5 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Will Make it to the Majors

By Paul Wilson
Published on September 08, 2016
Tim Tebow Signed with Mets Minor League

Tim Tebow’s journey to the top of Major League Baseball made some progress on Thursday, when news broke that he had .

It’s not the MLB, but it’s also not a guy standing on the outside with his dream, looking in. Tebow, the former Gator, Eagle, Patriot, Jet and Bronco, will give an MLB career a go at age 29 by trying to work his way up the ladder in New York’s minor league system.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Tebow has agreed to a deal that likely puts him into New York’s Instructional League or the Arizona Fall League in the near future.

The move doesn’t guarantee Tebow will even succeed in the minors or ever make it to the pros, but it’s a step in the right direction for an athlete that is over a decade removed from his last competitive experience as a baseball player.

It’s worth doubting Tebow’s recent quest, as he seemed to forever be attached to the idea of making it as an NFL quarterback. With the window seemingly closed for good on that possibility, the outspoken man of God has turned his sights on a career in baseball.

The weird part? It might not even be that crazy for him to believe he can make it to the Majors. Here’s 5 reasons why we’re pulling for Tebow and/or think he just might pull off the (seemingly) impossible:

Dude is Built

Let’s be honest, Tim Tebow never physically looked like your traditional NFL quarterback. He was a big, bruising hulk who looked more like a tight end or linebacker than a guy who should be zipping touchdowns through the air.

Perhaps that’s why he never made it as a passer. Then again, perhaps no one adapting his skill-set to a different breed of offense is also why. But we’re not here to fight for Tebow’s NFL career. The point is the guy is built extremely well. He’s got muscles forming over other muscles. He might have muscles we don’t have. Heck, we may have never heard of them.

But really, he’s an athlete to the bone. He displayed his athleticism and toughness in the NFL and we can already see his strength, power and hand-eye coordination pay off with his hitting.

He Can Hit

Speaking of that hitting. Seriously, let’s take a step back and admit one thing, above everything else concerning Tebow; he can swing the bat, folks:

He did have a little trouble in his recent August showcase when he faced live arms, but this guy demolished batting practice and has the swing, timing and power to belt bombs over the fence.

Toronto’s GM noted his beautiful swing:

That alone doesn’t scream “he’ll hit everything!” but Tebow does have a nice, compact swing that wields plenty of power. He obviously will need to work on reading pitchers and as a likely power hitter, it’s still possible (if not probable) that his hitting will translate to an “all or nothing” philosophy.

But so far, when looking at Tebow, even at 29 years old, we see a physically gifted athlete that can beat the hell out of the ball. The first thing that makes us think of? Mike Trout.

We know, we know. But still.

That Work Ethic

One other massive attribute that you really can’t teach is Tebow’s dedication, drive and work ethic. People didn’t give him enough (or any) credit for improving as a pro quarterback, but he really did get better over his last few years. The issue there was no one really wanted the circus he brought to the table, nor did they have any interest in conforming their system to fit his strengths.

That’s understandable to a point, but in baseball that’s not going to be an issue. Teams are going to look at Tebow and ask three things:

  • Can he play a position?
  • Can he hit?
  • Will he work hard?

The first one is very much up in the air, we’ll agree. His catching, fielding and throwing during his August showcase was a big bowl of “meh” and we have no clue what position he’d be best for. At this point, he probably should not be trusted to do any actual fielding of any kind. That probably sets him up at First Base or as a Designated Hitter (DH). Until Tebow shows marked improvement, we’d assume the latter.

That could be a problem with the Mets, who are in the NL, where DH’s don’t come into play unless they’re facing an AL squad (seriously, though, the DH needs to be accepted everywhere, right?).

But hey, that brings us full circle to one of Tebow’s best attributes – that unteachable work ethic. Tebow has already put a ton of work in and it’s all he knows. Once he has more time with pro baseball managers, scouts and trainers, he’ll have even more access to the information and training he needs to perfect various areas of his game.

Everything that could possibly aid Tebow in becoming an even passable baseball player will be in front of it, and knowing his personality and past accomplishments, he’s going to go full bore until he meets his goals. It remains to be seen if the Mets or another team will give him enough time to get to where he wants to get, but if Tebow gets a true shot, there’s a decent chance his work ethic helps him jump up a level or two.

He’s in the Minors!

How did we not first touch on the obvious? Tim Tebow’s journey to the Majors is already in motion, folks, as the Mets just brought him on to show them what he can do in the minors. It’s true that Tebow’s minor league stay could be short and ugly, but the fact that they signed him shows they see a little promise in what he could bring to the table.

Just as important, Tebow’s signing with a team to go to the minors instead of holding out for a straight up MLB contract shows humility. It shows that he’s willing to put that famous work ethic on full display and that he’s probably aware of his numerous flaws.

With the right mind-set and a team taking a chance on him, Tebow is already halfway to the Majors – a spot most analysts probably didn’t think he had a chance at.

He’s Played Baseball Before

It’s weird how people like Russell Wilson get drafted by the Majors when they’re young and go on to solely play football, yet MLB teams still seem highly interested. Tebow is almost 30, but he’s not out of his prime yet as an athlete and as we’ve seen, he does have at least portions of a skill-set that is desired.

He hasn’t played in forever, but Tebow was actually a total baseball stud in high school. He bypassed his senior year at Nease High to focus on football (makes sense), but crushed a blistering .495 as a junior. In fact, the word on the street is he was impressive enough as a hitter that some teams considered drafting him into the Majors before he ever got to Florida.

The trouble there, as we eventually learned, was that Tebow picked football first because it was his biggest love in the sports realm. He thrived in college football, too, and ended up being a first round pick when drafted into the NFL.

None of that takes away from the fact that he was a baseball star in high school, though, even though that happened over 10 years ago. A lot of time has passed, but Tebow still has a glorious swing and could work his way up the MLB ladder.

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