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2017 NFL Draft Betting: Dalvin Cook’s Draft Position and the Top Prop Bets

By Paul Wilson
Published on April 28, 2017

The 2017 NFL Draft raced through round one on Thursday night, yet some big name college football prospects remain ripe for the picking as we prepare for round two. Dalvin Cook, Deshone Kizer and several other highly touted players that could have easily been argued as first round talents are still available, and NFL GMs will have to decide if they’re worth plucking off the draft board as early as round two.

As exciting as it will be simply to monitor the status and eventual draft position of the left over big names, we also have an opportunity to get in on the action ourselves and even make some cash. Thanks to top NFL betting sites like Bovada, we can bet on the NFL Draft – specifically where some of these top names will land on day two.

Dalvin Cook leads the way, as Bovada offers four tantalizing NFL Draft prop bets going into Friday’s action. Let’s break all four down and gauge which way you might want to be betting tonight:

Dalvin Cook Draft Position

The Florida State star running back was hands down among the top running back prospects, but some ball control issues and mild character concerns knocked his draft stock down a bit. Once a locked in first round prospect, Cook remains the top running back on the board heading into round two and could be taken early.

  • Over 38.5 (-120)
  • Under 38.5 (-120)

The Green Bay Packers open up the draft with the 33rd overall pick and are decent bets to see Cook as an insane value pick at this point in the draft. This bet is probably going to come down to whether you believe the Packers will take Cook or not, or if another team will trade up to get him.

Green Bay still needs a feature back for their offense and after struggling with the running game all of last year, this feels like a no-brainer. We like the Packers to take the plunge here, which favors the Under. Unfortunately there isn’t any real betting value to be had either way you go here, so while we’d bet the Under, we wouldn’t go very hard at it due to the lack of upside.

Deshone Kizer Draft Position

The Notre Dame star quarterback saw three quarterbacks plucked off the draft board in round one, so even if he’s the raw project everyone makes him out to be, he’s at least getting closer to having someone take a chance on him. Likened to the late Steve McNair, Kizer needs to mature on and off the field, but has the size, mobility and arm strength to develop into a sensational franchise passer.

  • Over 40.5 (-120)
  • Under 40.5 (-120)

Kizer has a lot of talent and loads of upside, but it’s worth wondering if he’s destined to slide a good deal just because he’s not ready to make an impact at the next level. That may be so, but there are a few teams ahead of the 40th pick that could (and probably should) take a chance on the Fighting Irish star. The Jaguars seem to not exactly be content with Blake Bortles, the Jets don’t have a quarterback worth vouching for and the Chargers lack a long-term plan behind Philip Rivers.

With three outs ahead of the 40th pick and the betting upside being the same either way, we like the Under here. Kizer is raw and a project, however, so this one feels like a toss-up any way you look at it.

Joe Mixon Draft Position

Another fun day two NFL Draft prop bet will be where Oklahoma star rusher Joe Mixon could land. At one time a day one prospect, Mixon has fallen due to serious off the field character flaws. He could still end up being an elite running back at the next level when you look at his talent alone, but teams clearly are worried he might not stay out of trouble off the field. That’s caused him to slide into round two and perhaps he could fall even further.

  • Over 42.5 (-120)
  • Under 42.5 (-120)

Mixon is in the same boat as Cook, so it will be interesting to see if a team looking for a stud rusher gambles on Mixon’s upside and takes him over Cook. I don’t see that happening, but either way, we’re granted a little more wiggle room here with the Over/Under being set at 42.5 by Bovada.

We have more outs here than with Cook, as Mixon could easily go 33rd overall to Green Bay, while other teams that could look for extra running back help like the Jets, Bears and Bengals could also come into play.

Mixon has the talent to go right away in round two, but the needs might not necessarily be there beyond the Packers and his off the field issues could easily force him into round three or later. We’re dealing with another even bet here, but the odds favor the Over.

Quarterback Taken First

This is the fourth NFL Draft prop bet currently being provided at Bovada and this offers odds for which of the top remaining quarterback prospects will be drafted first. Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were all taken off the board in round one, leaving teams to decide if the likes of Deshone Kizer, Davis Webb or Nathan Peterman are worth selecting next. Here’s how Bovada hands out their odds:

  • Kizer (-300)
  • Webb (+175)
  • Peterman (+600)

It’s pretty easy to see Kizer has the most upside of this trio, which is why Vegas is going to back him ahead of the other two listed options. Webb appears to have a good deal of upside, too, and had heated up prior to the draft as a potential first round pick.

Should teams be scared off by Kizer’s raw ability, they could go after a more prototypical option like Webb, who also boasts interesting upside and put up strong numbers at California. Both of these guys are coming in raw and should be seen as projects, however, which actually paints a compelling case for Peterman.

Peterman provides all of the betting value out of this trio, as he’s also been heating up as a first round talent due to being regarded as one of the most NFL-ready passers. He’s not the most talented arm in this group and he certainly doesn’t offer the most upside, but he does provide killer upside.

Kizer is the logical and likely safe bet here, but Peterman gives us insane upside and realistically could ascend above both of these other two options.

There isn’t much value in betting on where some of the big names will go, but they could still make for interesting prop bets, depending on how much cash you lay on the line. The best NFL Draft betting value lies far and away with the First Quarterback prop bet, where Peterman could return serious money depending on the bet.

No matter what you do with Friday’s NFL Draft prop bets, we wish you luck and hope you enjoy the draft!