The Best 7 Luxury Buffets in Las Vegas Casinos

By Randy Ray
Published on December 30, 2017
Las Vegas Sign and Buffet

There are buffets.

And then there are Las Vegas casino buffets.

For anyone who is planning a trip to Vegas, sampling one or more of the luxury casino buffets is usually high on the to do list.

If you have not yet had the pleasure, prepare to be amazed.

Enormous platters piled high with seafood are displayed next to succulent steaks, sushi, poultry, and desserts of every description.

These buffets are usually open from early in the morning until late at night. Since you can eat as much as you want, even the expensive buffets offer extraordinary value.

But some luxury casino buffets are better than others. With that in mind, here are 7 luxury casino buffets you MUST visit in Las Vegas

1. Studio B – M Resort

  • Hours: 11am to 8pm, 7 days a week
  • $25 – $35

The M Resort has a superb reputation in Vegas. The Studio B does not disappoint, either.

Studio B consists of a large dining room with tables close to the buffet and booths situated around the side of the room. This is ideal if you are looking for a little more privacy.

This buffet is a real all-round food experience. There are enormous screens placed above the buffet area showing cooking demonstrations.

Does this sound a little over the top?

Maybe so, but it only adds to the delightful food.

The buffet at Studio B also has a popular all you can drink option.

There are usually more than 200 dishes to choose from. They’re displayed by type of cuisine: Mexican, seafood, Italian, barbeque, etc.

In the middle of the buffet display, you’ll find numerous chefs carving up slices of beef, roast turkey, and other luscious joints of meat.

If you can find room for dessert, you won’t be disappointed. The expresso bar also provides coffee of every description and a variety of liqueurs.

If you’re looking for a vast selection of quality fresh food and unlimited drinks, you will not be disappointed by the buffet at Studio B.

2. Le Village Buffet – Paris Las Vegas

  • Hours: 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week—open until 11pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • $15 to $25

A visit to Le Village Buffet is an experience like no other. The buffet’s theme is based on a traditional French village–including cobbled streets, trees, and old French buildings. There is a selection of buffets within the village with each one representing a different French region.

Le Village Buffet

They even have a section which offers a variety of wonderful freshly baked bread which smells amazing.

But remember to leave room for a French specialty, duck a l’orange.

This buffet focuses more on its setting and ambiance than its food.

The food is amazing, but the selection is not as good as some of the other buffets on this list.

3. Wicked Spoon Buffet – The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

  • Hours: 8am to 2pm Monday – Wednesday and Friday, 5pm to 9pm Thursday, 8pm to 10pm Saturday, and 8am to 9pm Sunday.
  • $25 – $35

The Wicked Spoon Buffet differs from many of the other luxury casino buffets in Vegas. The whole experience is more relaxed than you might be used to.

Depending on the time you decide to visit, some casino buffets can be chaotic. Everyone’s trying to choose which delicious food to fill their plates with.

The buffet is usually the focus of the dining room, but in the Wicked Spoon Buffet, the buffet is placed tastefully away from the main eating area.

The Cosmopolitan is well known for the tasteful décor and modern artwork. This style is evident in the restaurant area where the buffet is situated.

They offer a wide range of excellent food, but without the hustle and bustle usually associated with this kind of dining.

There are the usual food stations in the buffet area, offering everything from seafood to carved meats to Chinese food to Italian food.

The dessert section of the buffet has a selection of sugar-free options as well as the usual delights. The gelato bar merits a special mention, too. This creamy Italian ice cream in a variety of flavors is dangerously delicious. Consider yourself warned.

4. Cravings – Mirage

  • Hours: 7am to 9pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • $25 – $35

The Cravings Buffet at the Mirage is raising the bar in terms of the style of décor and the selection of food that is on offer. To say that it oozes style would be something of an understatement.

Cravings Buffet

Cravings can be found in the middle of the casino. The ceiling looks like it has been designed out of metal, and it makes the already large dining room seem even bigger.

There are 11 food stations. They’re situated in front of the open kitchens and include Chinese, BBQ, Latin, and Italian cuisine. These stations are being constantly replenished with freshly prepared food–which is unfortunately not the case with some of the other casino buffets in Vegas.

If you have a specific requirement, the chefs will be more than happy to prepare a dish especially for you. It’s attention to details like this which makes Cravings stand out from the crowd.

5. The Buffet at Aria

  • Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • $35

If you like Indian food, this buffet should be your #1 choice over the other luxury casino buffets in Vegas.

But if other members of your group prefer other food types, they’ll be well catered for, too. The Buffet at Aria also offers American, Italian and Carvery stations.

The Indian food here is also superb. The chefs prepare the food in front of you, and there’s a tandoori oven which bakes beautiful soft naan bread while you wait.

The dessert section of the buffet is also well stocked. The highlight is the revolving wheel of creamy gelato.

6. The Buffet – Wynn Las Vegas

  • Hours: 8am to 10pm
  • $25 – $35

The buffet at Wynn Las Vegas feels more like a real restaurant than most buffets. It lacks the hustle and bustle of most buffets in Vegas.

The dishes are prepared in smaller portion, which enables diners to sample a wider variety.

A popular dish at the Wynn is spaghetti and meatballs. It’s made from a secret recipe from the family of Frank Sinatra.

Another point to note about the food selection at the Wynn–there are a lot of unique dishes which you can’t find at any of the other casino buffets.

The chili-rubbed double rib-eye steak, for example, is a dish which you won’t soon forget.

At the other end of the scale, a selection of vegan food is available in a variety of exotic dishes. It almost makes becoming vegan an attractive proposition.

They have over 35 desserts available, too.

7. Buffet at Bellagio

  • Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • $25 – $35

The Buffet at Bellagio has always been hugely popular in Vegas, and it’s not hard to see why.

Crab Legs at Buffet at Bellagio

Lovers of Asian cuisine are especially well catered to. And the chefs are more than prepared to go the extra mile if you’d like to try a specific dish not on the buffet.

For lovers of Italian food, the mushroom ravioli is to die for. The joints of meat –especially the prime rib—is always popular.

The atmosphere in the Bellagio Buffet is relaxed, with subtle lighting from overhead lanterns making things romantic and cozy.

They also have a caviar station. Ikura and Tobiko caviars are served in abundance. What could be more wonderful than handmade blinis served with a glass or two of cold champagne?


Luxury casino buffets are one of Las Vegas’s top draws. Just keep some things in mind when choosing which ones to visit and when.

For one thing, they’re always busy, but they’re busier at some times than others.

For example, if there’s a big sporting event, the buffets will be busier than usual. The waiting times will be longer, and the atmosphere will be rowdier.

If you like to relax during your meal, this might be a problem.

Time of day is also important. The mid-afternoon is the quietest time to visit any Las Vegas buffet. You can often get a better price in the afternoon, too.

All the buffets offer a vast variety of choices. You could easily enjoy a different buffet every day in Vegas for days and never run out of variety.

Even the more expensive buffets offer a great value. After all, it’s all you can eat.

The all you can drink option isn’t available at every buffet, but it can be worthwhile at the ones which offer it.

All these luxury casino buffets in Las Vegas have superb reputations. No matter which one you choose, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

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Dave Murphy | 18 Jan 2018
This is an old list....The Buffet at the M is not all that good anymore, when it first opened it was great but since then the M has new owners and the buffet is crap. The Belagio ...the Aria....the Cosmopoliton...are all better than the M.
kais pauls | 30 Dec 2017
you just pay one time all day vist can i get some coupon for 4 people pls
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