertainment betting sites are joining in on the fun. specifically has fun Green Lantern odds, allowing bettors to wager on who will don the green suit next.

We can safely assume it won’t be Ryan Reynolds, but you otherwise have to at least somewhat consider everyone MyBookie lists. Here they are with their respective odds.

Tom Cruise+130
Bradley Cooper+300
Joel McHale+400
Idris Elba+500
Alex O’Loughlin+800
Armie Hammer+650
Jake Gyllenhaal+2000

The fact that Tom Cruise leads the way here should be a pretty good indication that nobody has a clue who the next Green Lantern will be.

Cruise has the best odds due to some bad rumors, but he personally has said nothing about the role. He’s never been interested in comic book roles before, either, so while he loves a good blockbuster, I’m not even sure this is his bag.

Common seems like a very weird choice, while Joel McHale taking on this role would ensure this Green Lantern reboot is infinitely worse than the original.

If you want to go the relatively unknown route, O’Loughlin really isn’t that bad of an option. He offers a great price at +800 and actually has a look that would make sense to play the main character, Hal Jordan.

The interesting thing here is that this new proposed film is expected to feature more than one “Green Lantern.” However, this should be emphasizing filling the lead role, and that should still be Hal Jordan.

I’m game for Bradley Cooper, O’Loughlin, Armie Hammer, Idris Elba, and Jake Gyllenhaal here. They all have fun odds, and of the lot, Gyllenhaal may be most appealing at +2000 simply due to upside.

Who Will Be the Next Green Lantern?

If I’m picking only from the list MyBookie provides you, it’s probably down to O’Loughlin, Cooper, Hammer, and Gyllenhaal. This character needs sophistication and wit, but they also need to be pretty tough and physically well built.

That being said, I really like the open-ended value a field/any bet offers at +350.

It’s pretty clear this project is still very much in development. The fact that names like Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, and Common are being thrown around is pretty laughable and borderline irresponsible.

There’s no quicker way to guarantee this Green Lantern reboot is a total joke than to attach one of those guys to it as the lead character.

I do think there are some viable options here, but there are so many more to consider.

Personally, I’d try to pick someone who most resembles the iconic comic book look. Some of the following options could do that.

  • Luke Evans
  • Theo James
  • Chris Pine
  • Chris Pratt
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Josh Duhamel
  • Scott Speedman
  • Taylor Kitsch
  • Jon Hamm

What kind of Hal Jordan are we aiming for here? Does he have to be white with brown or dark hair? If not, toss Elba into the mix at a high level and start thinking more outside the box.

If he fits the comic book description, though, you’re looking for a guy with chiseled good looks, a good physique, and intelligence. Ryan Reynolds wasn’t a terrible try the first time around, but he’s a bit loose with the tongue and made it a little too comical at times.

Whether Hal Jordan needs to be younger or older will simplify this list, too. For the older options, Jon Hamm quickly becomes interesting, and Luke Evans also stands out. If you’re going younger, there might not be a better option than Theo James.

Ultimately, if I had the pick for who will be the next Green Lantern, I’d go with Armie Hammer.

Not only is he a sweet price (+650), but he meets all of the criteria the creators should be looking for. He also has plenty of experience in blockbuster action films, and unlike some of the preferred options, he does not have any past or current roles that directly conflict with taking on Green Lantern.

While I like Hammer, there is a lot of time to figure this out. I’d throw a little cash at several options, but I’d probably steer clear of Cruise, Common, Elba, or McHale.

Hammer appeals to me the most off of this current list, while the field bet (+350) is probably my second-favorite option.

PICKArmie Hammer+650


We don’t know when the Green Lantern reboot is coming, or even that it definitely IS coming. There’s certainly a strong case to be made for it, though, and you’d like to think it will be a significant improvement on the 2011 version.

Who will play the lead role is not a betting market I’d advise wagering large sums on, but this is a good opportunity to have a fun little bet that comes with some good value. Armie Hammer would be a great choice in my opinion, and I like the odds on offer.

Who do YOU think would make a good Green Lantern? Let me know in the comments below!

The Next Actor to Play the Green Lantern - Betting Odds and Pick
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The Next Actor to Play the Green Lantern - Betting Odds and Pick
With rumors swirling that Green Lantern will get a reboot, bettors can start gauging which actor makes the most sense to don the green suit. Picks here!
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