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Betting on Anthony Joshua to Beat Andy Ruiz Jr. in a Rematch

By Adam Haynes
| June 8, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jr. is the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world, and I still have yet to recover my voice.

The “Destroyer” was an 11-1 underdog heading into his world title bout against the previously unbeaten Anthony Joshua on Saturday, June 1, at Madison Square Garden.

He was a source of amusement to many fans and pundits across the globe before the bout. Yet the upbeat and rotund Ruiz wiped the smiles off the faces of millions when he landed one of the biggest upsets in boxing history with the win.

Now, if Ruiz had landed a lucky shot to put the Olympic gold medalist and unified world champion away, that would have been something. But he absolutely demolished “AJ.” The manner of his victory is what left the jaws of spectators across the world scraping across the floor.

It was awesome to watch, wasn’t it?

Whether you were ringside at Madison Square Garden or scaring your pets half to death by jumping around the living room like an overexcited marsupial, we all got to witness something special. And Ruiz proved he is a special guy.

But not everyone was happy with what will go down among the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history.

Joshua’s legion of fans was left devastated, as were the uncountable gamblers who lost serious amounts of cash to Ruiz’s quick fists and fearless attitude.

To these guys, revenge is on the mind. And, as we all know, nothing says revenge quite like a rematch.

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 – Early Winner Odds

Andy Ruiz Jr.+250
Anthony Joshua-335

I have taken the odds above from 888sport — one of our recommended boxing betting sites — for the rematch.

Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter, confirmed that the rematch will go down in either November or December this year, much to the delight of fans.

As it stands, the bookies still believe that Joshua is the better fighter of the two and have priced him at -335 to get the job done in the second fight.

Ruiz Jr., a 25-1 underdog to score the knockout over Joshua in the first bout, comes in at a solid +250 to beat the Brit again.

Regardless of your allegiances, there is plenty to suggest that this fight will be an absolute battle. While we saw a side of Joshua that many never thought we would, Ruiz’s performance is what we should be focusing on.

Everyone betting on the Joshua vs. Ruiz rematch will have some tough decisions to make. I mean, everything has changed in the heavyweight division, hasn’t it?

Look at it this way. A guy with a super dad bod — that bragged about eating candy bars before fights — just destroyed a fighter seen as the most aesthetically precise example of what a heavyweight champion should be.

Then again, if you know your boxing, you’d understand that muscles and abs that would make your wife melt don’t win you fights alone.

How Ruiz Beat Joshua

If you had told me before the fight that Ruiz would drop Joshua four times on his way to stopping the Brit, I would have probably suggested you quit drinking.

I can’t see how anyone would have predicted what happened at MSG on June 2, 2019. Certainly the manner of how Ruiz won, anyway.

That leads to the question I have heard many people ask: “How did Ruiz beat Joshua?”

Well, in simple terms, he used simple boxing fundamentals that his opponent had no answer to. In the rematch, it is likely that Joshua will be more than aware of Ruiz’s skillset now, having seen it work so effectively against him the first time out.

Ruiz started the fight off understanding that he was the much smaller man with the shorter reach. As such, he had to find a way of closing the distance against Joshua. Somehow, this didn’t work, and he adapted.

Instead of trying to get inside Joshua with his jab, Ruiz waited for the former champ to attack and created opportunities with the range closed. From here, Ruiz adopted a pressure game with a high guard, walking Joshua down and forcing him to try to alleviate the pressure with punches.

Of course, when those punches were thrown by Joshua, Ruiz was there to counter. The Mexican blasted at Joshua, exhibiting some excellent hand speed for his size and really troubling the Brit in the process.

Fighting in the Pocket

Ruiz’s best chance of winning this fight was to keep the fight in the pocket, where his short reach would be able to land those bombs.

When Joshua tried to move outside, Ruiz chased. “AJ” did not have the jab, the footwork, or the technical nous to be able to command the fight from the outside, which meant that Ruiz could move in and do his work.

In the third round, Joshua was impressive boxing in the pocket and actually got the better of Ruiz, dropping him with a sweet shot. Despite knowing that Ruiz was dangerous at short range, Joshua showed his skill and power and looked set to triumph.

Ruiz had other ideas, however. He got to his feet and dragged Joshua into a dogfight, landing a huge left hook to his opponent’s temple. Joshua was not the same after this, and Ruiz stepped up the pressure, dropping him in the third.

Joshua never recovered and was unable to fight a smart fight.

Ruiz threw some absolute bombs, dropping Joshua a further three times in the bout before the referee waved the fight off.

Incredibly, Andy Ruiz Jr. became the new unified heavyweight champion of the world, and the world went crazy.

Betting on Ruiz vs. Joshua 2

What I haven’t touched on about the first fight between these two is just how classy a guy Anthony Joshua is.

There was no bad blood and no excuses after the fight, with the Englishman praising Ruiz in the ring and after the bout.

Despite several rumors regarding Joshua’s state of mind and physical health before the fight, he denied he was anything other than in peak physical and mental shape prior to lacing up his gloves.

Still, there are many who believe that something was not right with the Watford native on the night. These same folks will probably see the rematch going in a completely different way than the first fight as a result.

Does a fighter that lost in such a fashion deserve to be a -335 favorite? I can see why Joshua is expected to be better in a rematch, but he will need a majorly significant improvement to recapture the IBF, WBO, and WBA titles against Ruiz.

The new champion is +250 to beat Joshua again. Those odds are pretty tempting. If he could do it once, he could surely do it again. I’m sure that Ruiz is confident in beating anyone in the heavyweight division, never mind a guy that he absolutely pummeled already, right?


Here’s Where Things Get Interesting

Ruiz is not going to be the favorite, despite the win against Anthony Joshua.

For many, the illusion of Joshua as one of the greatest fighters of all time has been well and truly ruined. For the rest of us, who never thought that Joshua was anywhere near that level, there is the temptation to think that his career is in jeopardy after the loss.

In truth, the reality of the situation lies somewhere in between.

Joshua is a solid fighter with decent power. However, he is a little too bulky for my liking. His body-to-power ratio is not impressive enough to warrant walking around like the “Adonis” type figure many compare him to.

Joshua’s chin was exposed against Ruiz, as were his ring IQ and technical understanding of boxing. He lost the first bout because he didn’t know how to adapt when faced with the problems Ruiz handed him.

Joshua was fighting against a guy in Ruiz that is shorter and with a longer range and could not deal with the pressure that was put on him. His decision making was poor, and he, for want of a better word, panicked under that pressure.

When we consider all of these points, how are we expected to believe that he is a much better fighter than Ruiz?

Come on!

Who to Bet On

Anthony Joshua is hardly a done deal in this division.

However, a loss against Ruiz in the rematch could see him hang up his gloves and decide to sit back and enjoy the tens of millions of dollars he has accumulated over the years.

In his first fight against Ruiz, we saw some worrying signs from the British golden boy of boxing that cannot be ignored. For example, his lack of adaptability, his inability to deal with pressure, and defensive frailties that could be exposed again by Ruiz.

The Mexican will not be keen to give up those belts and will feel confident in doing the same thing to Joshua this time around. He has power, poise, and solid boxing fundamentals — in addition to a sturdy chin — to name but a few of his key attributes.

Conversely, Ruiz also showed that he has a Plan B and can switch things up when he needs to. He has the psychological advantage over Joshua, and whether the rematch is staged in the US or the UK, he won’t care.

I like Anthony Joshua as a man. He has shown great humility and carried himself well as a champion.

Against Ruiz, I think he loses again. Oh, and odds of +250 on the Mexican destroyer to win? They seem all right to me.


In Conclusion

Some of you might be thinking a bet on Ruiz to beat Joshua in the rematch is brave.

If so, I implore you to ask yourself why. Then re-watch the first meeting between the two and pay closer attention to what happened.

Ruiz is no joke. He has already proven that he can do it once against the man considered by some as the best in the division, so why not again?

These early odds might not be around for too much longer, and when the date and venue are announced, we could see them shorten.

If you fancy either man to win, make sure to check out the best boxing betting sites before you place your bets.