7 Popular TV Shows That Should Return to Our Screens

By Noah Davis
Published on November 13, 2018
Popular TV Shows Should Return

The world of entertainment is afire right now. Even with Rick Grimes’ exit from The Walking Dead, the character is fully expected to live on in a trilogy of AMC feature films.

Not too long from now, the final season of Game of Thrones will be here, and shortly after that, a spin-off GoT series will be born. Which Game of Thrones characters could get their own show down the road is anyone’s guess.

The third installment of True Detective is even on its way as well, while Breaking Bad is .

And we haven’t even touched on popular series like Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, and so much more.

The point here is that good television is hard to come by, so when it’s here, we allow it to take over our lives. There is undeniably a lot of exciting things going on right now, but I could argue that our TV-run lives could be even more jam-packed with entertainment if a few iconic shows were brought back.

Hollywood has been no stranger to callbacks, either.

They’ve rebooted old series and films like Hannibal, Lethal Weapon, Will & Grace, Training Day, and so many others. Some have hit, and some have missed, but the effort is there to exploit our love for nostalgia and familiar stories in general.

There have been others, and there will be more to come, but here’s my personal list as to which shows should return and how bettors could benefit from them.

Breaking Bad

I know there has been talk about a Breaking Bad movie, but we have no real clue what that entails or what the new story will be about. Is it the same story with a new cast? Is it a spin-off, or is it a continuation?

Nobody knows, but the mere fact that a film is in the works makes me think that a return for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman isn’t impossible.

We’re led to believe Heisenberg meets his maker in the end of Breaking Bad, but who is to say he couldn’t have survived? The Breaking Bad finale was epic and could stand as is forever, and nobody would complain, but getting more White and Pinkman is very much on this writer’s wish list.

I’m not sure one feature film would cut it, either.

There could always be more story to tell with White and Pinkman, especially since there is the cartel side of things, and there are still loose ends to consider.

For betting purposes, Breaking Bad prop bets dealing with White, Pinkman, and the cartel would be very interesting.

Pinkman already passed up on the ability to do so, but wagers dealing with him or White killing each other at some point would be pretty attractive on entertainment betting websites.

The Office

Let’s go away from the darkness and into the light. Not every reboot needs to be serious or deal with drama, as I have no qualms about restoring once-proud comedic franchises.

In fact, there have already been conversations about The Office returning to your television screen, and a slew of the old cast members are on board with it.

Steve Carell (who played Michael Scott) doesn’t see it as something worth doing in today’s socially dominated climate.

The show had a litany of fringe jokes that would have to be cleaned up for this modern era, but there is still a lot of story to tell.

Personally, I think a reboot of The Office would need a blend of new and old characters, and it would need a completely different plot.

The last two seasons saw Andy Bernard hold the show hostage as a poor man’s Michael Scott, and too much of the show was wrapped up in the real-life drama of Jim and Pam’s marriage.

Nobody wanted to see any of that. Make us laugh, The Office. Just make us laugh.

If the show could return with a viable new boss and less emphasis on mushy drama, it could again be a hit. And for betting purposes, you could lay money down on who the new boss on The Office would be.


Getting away from the funny stuff, let’s take a trip down weird lane and remember how engrossing Lost was.

That love triangle between Jack, Sawyer, and Kate was always interesting, but the show itself took you down various avenues of self-discovery, camaraderie, intrigue, and suspense.

Discovering “the others,” a polar bear, and time travel over six seasons made Lost one of the most captivating and thrilling television experiences, possibly ever.

Every single character reeled you in and had viable storylines. The whole idea was always wondering about the bigger picture, only to see the show fizzle out down the stretch.

I still felt like Lost as a whole was pretty masterfully done, but the final season and the last episode specifically did leave a bit to be desired.

Much like The Office, this show could benefit from a mix of old and new castmates and also offers a ton of story to tell. The original creators sort of did a lay-up to end this thing, and it didn’t really do the jaw-dropping story behind it justice.

Fans deserved a better ending, and while a total re-do isn’t going to happen, you can easily pick things back up and tell a different story or just take it in another direction. Lost was never afraid to get weird with it, so why stop now?

Lost prop bets featuring relationship bets, time travel, death odds, and so much more could be born out of this show returning to your television set.


I will admit I never got into Deadwood, but few shows boast such an all-star cast and a captivating storyline. The Old West isn’t always a great foundation for an amazing show, but by all accounts, Deadwood passed the rest with flying colors.

Who wouldn’t be down for more Timothy Olyphant in any capacity, anyway?

More than just being a great show with amazing actors, Deadwood was a show that was far from completion and has a ton of story left to tell.

This could give way to a new miniseries that helps close up all the loose ends or just provides a new spin-off series that extends the story in a variety of directions.


Much in the vein of Lost, Dexter was an amazing series that fell victim to lazy writing near the end.

I was actually pretty disappointed with Dexter from the beginning, as it rushed through amazing storylines in the first two seasons and killed a lot of compelling story that could have led to a slow burn that fans would have gladly soaked up over the years.

I won’t get into specifics in case you haven’t seen the entire series, but let’s just put it this way: the first two seasons of Dexter are amazing, and I felt that failing to stretch those seasons out and/or delay those storylines until later in the series did the show a great disservice.

Beyond that, the writing just grew painfully bad, and some of the story and character choices along the way were pretty regrettable.

This was all tough to see with Michael C. Hall delivering such a riveting main character. I mean, not many people can make you sympathize with a savage serial killer that lies to everyone he knows.

Hall made that happen, though, and his redeeming nature leaves the door open for a whole lot of story to be told. Besides, what serial killer is going to struggle with not killing people all his life and just suddenly stop?

I don’t buy that, and I think a better resolution and a brand-new Dexter story would be a great gift to die-hard fans.

Bettors would love the return of Dexter, as you could place bets on his fate, how he kills his next victim, and how the returned series would end, among other things.

The Leftovers

Another show that was virtually flawless through the majority of its existence and petered out in the final stanza would be The Leftovers.

Justin Theroux was brilliant as Kevin Garvey, who attempted to find meaning behind an unexplainable “rapture” of sorts. There were so many awesome wrinkles to this show that were never fully explored, while the final episode delivered the answers you were looking for but left so much story to be told.

The series getting canceled by HBO tells me the creators probably had more to say. A continuation of that story and/or a spin-off detailing the horrors for the “disappeared” could be worth a look.

Other than that, getting Theroux back on screen in a major role is a must. He excelled in this role, and there was simply too wide of a gap in his story to close it up for good.

This show could be a great betting engine as well. There could be The Leftovers death odds as well as wagers dealing with how many seasons HBO would give the green light for.


Lastly, there’s always the timeless classics that everyone kind of wants back but aren’t quite sure.

Cheers, Friends, and so many others deserve a nod here, but Seinfeld is probably the only one that could actually pull it off.

We’ve seen this comedy live on effortlessly throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm’s run, and there have been quiet whispers about some type of reunion event. In fact, fans even got it during a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it was just like old times.

One difference between Seinfeld and a lot of the other shows people will nominate to return is that it’s based on observational humor.

The comedy in Seinfeld is timeless, and the characters are really just being themselves while reacting to situations.

This show can absolutely live on in today’s modern entertainment world, although if it did return, I imagine it’d only be for a brief reunion tour. Either way, I’ve probably run through every episode 100 times by now, and getting brand-new Seinfeld episodes wouldn’t be a bad thing.

For betting purposes, people could wager on how many episodes or seasons of the new Seinfeld we’d get or something like whether George wears a toupee.


Overall, these are just seven TV shows that are gone that I want back.

I’m not exactly sure how much betting opportunity would exist with each respective series, but from what I’ve seen, there are always entertainment wagers to be had if you just think hard enough.

Death odds seem to always take center stage, and I get that, but there’s so much more to work with.

Potential relationships, storylines, and actual bets involving the show itself (like how long it will be back) could incentivize fans to watch and bettors to throw some money down.

Either way, there’s nothing wrong with bringing back great television to spice things up a bit. Whether that means the same story or a continuation of it or even using the same actors/characters remains to be seen.

All I know is that I personally loved these seven shows and wouldn’t mind seeing them (and betting on them) again in the near future. Got a few series you’d like to see added to this list or a prop bet you’d love to see? Tell me in the comments below!

7 Popular TV Shows That Should Return to Our Screens
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7 Popular TV Shows That Should Return to Our Screens
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